Mini Mocha Black Forest “Cheesecakes” For A Guest Post

Mini Mocha Black Forest “Cheesecakes” For A Guest Post

I'm super duper excited about this post today for 2 reasons! One...I mean, look at these. These are to die for. Two...I'm guest posting over at one of my favorite blogs, Vegan Miam. Rika is a sweet friend of mine that asked me to write a guest post and I was super thrilled about it. I absolutely adore her, her blog and her creativity. She is amazing and you should totally be following her blog if you aren't already. Get on it. The inspiration for this recipe and post came from my love of cherries and the fact it is cherry season. I have several other recipes coming that feature cherries....

I wanted to create something really I did dessert of course, but not just any dessert. THESE. These cheesecakes are totally cashew-free, oil-free and require no freezing! They are a cheesecake version of the classic Black Forest Cake. Go check out the post to see how I came up with this amazing recipe! HERE


  1. These look to die for! I love black forest cake and cheesecake, so the idea of combing them both together just sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to try them, they look fabulous!


      Thank you so much Kyla! They are truly divine!

  2. Yummers!


      Thanks Cindy, yummers indeed!

  3. Hi there, would it be possible to substitute almonds for the pecans?

  4. I love Rika’s blog, and of course yours so this is like a double whammy!! These look SO great.

  5. Girl, HOW do you do it? Cashew free, oil free? Heading over to check out your guest post right now, especially because I LOVE black forest and anything cheesecake. Let me tell you how your photography gets better and better all the time. These photos are gorgeous, especially that tray full of cherries and the way the light is hitting it. Beautiful.


      You are just the sweetest Nancy!! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your compliments xoxo

  6. Wild about cherries right now so this is perfect! What a treat to share with Rika :-)!


      Yes, I have so many recipes lately with cherries and more to come!

  7. Mmm, cheesecakes are the best in my book – what an incredible recipe 😀
    You are a vegan queen!

    Choc Chip Uru


      Awww thanks Uru!

  8. You are so creative Brandi! I am floored. I’m a huge fan of cherries and these look absolutely amazing!!!


      Thank you so much Melanie, you are so sweet!!

  9. I am still challenging you to a GiGi-Approved Recipe 😉


      Ha! I still need to get some stevia!

  10. Liz

    These are seriously easy, decadent, and full of rich flavor! They’re the kind of thing you can bring to a dinner party and people will think you’re some kind of master pastry chef. Can’t wait to make another batch and “pretty them up” with toppings. I LOVE your recipes! (peanut butter cookies– dangerously easy and so YUM!). Thank you!


      You are the sweetest Liz! Thank you so much for the awesome feedback and I’m so glad you impressed everybody with the recipe, you go!! It’ll be our secret how easy the recipe really was 🙂

  11. Brandi, these little treats are divine! They are so delicate, full of flavor and super easy to make. The chocolate-cherry filling is amazing! Thank you so much!

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