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Vegan Caesar Dressing

I wasn't going to post this recipe until next week, but I got a few requests via Facebook for my vegan caesar dressing, so voila, here it is! My alltime favorite caesar dressing has always been at a restaurant called Houston's in my city of...wait for it....Houston. Their dressing...

Vegan Creamy Red Pepper Sauce With Fresh Basil

I asked on Facebook for everybody to vote on the next recipe I was between this one and chunky potato soup. There were some votes for the potato soup, but this recipe won hands down. Don't worry though....the chunky potato soup is coming soon and it is probably...

Exceptionally Creamy Chocolate Tahini Ice Cream

Do you know what happens when you add raw tahini to a vegan chocolate base ice cream? Magic. That's what happens. You get an incredibly, rich and robust ice cream that is creamy and has a dark chocolate flavor to it. It is Dutch chocolate...

Raw Caramel White Chocolate Bars

My husband and I don't typically go all out on Valentine's Day like a lot of other couples do. We like to treat each other throughout the year, or more specifically, on Christmas or birthdays. I love flowers, but as I've gotten older and am now a mother,...

Creamy Sweet ‘n’ Gold Potato Soup

Sometimes, the most delicious recipes can be the simplest. You just need the right ingredients. This recipe uses both sweet potatos and yukon gold potatoes....the combo is so delicious. The yukon gold potatoes lend a buttery taste. Super simple, few ingredients and so delicious. Bonus that it...

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