Vegan Cinnamon Ice Cream

Vegan Cinnamon Ice Cream

This Vegan Cinnamon Ice Cream is only 7 ingredients, dairy-free and oil-free and made with coconut milk and cashews! So easy, fast and delicious to make. So much healthier than dairy ice cream and makes being plant-based just as delicious.


Simple, sweet and bursting with cinnamon. This dairy-free Cinnamon Ice Cream is the bomb. It is also proof you don't need dairy. It couldn't be more simple to make too. You only need a 7 ingredients:

  • Full fat coconut milk
  • Cashews or cornstarch
  • Maple syrup
  • Coconut sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Vanilla

I looovee all the flecks of cinnamon throughout. Gorgeous. Yum. 🙂

This is such a simple recipe and so satisfying. My husband LOVED it...especially considering it's dairy free, yet still delicious. Vegan ice cream is every bit as yummy as regular ice cream. My husband who is known as an ice cream vulture, can attest to this truth.

Yields 4 1/2 cups

Vegan Cinnamon Ice Cream

Vegan Cinnamon Ice Cream that is dairy-free and oil-free and made with coconut milk and cashews! So easy, fast and delicious to make. So much healthier than dairy ice cream and makes being plant-based just as delicious.

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  • Two 13.5 oz cans of  full-fat canned coconut milk (I find Thai brand to be the best)
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons coconut sugar
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger spice
  • 1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract (use gluten-free if necessary)
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch (for corn-free, sub with 1/4 cup raw cashews)
  • Update I no longer do the cornstarch cook version. I just use the 1/4 cup cashew version and I prefer the taste and texture, so I would suggest that option. Much easier and quicker too. Just blend and add to your ice cream maker!


    Cashew version
  1. For corn-free, then you can make this version. If you don't have a high-powered blender, you will need to soak the cashews for several hours in warm water, drain and rinse and proceed. Add all of the ingredients to a blender and blend until completely smooth. Pour into your ice cream maker and churn for 20-25 minutes until a soft serve consistency has been reached. Freeze for a couple of hours until firm and scoop-able.
  2. Cornstarch version
  3. Combine all the ingredients, except the vanilla, into a small pot over medium heat and whisk well until there are no lumps.
  4. As soon as it starts to simmer, turn off the heat and whisk continuously for 1 minute. Remove from the heat and whisk in the vanilla.
  5. Pour the mixture through a fine mesh strainer to catch any possible lumps and then into an airtight plastic container and chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
  6. After it has chilled, whisk again thoroughly to smooth out the mixture or strain again. Pour into your ice cream maker and see the magic happen. Mine took about 25 minutes. It will be a soft serve texture after churning in the ice cream machine. Place back in the freezer to firm up more for a few hours to desired consistency. If it completely freezes, set it out for a few minutes to soften some before serving. Use an ice cream scooper for best removal.




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  2. I'm thinking about making ice cream for Christmas. I live in the Midwest and it could be very cold. We just put on an extra sweater or turn up the heat a notch and keep eating the ice cream :)
    • Haha! Sounds like a great idea to me! Ice cream is always good no matter the weather! Thanks for your comment :)
  3. The perfect festive ice cream my friend :) Cheers Choc Chip Uru
  4. Very nice and very smart to make a pudding and freeze. i use the base recipe for Jenni's Homemade ice cream which she does without eggs using a pudding base and I agree making the ice cream with coconut milk is just as delicious as the dairy variety.
    • Thank you so much. Yes, before going vegan, my hubby's favorite dessert was ice cream. He could practically eat a half gallon in one sitting. He's a tough critic. Coming up with this version and his response was "it's fabulous". That made it worth it! :) The ice cream maker really makes it extra yummy too.
  5. Ah...I so want to try this- you've almost inspired me to get an I've cream maker!
    • Oh yes! You got to! They are soooo worth the small investment especially when ice cream at the stores cost a gazillion times more! It's amazing the magic that happens with these machines in just a few minutes! :)
  6. Huh, never had thought of doing it as a pudding (vegan custard?). That would give a way better body!
    • Yes, Sarah! Cornstarch helps to thicken it and make it creamy since there are no eggs! Now that I have an ice cream maker, I'm going to make my other ice cream recipe of chocolate chip peanut butter. The peanut butter I used in that recipe for creaminess. I can't wait to make more :)
  7. Brandi, your cinnamon ice cream looks wonderfully refreshing. Beautiful pictures :)
    • Aww thank you so much Judy! That means a lot to me. Thank you for the compliment on my photos! :)
  8. I've not heard of cinnamon ice cream and would love to give your recipe a try. Our temps may be dropping but that has never stopped me from pulling out the ice cream machine. I use it all year long. :)
    • Oh it's so good! If you like cinnamon, you would probably like this! It's a lighter version of ice's not as rich as dairy that you may be used to. But it also doesn't leave that bloated stuffed feeling either : My hubby still loved it and he's an ice cream connoisseur! Haha, I don't blame just dropped in the 40's tonight and I can't wait to make more tomorrow :)
  9. looks soooooo good. Its summer here so I have to make these :) Thanks for sharing... also your photo and presentation look as always very good....
  10. You're not crazy for posting ice cream in December – perfect timing for Australia! This looks beautiful. I thought I'd tasted every ice cream flavour available but I've never actually had cinnamon! Love the addition of sea salt. I can almost taste it. YUM.
    • Oh thank you so much Saskia!! I'm so glad I decided to do cinnamon because there are several mentioning they've never had it!! It's like a cold version of a cinnamon roll! Yummy! :)
  11. Looks amazing, festive ice cream! Ice cream is for all seasons in my book. We had some the other night, {I am in Switzerland at the mo} and we've had SO MUCH snow!. Lovely photographs xxxx
    • Thank you so much for the compliebt on my photos!! :) Wow, Switzerland...brrr! Yeah, we hardly ever get to see snow here in Texas. I sure wish it snowed more often! It certainly would make it feel more like the holidays. Oh well! I agree though, no matter the weather..I'm eating ice cream!!
  12. Brandi! This is perfect. I am cooking my boyfriend a belated anniversary dinner tonight and meant to pick up some ice cream at the store, but forgot...and I REALLY don't want to have to squeeze it in tonight. Do you think I could use almond milk here instead of coconut milk? I have plentiful cartons of Almond Breeze/Silk almond milk, but no coconut milk unfortunately :(
    • Hey Erica!! Sure, I don't see why not! It might be a little less "creamy" but still good nonetheless!! Do you have an ice cream maker? You better make it early in the day if you do decide to make it so it's chilled and ready to churn in the machine and then set up a bit in the fridge by tonight :) Happy anniversary girl!!
    • Oh and if you have any cans of coconut could add in a small amount of the cream (and decrease that amount of almond milk) from the top of the can to the almond milk..that will make it creamier. I used almond milk as my base for my peanut butter chocolate chip recipe on my site. The peanut butter helped make it creamy. Just make sure to use an ice cream scooper...once the ice cream hardens, it's much easier to scoop out and eat that way. Or just eat it as soft serve from the machine..yum! Let me know if you try it :)
      • Oof I do have an ice cream maker, but unfortunately I'm already at work! I'll see if I have time to whip it up tonight...maybe it can chill/churn while we're eating dinner! And ah, did you use all full-fat coconut milk in this recipe? The cream from the top would definitely make it creamier (I was wondering how in the world you got yours to look so amazing!) Mmm I'll have to check out your pb choc chip recipe!! The only problem for tonight is that I want to top a molten chocolate cake, and I kind of wanted a plain vanilla...but we shall see if the cake even happens lol :) Thanks so much for your quick response!!
    • Oh good! Glad you have an ice cream maker!! I used regular coconut milk from the carton in the refrigerated section. Not sweetened or low fat. So Delicious brand. It works perfectly for ice cream because it has a bit more far in it than almond and is flavorless. Almond has a stronger flavor which is suited well with the peanut butter ice cream. It will need at least a couple hours to chill first in the fridge before churning...just make sure it's cold! Let me know if you do it. Have a wonderful evening! :)
    • Hey Erika! Did you get a chance to make the ice cream? Just curious Hope you guys had a great anniversary :)
      • Ohhh I didn't. I didn't even make dessert, actually. Ugh I got home and everything was just going wrong...I ended up whipping up some quinoa and black rice at the last minute to make a "mixed grain pilaf" instead of a barley risotto because my barley wasn't really risotto-ing...etc. Anyway! I am determined to try your pb ice cream some other time because it looks super delish!
    • Aww I'm sorry to hear your evening didn't go as planned but that pilaf sounds like some deliciousness though!!! :)
  13. Wow! This look so good and exotic. I can never imagine cinnamon ice-cream. you are so creative. I would love to try it.
    • You're so kind to say that Danny, thank you! I'm shocked so many haven't had cinnamon ice cream before. It's's always been a favorite of mine but I LOVE cinnamon! It's a lighter version, still creamy, but not weighed down with yolks like a lot of traditional ice cream. Which I like because I don't feel sick afterwards,'s yummy. Enjoy! :)
      • Cinnamon is a common spice in Asia and I am ashamed that it wasn't being explored enough into ice-cream. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I am going to surprise many people over here. :-)
    • Absolutely! I hope you enjoy it and the people you share it with. Let me know if you make it :)
  14. This looks amazing! If I had an ice cream maker I would be in big trouble :) It is still better than anything store bought. Great recipe, thank you for sharing :)
    • Thank you so much Eva!! Yeah, I'm going to be posting several ice cream creations I'm sure :) It is a phenomenal least it is a much lower fat version than store bought. :)
      • You're very welcome :) Do you mind me asking why one you have? I will look into getting one for sure. I would probably go crazy with it :) Anything home made is always far superior to store bought for sure! You know the quality of your ingredients and there are no stabilizers or preservatives :) I look forward to all your upcoming posts on ice-cream and otherwise :)
    • Hey Eva! Sure, here is the link to the one I got but there are less expensive versions too! This is just a larger size. You will love it!!
      • Thank you so very much! The price is great! I hope it's the same in Canada. They mark everything up here, it is ridiculous. It looks like a really great ice cream maker and a simple, clean design which I like. I really appreciate you sharing the link with me. Sincerely, Éva
  15. Brandi these look delicious!!! I have never made icecream with coconut milk (and I just bought a couple of cartons yesterday!). It is also still quite warm in Mexico so perfect for the holidays (I am still in shock of a warm winter after living in London for a decade!)
    • Thank you so much Paola!! It was seriously yummy! Im making more today! I prefer it over any other milk for homemade ice cream because it does have some fat in it...making it creamier. I hope you enjoy it, if you make it! Wow...London...brrr!!!
  16. This looks wonderful! What a great recipe and a fantastic was hot until today here in KY, too....from high's in the 70's to cold, rain-mixed-with-snow showers...brrr! Enjoy the WARM!
  17. It's NEVER too cold for ice cream!! I want some of this sooo bad, and I want that spoon too!! So cute!
    • Thank you Brittany! I agree...never too cream is super yummy year round. I know, isn't it cute...matches the sprinkles perfectly! Ha! :)
  18. I'm freezing right now! It's so cold! IBut 'm definitely saving this for summer! Pinning! xx
  19. This sounds and looks divine - what a perfect idea - cinnamon ice-cream!!! Can't wait to try this recipe Brandi!!
    • Thanks so much Anne!! Soo delicious!! Like a cinnamon roll turned into ice cream! Enjoy!
  20. Oh my gosh I bet this is awesome!!
  21. Brandi, I LOVE this!!! Question: why can't you use regular unsweetened coconut milk from a can? what's the difference?
    • Thank you Alice!! I guess you could but I haven't tried it..the canned kind is much thicker and has a much more prominent coconut flavor than the carton so that's why I don't use it. However, you could totally use some of it in exchange for the regular, like maybe 1/2 cup and it would definitely make it creamier! I've done that before. I just prefer not to use all of it. :)
  22. Waw! What an amazing, tasty & well flavoured ice-cream, my friend! :) Looks fab!
  23. I think this sounds amazing. I can just see this atop a warm apple pie. What a delicious surprise and treat! Thanks for posting, I have been looking for a recipe to encourage me to get my ice cream maker out of our cold room!
    • Thank you so much Adriana!! I love cinnamon so much. This is sweet and bursting with cinnamon flavor...truly a treat and I top it on my apple crisp, so your idea is right on!! Thank you for your comment! :)
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  26. This recipe is in the nut-free section, and the second ingredient is almond milk!
      Hi Nancy! I apologize, I have any recipes with nut-free options listed under nut-free as well, so people can easily adapt them to be nut-free if necessary, without sacrificing the great result of the recipe. This is an older recipe of mine, so I realize I have forgotten to notate how to sub. I have updated it now. Thank you for letting me know!
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  28. Hello! this looks amazing, I want to try it BUT I have a few "restrictions" because I am in a Candida-free diet, so I would like to know how can I sub some ingredients (if I may): - maple syrup (i cannot eat any honey or syrup)...can I sub with stevia powder? How about "the bulk" that the syrup has? - coconut sugar (i cannot find this in my country) - starch or cashews (i cannot eat any of these)...can I sub with almonds? Thank you VERY much!
      Hi there! Unfortunately, without the cashews they aren't going to be nearly as creamy if you use almonds. You can just try adding a bit more of full -fat coconut milk instead, like maybe 1/2 cup. I never use stevia, so I wouldn't even begin to know how much to use or what it would do to the flavor. I have never liked the aftertase of stevia, so that would just be something you would have to taste as you go after blending in the blender. It's hard to tell you the result with those changes without having tried them myself. If you try it, let me know!
      • I will try it and let you know! Thanks a lot :-)
  29. This recipe sounds delish and I would love to try it, but I'm confused about the ingredients. The ingredient list says to use two 13.5 oz cans of FULL FAT coconut milk, but in the reviews you mention that you don't like the full fat coconut milk and use regular coconut milk from a carton. I do not care for the cococnut flavor, but would like a dairy free ice cream with a creamy texture. What would be the best way to accomplish this? Thank you!
      Hi Heather! I have since changed my original recipe because the light milk doesn't freeze well and turns too icy when just lite was used. I have made this with the 2 cans of full fat milk and it was a great success. Even my non-vegan family and friends loved it. The coconut flavor is not strong either because of all the cinnamon. I do, however, love the combo of cashews and light coconut milk more and have a few of those recipes on the blog. Here is one: Here is also a super popular one made with no nuts: Also, this one is cashew-based and you can try this one without the pumpkin, maybe a few extra cashews and use cinnamon instead of the pumpkin spice, start with 2 teaspoons and increase if desired and see if you like that!

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