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Vegan, oil-free appetizers with 8 ingredients or less.

Best Vegan Queso


Yeah, yeah, yeah, the "best" huh? That word seems to get thrown around a lot on blogs, I know, lol. But, it's all your fault, not mine. You see, this recipe is a variation of my cheese...


Avocado Hummus

Make this amazing Avocado Hummus for your next party or to spice up your burritos or tacos! This recipe comes together in just a few minutes, is vegan, oil-free and just 8 ingredients (+salt and water)! If guacamole and hummus had a baby, this would be the result....

Miso Glazed Sweet Potatoes

These Miso Glazed Sweet Potatoes are inspired by the True Food Kitchen Ancient Grains bowl. These are easy to make, are sweet, salty, tangy and with a kick of heat. Bonus that my version is oil-free! A couple of weeks ago for my husband and I's 12th anniversary...

Vegan Oil-Free Creamy Italian Dressing

A delicious, homemade Creamy Italian Dressing that is vegan, raw, dairy-free, oil-free and soy-free! So good you will never need store-bought again! Made with cashews, red wine vinegar and Italian dried herbs and ready in 5 minutes! I don't eat salads very often, I'm more of a rice,...

Easy Skillet BBQ Baked Beans

Hearty, smoky, rich and flavorful Easy Skillet BBQ Baked Beans. Just 8 ingredients, no soaking of beans required. Easy and delicious! You know when a recipe is so good you are all fighting over the last bite. That is how these Skillet Barbecue Baked Beans are. Even my...