Order My Cake Kit!


"The perfect party cake for events and special occasions!"

People are always asking me if they can order a cake or baked goods from me for parties or events. Well, now you finally can! I am selling my very own Cake Kit through my partnership with Cake In A Crate.

That simply means you can order my cake kit and everything you need comes pre-measured and delivered to your house. No need to buy your own ingredients! It features my Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cake with Chocolate Fudge Ganache and it is divine.

Vegan. Gluten-Free. All made in 1 bowl.

Most people don't want to go out and buy bags of ingredients that they may only use once. This cake is a special occasion cake, so the price reflects the convenience of having everything you need.

No wasted ingredients and no store trips!

So, what do you get with your Cake In A Crate?

  • Every single ingredient is beautifully packaged and pre-measured. Note: There are a couple of ingredients (noted "measured") that you will measure, simply because they send extra because they come in sealed packages for freshness. The applesauce comes in 2 packs so you will measure out 1/2 cup and the vanilla is measured in one small bottle that you will measure separately for the cake and then the ganache. The almond milk (omit and use a coconut milk at home if allergic) is sent in a mini container, which you only need 4 Tbsp, so hey you get a bit extra on those, which is not a bad thing. Everything else is exactly measured.
  • No trips to the store to buy ingredients. If you are wanting to bake a cake and don't really bake that often and want to avoid having to buy a bunch of ingredients that you likely won't use again, this saves money overall. No extra flours or milks or sweeteners that you paid for that wouldn't get used up.
  • An incredibly easy cake to make. I created this recipe to be simple and easy. There is not a ton of steps involved. You just simply mix the cake ingredients and bake. Then mix the ganache and pour over the cake. So easy.
  • An impressive dessert to wow your family and friends. This cake was not only tested with my own multiple family and friends, but it was tested with the Cake In A Crate by two different testing groups of people and it is for sale today because of it's huge success and love that people had for it!
  • Beautiful, mouthwatering cake in a crate that will arrive at your door. Easy, fast and delicious!

This cake is so easy and fast to make. Just mix the ingredients in a bowl, bake in a cake pan and then make the ganache!

You can get 20% off using code THEVEGAN8 at checkout!