Crispy Sweet Potato Fries and Spicy Cream Sauce (Oil-free)

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries and Spicy Cream Sauce (Oil-free)

Simple, crispy, sweet and delicious. These crispy sweet potato fries contain no oil and they don't need it. This isn't a fancy recipe. It is just something that I make ALL the time and have lots of people ask me how to make sweet potato fries. Who knew so many people wanted to know....well I understand because they are a bit harder to crisp up than traditional white potato fries.

Well, this is my way of doing them and they turn out delicious every time. I use no oil and yes, it still works and I save calories!

Crisped to perfection.

Crispy Sweet Potatos Fries

  • 2 medium sweet potatoes
  • salt & pepper
  • nonstick spray (optional)


Preheat an oven to 415 degrees and line a sheet pan with parchment paper, so they won't stick. Foil doesn't work as well. Wash and peel the potatoes and slice into fry shapes about a 1/4-1/2 inch thick. This is the key to crispy fries. If they are too thick, they don't crisp up well. Spread out evenly and season generously with salt and pepper. I do not use oil, but if you prefer, you can lightly spray the fries with nonstick spray before seasoning them. Bake for about 15 minutes until they are fork tender, then turn the broil on low for about 5-7 minutes, or until they are very golden brown and crispy. Watch closely so they don't burn. This can vary depending on how strong your broil setting is.

Note: Just like regular fries, these stay crispy and are best when eaten right away as they will get soft after a few hours. However, you can reheat them in the oven to make them crispy again. Each oven varies, so keep an eye on them! May take a couple of trials to get them right, depending on your oven.

Spicy Creamy Dipping Sauce

  • 1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon lowfat coconut milk from can (scoop out the cream part only at the top of the can, or if you don't like coconut milk, try my lemon pepper sauce
  • 2 tablespoons unsweetened apple juice
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1/8-1/4 teaspoon sea salt, to taste
  • pinch black pepper, add as much as you like


Scoop out only the cream part at the top of the can, not the water. Add all the ingredients to a cup and whisk well with a fork. Delicious! A friend of mine also mixed all of the ingredients with an avocado and that is delicious too! This also works great for tacos and burritos or salad dressing.


  1. Yum! I love sweet potato fries. I think you are right about making sure the size is not too big. Good advice - This is definitely a fav.
  2. That's awesome that you can make delicious, great-looking fries without using oil! I always use a little bit--maybe half a tablespoon--but next time I'll try them without! Thanks for the idea :)
    • I used to use oil too Erika, but since my hubby started reacting so badly because of his gout, I started doing everything oil-free and he actually prefers them this way! As long as they are cut thin enough and you use the broiler the last several minutes, it works every time for me and it saves calories!
  3. Yum! Sweet potato fires are great! What a good recipe!
  4. Crispy fries with no oil!!! Wow. I love sweet potato fries but they always turn out soggy in the oven. Love this and the dipping cream.
    • Yes, the key is cutting them thin and using the broiler for the last few minutes! I've made them a million times like this. As soon as they are tender when pierced with fork, broil them and it crisps them up. I like mine really browned yummy. They are always gone in about 5 minutes, because they of course don't stay crispy hours later, just like regular fries :)
    • Good luck...I know every oven varies so it may take a couple of trials to get them right, depending on your oven. Just keep an eye on them so they don't burn once on broil :) Hope they turn out and you still like them without oil. We are used to them and prefer them that way now.
      • I am sure they will be delicious. I don't think I will mind them without oil at all. Will let you know how they turn out.
      • They turned out great, got really crispy, brillliant putting under the broiler to crisp. I love sweet potato fries. The dip is really good and spicy. Perfect with the fries. Great recipe.
    • Wonderful Suzanne! I'm so happy they turned out for you! Thanks so much for trying them and letting me know, I truly appreciate it!
  5. FINALLY! A way to make sweet potato fries crispy! Like everyone else, mine always come out soggy too. It's so disappointing. So thank you!!!
    • No problem! I hope they turn out well for you! It took me a few trials to get the right oven temp and technique, but now it works every time. :) Ovens can vary, so it may take a couple of trials to get them right, depending on your oven. Just keep an eye on them at the broil stage!
  6. May I be your taste tester? :D This looks brilliant!Cheers Choc Chip Uru
  7. These look amazing Brandi! I am definitely going to make them. I make sweet potato fries a lot, but I always use oil (and brown sugar)! Love that yours are oil-free, and your sauce sounds delicious.
    • Thank you Saskia! Mmmm brown sugar sounds delicious for a really sweet version. These work really great for a healthy, easy version and a yummy dip :)
  8. Yum, these look delicious (as always, Brandi)! Generally speaking, I usually prefer regular 'ol potatoes to sweet, but the spicy creamy dipping sauce won me over. I am intrigued by your use of coconut milk; you've got the created juices flowing =) Thanks as always for sharing, Brandi; hope all is wonderfully well =) Hugs all around xo!
    • Thanks so much Christina! It is super delicious and by using the low fat milk, it doesn't taste like coconut at all. My friend made this dip and threw in an avocado as well and raved about it. I love it, it is tangy and spicy. It pairs well with the sweet potatoes. Thanks sweetheart! :)
  9. I like the broiling part - that would keep them from getting soggy (which is yeah...mine. All the time.)
  10. a nice health snack... I love it and bookmarked it along with many of your recipes :) PS I have made your bean dish 8 times now... :)
    • Awesome Thom!! That makes me so happy :) You're referring to the Mexican Chili right? So glad you all love it! I need to make your Vietnamese salad and peanut sauce....yum!
      • Yes the Mexican Chili recipe ;) enjoy your week ..
  11. Looks excellent! Thank you Brandi! All the best. Shane
  12. These fries are gorgeous! I would love to try it with the dip.
  13. Love this idea...!
  14. These must taste super :) Do you think the same method would work with butternut and/or normal potatoes?
    • Oh, yes I'm sure it would! In fact, they would probably only need the broiler less time since they don't hold as much moisture as sweet potatoes.
  15. That sauce!! OHH yum. These look so good. I want a big juicy bean burger along side these amazing fries. Sauce poured ALL over both.
  16. Monica
    Looks delicious! I'll be giving these fries a try tonite at dinner.
    • Awesome., let me know how it turns out! I hope they work on the first try! :)
  17. yum! those pictures are as delicious as the recipe itself.
  18. I definitely have to make sweet potato fries again ...! The photo is just amazing!
  19. Ooh, I have to try these! And that dip... sounds heavenly
  20. My favorite kind of fries - especially oil-free. Well done!
  21. Brandi, I didn't think that sweet potatoes would turn crispy in the oven but hearing about your success with making these, I totally want to try. And that dipping sauce sounds delicious. I'd want to eat it with everything!
  22. I've recently tried to make baked sweet potato chips, but no matter what I do they don't get crispy. Maybe I should try to make fries instead. I love that you don't use oil for these. Celeste :)
  23. I am a vegetarian and cook for one. I am also a health nut I still count calories and ingredients in every thing that goes in my mouth you have a great and well organized site here. This once I must follow !
  24. Yum!!!! I make similar sweet potato fries all the time but I've never tried a dressing/dipping sauce like this one. I love the sound of it, particularly as it's based on coconut cream rather than dairy cream (yay for vegan alternatives!). I'm going to give it a try tonight, maybe with the avocado addition. Sounds so good xx
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  26. Omg! I luv fries! Sweet potato too!! Delicious and can't wait to make these again!!!
  27. This is perfect and amazing, thank you!
      I'm so glad you enjoyed it Paul, thank you!!
  28. Hmm.. you got me intrigued with your "secrets" -- had to come over and check them out :)I'm not very picky about how my sweet potatoes turn out, but my husband is super picky about his taters and likes them crispy -- I'll have to give your tricks a go next time I make wedges because I haven't been able to make them crisp up for him w/o the oil.
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  30. Hi! Just found your website. I'm not vegan, but I'm trying to include more vegan/vegetarian options into my diet. This looks really good - How do you think they would turn out if I use my veggie spiralizer? Would they be too thin? Thanks!
      Hi Kelly! So glad you found me! I have never tried a spiralizer for fries, so I'm not sure, but thinner is always going to make them crispier, which is a good thing, so I would just keep a watchful eye on them!
      • Thanks - I'll be giving these a try this weekend. I have been following the THM diet, which is low carb. However, I can have moderate carbs at a meal as long as I have only a small amount of fat with it. These look like just the ticket! :)
  31. So, on the sauce, do you use the cream you scoop off, or the milk that's left? I thought it was the milk, but a lot of the comments are referring to the now I'm confused.
      Hi Kathy! It's the cream part at the top of the can as noted in the recipe :) With the can the water settles at the bottom, just don't shake the can, and then do your best to get mostly the milk part.
  32. Wow! This is an amazingly healthy recipe! Thank you for sharing, delicious
      You are so welcome, so glad you enjoyed it!

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