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Sweet Chocolate Crepes (Gluten-free, Oil-free)

I am so excited to share this recipe with you today! I am guest posting today for Angela over at Canned-Time. I love Angela's blog and all of her amazing recipes. She is truly creative. I have tried to make vegan, gluten-free and oil-free crepes several times. The same issues...

Vegan Butterfinger Candy Bars

Vegan Butterfinger Candy Bars with just 6 ingredients, dairy-free, oil-free and incredibly delicious! Made with whole foods and mulberries! I'm just going to put this out there....this might just be the most amazing recipe I have ever been able to come up with in my kitchen.....especially considering the ease and ingredient...

Garlic Kale Pesto Pasta

I love making pestos, sauces, dips and spreads. They are a fantastic way to get in a lot of veggies for not only my hubby and I, but also my daughter. Peas are a great source of protein and kale is a powerhouse of nutrients, calcium and...

Chunky Potato & Zucchini Soup

Would you think I'm crazy if I told you all you had to do was roast some potatoes and then throw them in a blender and you'd have the creamiest, thickest soup ever? Without any milk or butter or even nuts?? That's what I discovered anyways. Yep, you will thank...

Vegan Caesar Dressing

I wasn't going to post this recipe until next week, but I got a few requests via Facebook for my vegan caesar dressing, so voila, here it is! My alltime favorite caesar dressing has always been at a restaurant called Houston's in my city of...wait for it....Houston. Their dressing...

Vegan Red Pepper Sauce With Fresh Basil

I asked on Facebook for everybody to vote on the next recipe I was between this one and chunky potato soup. There were some votes for the potato soup, but this recipe won hands down. Don't worry though....the chunky potato soup is coming soon and it is probably...

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