Welcome to The Vegan 8formerly The Healthy Flavor. You are most likely here because of that connection to my old blog that I’ve shared from June 2012 to October 2013. However, if you are a new reader…welcome!
As of October 2013, I have begun a new concept for my blog and I’m THRILLED about it. The Healthy Flavor, for me, has been a wonderful expression of my passion with vegan cooking, baking and sharing some delicious food to all of you. My readers have been such an integral role in igniting my passion for creating dishes that are healthy, unique and most of all, delicious. Through operating The Healthy Flavor, one thing stood out to me about what appealed to most readers….you want easy and simple recipes. I started doing some blog searching and found that my most popular and repeatedly made recipes were 8 ingredients or less (not necessarily including salt or water). Concept being, you only will need to purchase 8 ingredients to make each individual recipe.
This one, for instance, is one of my most popular dessert recipes. No-bake Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie BarsOh yeah.
Therefore, that became my new concept and dedication to my readers! In today’s world, most people are going to gravitate towards easy recipes that don’t take forever or require 10-20 ingredients. I personally am attracted to recipes that I see and know will be easy. I took a little poll among people and everybody said what attracted them most to actually make a recipe was that it needed to be easy and not too many ingredients. 8 ingredients can be very challenging and add up quickly, but I love to challenge myself.
I will still have all of my original recipes from The Healthy Flavor that I transferred on here, simply because they are still popular recipes that a lot of my readers love and some may not care if they have more than 8 ingredients. For example, the response to my Banana Molasses Cake has been overwhelming!
However, going forward, all will be 8 or less ingredients. This does not include staple pantry items like salt or water. Pretty much anybody has those already and won’t require money or a trip to the grocery store or make a recipe any more difficult. In fact, you may have several of the ingredients in general, as I’m attempting to make the recipes as easy as possible.
All recipes are vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, gum-free and the majority of them are gluten-free and oil-free. I create all of my own gluten-free flours and don’t use any commercially bought blends.
So, who am I? I’m a wife and mother who is passionate about nourishing my husband and amazing little girl with whole foods that are healthy and delicious. I don’t really like to just replace traditional ingredients, like butter or milk, for just vegan butter, plant milk or tofu. That isn’t always any healthier or very challenging. I love to experiment more than that. I really love whole foods with as minimal processing as possible. I believe taking care of your physical health, in essence, takes care of your mental health too.
While I have always enjoyed cooking, it became my passion for an odd reason. My husband suffers from gout, a very painful form of severe arthritis. It affects mostly men over the age of 35. Almost always, gout can be controlled through proper nutrition. It’s been many years of struggle and research to learn what to avoid. It seemed no matter what my husband ate or where we ate out, he would suffer painful flare ups. The main culprit is high purine foods and many acidic foods, including meats, dairy and even some veggies as well. We decided for the better of his health, a vegan lifestyle was a must. It has been the best decision and has been life changing.
Thank you for visiting and visit as often as you like, follow my blog, share with others and feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts!