Vegan Oil-free Zucchini Fritters

Vegan Oil-free Zucchini Fritters


Finally! You can eat a vegan corn zucchini fritter without oil or frying them. There are a bazillion zucchini cake or fritter recipes online, but they all have oil in them or are fried in oil. Guess what? You don't need oil to make a delicious recipe!

I debated on calling these zucchini burgers, because they bake up and form a really similar burger texture. I would totally slap 2 of these beauties in between 2 buns and call my life complete.

In fact, this is one of my favorite recipes I've ever created. Maybe it's because zucchini is my favorite veggie or maybe it's the wonderful combo of sweet corn combined with zucchini. Maybe it's the amazing spices of garlic and onion and smoky paprika that enhance these little cakes. OR, maybe it's the out-of-this-world creamy lemon pepper sauce. Ok. It's all of the above! Did I sell you on these yet?

Just 8 easy basic ingredients. Only veggie you have to fool with is shredding the zucchini, which takes all of 5 minutes. Then mix everything up in a bowl, form patties, chill them and then bake. SO easy.

I love easy recipes, don't you?

These are not only oil-free, but also gluten-free with a wonderful crispy exterior. Baking them long enough on each side helps them crisp to perfection and also allows the veggies to really soften and cook through. This provides so much flavor. Frying them cooks them too fast and doesn't really allow the zucchini to cook through.

Almond butter is another secret to these delicious cakes. The almond butter deepens the flavor of these, helps bind the patties and also helps them to crisp up.

Just because I'm so good to you guys, I'm sharing 2 recipes with you today. While these zucchini cakes are incredibly delicious on their own, if you are a person who loves to put sauce on everything, then you will love this Creamy Lemon Pepper Sauce.

The combo of lemon and pepper is a classic and adding it to a creamy base and a touch of onion powder made this sauce a new favorite. It would honestly be delicious on most anything.

I hope you love these Vegan Oil-free Zucchini Fritters as much as I did!

Yields 4 patties

Vegan Smoky Oil-Free Corn Zucchini Fritters

These incredibly easy zucchini cakes come together in just 8 easy basic ingredients. You can enjoy these moist and crispy zucchini cakes without a lick of oil! These are so incredibly full of flavor and a crispy exterior, you really will be shocked that they are oil-free and good for you. The smoky flavor just enhances the other flavors making these hard to resist.

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  • 2 small zucchinis, shredded (274 g, the weight before ringing out excess water, you will need 2 1/2 cups loosely filled of the shredded zucchini)
  • 2/3 cup corn (90 g, I just used frozen)
  • 3 tablespoons creamy almond butter (or tahini for nut-free, for fat-free use 1/4 cup cooked mashed potato instead of nut butter)
  • 1/2 cup gluten-free oat flour (58 g)
  • 2 teaspoons garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoons onion powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • Creamy Lemon Pepper Sauce
  • 1/2 heaping cup raw cashews (80 g, cooked in boiling water for 10 minutes or soak overnight if you don't have a high-powered blender like a Vitamix. Drain, rinse and proceed.)
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 6-8 tablespoons water, as needed
  • 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt


  1. First you will need to shred your zucchini. Make sure you are using the larger wholes on your grater and not the tiny holes. Refer to photo above, but basically use the 1/4 inch size holes on your grater. You want them in the shredded strips, not the super fine grated. After shredding, loosely fill 2 1/2 cups to accurately measure.
  2. Place your shredded zucchini into a strainer and place a couple of paper towels on top and press down really hard squeezing out all the excess water beneath the strainer. Then wrap the zucchini in a papertowel and squeeze out any more. You don't need to obsess over every drop, just get most of the water out so the cakes cook up and aren't too watery. Place the dried zucchini into a large bowl.
  3. Add the corn and almond butter.
  4. In a separate small bowl, combine the oat flour (make sure it is finely ground into a powder if making your own), garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper and smoked paprika and stir until well mixed.
  5. Add the dry mixture to the zucchini mixture and stir for a good couple of minutes until it all comes together. It will seem too dry at first, but keep stirring and pressing the batter with the back of the spoon and it will start to stick. It should be moist and somewhat sticky. It will seem like they won't hold, but trust me, they bake up and become much more firm.
  6. Divide into 4 sections and form balls and then flatten out into little patties about 1/2 inch thick. Place onto parchment paper and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes to firm up some.
  7. Once the time is almost up, preheat the oven to 400 degrees and line a sheet pan with parchment paper. Bake the patties for 25 minutes, carefully flip them over with a spatula (they will be tender still ast this point) and bake for another 10-15 minutes depending on how crispy you want them. I went the full 15 minutes, but just keep an eye on them. They should be a very golden brown color. Let cool about 10 minutes before serving.
  8. While they are baking, prepare the optional, but highly recommended, creamy lemon pepper sauce! I
  9. For the sauce: Soak your cashews in boiling water for 10 minutes or so. If you do not have a high powered blender like a Vitamix, then you will need to soak them overnight in a bowl of water to really soften them, otherwise the sauce will be gritty. I repeat, your sauce will be gritty if you do not have a Vitamix. Drain and rinse and add them to a blender. I believe a food processor will work better than a standard blender if you don't have a vitamix.
  10. Add the remaining ingredients and blend until completely smooth. You will need to scrape the sides a couple of times during blending. Taste and adjust spices if necessary. I thought it was perfect as is. It has a nice balance of lemon and black pepper flavor. Feel free to make it extra spicy if you like. This sauce also makes a great salad dressing!
  11. The sauce will thicken the longer it sits and especially after being stored in the fridge. Just thin out with a tiny amount of water if desired.




  1. How did you shred them? I usually use a grater so I'm not sure how you shredded them - in a food processor?
      Hi Carol! I just used one of those handheld graters that have 3 different sets of hole sizes, basically just make sure you are using the larger holes, not the tiny ones. The right hole size is about 1/4 inch thick. You can see the shreds in the photo of the bowl. Grated technically means tiny or powdery size and I just wanted to make sure people got the right size. Your grating device is probably the larger holes. Hope that helps!
      • Hey I have a couple of questions first what is the serving amount for this recipe, secondly the sunbutter is on recall is there another butter I could use that's nut free, and lastly could these be cooked and then froze sorry for all the questions lol
  2. Liz
    I opened this link the second I got the email. First, my stomach growled (loudly) as the page opened. Then I saw that stack of cakes drizzled with sauce and my mouth actually fell open. Then I started to laugh like a maniac, and finally, my eyes teared up. This is what your recipes do to me! I am making these as soon as I can get to the grocery store for ingredients! Hooray for The Vegan 8!
      Liz, your comment made my day!!! I'm so happy my recipes provoke such a wonderful response, haha! That means so much to me!!
  3. So I know you and I have drooled over lemon pepper together!!! I love it and put it on everything!!! So yes yes on the sauce!! And I'm not joking when I say I grew up on zucchini cakes. My mom made them a lot, greek thing. I've been making a vegan version of hers for the boys and we love them! Need to try yours for sure!! Great one friend! And the fact that they are VEGAN and DELICIOUS is the bomb
      Thank you so much Sophia!! I actually never even had a zucchini cake before I don't think, but I've seen them around all over the place...always containing wheat flour, eggs and oil of course....yuck! So, I just put in what I thought I would love and dang, they are the bomb, LOL!!
  4. That's a towering stack of zuke goodness right there! Gorgeous!
      Aww thank you Annie!
  5. Beautiful Brandi, delicious and love that sauce. I think I would love those zucchini cakes any way I could get them.
  6. Jen
    I will totally make these! They look amazing and the almond butter sounds really tasty in there. I would never have thought of that but I bet it works. The sauce I can't do because cashew allergy but I bet they are good even without it. I'll be tagging you when I Instagram my pics of these :-)
      Thank you Jen! You don't taste the almond butter at all, just lots of flavor! It also really helps to bind and crisp up the cakes, so it's a needed ingredient. You could make any sauce you like, or just eat them as is, they are honestly delicious without it. If you try the sauce without cashews, it's not going to taste creamy at all....maybe try subbing with beans or tofu (I mention in the notes) and that might work!
  7. Wow I love that these don't have to be fried! I actually think that my super picky omni boyfriend might like them too (he loves corn and zukes!). Of course I'd have to leave the lemon pepper sauce off his (he hates condiments, lol who hates condiments?! That's just not right!), but I'll douse mine with it for sure!
      Yes, no frying needed, seriously! Awesome, let me know if you try them please! If he loves corn and zucchini, I would definitely think he would like these, they are so full of flavor!
  8. Oh wow, these look goooo....ooood! I'm so amazed you can continually come up with all of these incredible recipes Brandi!!! I love zucchini and lemon pepper sauce on top sound incredible.
      Aww you are so sweet Melanie, thank you so much for your compliment!!
  9. Oh. My. Word!!!! These look and sound fantastic! I'm sold! Making these next week for sure. I can't wait!!
      Yay!! I think you will love them Mandy! Especially the lemon pepper sauce!
  10. I love everything about these cakes: the corn, the zucchini, the creamy, the lemon, and the pepper. ;) Yum yum YUM! I need to make (and eat) these ASAP.
      Thank you so much Meredith!! They are really honestly one of my favorite recipes so far!!
  11. Made these last night and my omnivore husband LOVED them. And I may have eaten a few spoonfuls of the lemon pepper sauce.
      Thank you so much for leaving wonderful feedback! I'm so glad to hear they were a hit!
  12. these look so good!! I'm going to try them - thinking of incorporating them into a dinner - do you have any suggestions what to serve along with the cakes? Thanks so much for all of your great recipes! We absolutely LOVE the chili cheese fries! :)
      Hi Julie! If it were me, I would serve either some mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes and a salad perhaps. The sauce is so good, that it would excellent to just go right over a salad as well. Hope that helps! Please come back and let me know how they turn out and I'm so happy to hear you love the chili cheese fries!
      • I made these last night…and it will be on repeat! These are so yummy! I loved the crisp/crunch to them, the lemon pepper sauce ~ I served with mashed potatoes and veggies on the side and we just drizzled that sauce of yumminess over all. Thanks for another(! ) great recipe. ;)
          Yay! I'm so glad you loved them so much! Thank you so much for the feedback, I love hearing it!
  13. YUM! This looks amazing! Great recipe! ...also thanks for your informative comment on my blog! I ate all plants based today :) Hoping it will help my digestive system to eat less meat and dairy!
      You are so sweet Cailee! Thank you! I hope I didn't blab too much, I just wanted to share what I have learned since I know many people (just as I did) only typically think of meat/dairy as the only protein sources, but there are such an abundance! xo
  14. Holy moly! This looks heavenly. I absolutely loveee lemon pepper and homemade sauces. I go through raw cashews like you wouldn't believe. I actually just recently threw together a roasted red pepper sauce and am going to start using it as a salad dressing as well! P.S. - I would totally slap 2 of these beauties in between 2 buns and call my life complete. <-- Favorite sentence in this entire post.
      Haha! Thank you Ashlee!! I'm so serious too, they are that good!!
  15. I made these 2 nights ago and they were so delicious!! Can't wait to make them again. I was short on time so after I refrigerated them, I put them in a pan with a little bit of avocado oil and flipped as needed. They came out great. Thanks for the great recipe!!
      Yay! SO glad to hear the wonderful feedback Tammy, thank you so much for letting me know, I really appreciate it!! :)
  16. Thank you for a such nice recipe and idea.Was lovely and tasty.I love the sauce too,i will do it very often now,cant wait to use it as salad dresing! : )
      I'm so happy you loved the recipe Mikejla, thank you so much for providing feedback!
  17. Okay. I made this last night, but I messed up. I hadn't read the recipe before hand and thought I could whip this out at 5 pm. The flavor profile is AMAZING !!!! My mistake was in not allowing them to 'set' in the fridge for 30 min...I tried to do a quick set in the freezer for 5 minutes...and then, because my husband and daughter were sooooo hungry I wasn't able to bake them to the point of drying the centers out (25 min. first half, flip, then add'l 15 min) my cakes came out doughy and gooey in the middles. I will need to try this again and make them as you directed!!! Sheesh... I think I may have made them too thick as well.
      Hi Joy! So glad you loved the flavor profile! Yes, definitely cook it for the specified time, as that is precisely how it becomes cooked through and crispy, otherwise, yes it will still have a raw taste. Cook it next time as 25 mins/15 mins and I promise you'll notice a difference. Also, I have noted to flatten them about 1/2 inch thick, so that will help them cook through as well. Thank you! :)
  18. I made these tasty beauties & that lovely drizzled sauce too! It was the perfect combination of tasty flavors, dear Brandi! DELICIOUS & even FABULOUS! xxxx
      Awesome Sophie, thank you so much!!
  19. These were great. I've made them twice now. I didn't have smoked paprika so I used regular paprika and 1/4 t liquid smoke.
      Wonderful Kathleen! Thank you so much for letting me know, I'm so glad you enjoyed them!
  20. I honestly cannot wait to try these, Brandi! I <3 Zucchini cakes! I tried making them before from a traditional recipe by just replacing the eggs with flax and it was a major fail aka they fell apart in the pan and ended up being more of zucchini scramble lol! I love how you've developed this recipe to vegan perfection! :) And I AM one of those people who prefer everything with sauce! Cannot wait to try both of these recipes! Adding them both to the "to make from the vegan 8" list that keeps on growing!!
      Thank you so much Ceara!! Yes, I know and these don't even have an egg replacer. The almond butter helps to bind them as they bake up. They seem really loose while forming the patties, but baking them at the time specified magically makes them form a nice solid, crispy cake! They truly are one of my favorite recipes I've ever created, hope you love them!
  21. Hi Brandi, I saw someone who made these on instagram. It looked so good and then I saw that it was your recipe....I should have known! I love adding smoked paprika to dishes. Such a great flavor and that creamy lemon sauce sounds delicious! Once I get sick of your alfredo (which might be never!) I'll have to make this over and over again :)
      Thank you so much Vanessa! Yes, it's been exciting seeing so many people make them and love them as much as we do! I hope you will love them too!
  22. what would be a good substitute for the corn? any ideas? thank you. they look great.
      Hi Wanda, any sturdy vegetable similar in size that won't become mushy would work. You could try peas or carrots, but if you use carrots, just make sure they are chopped small like the corn kernels, so they cook through all the way! Let me know if you try them!
  23. Liz
    Once again: DELICIOUS! Easy, healthy, and very satisfying. The smell when they're baking is almost too much to handle. I love the delicate cashew sauce, a perfect combo. I made them twice in 2 days! For my second round of the recipe, I didn't have enough zucchini so I crossed my finger and shredded some carrots to fill the measurement (because heaven forbid I cut the recipe in half!), and it totally worked! It was still mainly zucchini. Thank you for the delicious recipe to add to my favorites!
      Yay!! Liz, thank you so much for the awesome review!! I'm so happy to hear carrots worked too, thank you so much for sharing!! :)
  24. Looks fantastic ! I just wanna dive in, yummy!
  25. I made these last night for me and the hubs and they were every bit as delicious as was described in the recipe. A silly thing to say, but they were also just as pretty! I hate it when I can't make my food as pretty as the pictures shown... it makes me feel like a loser in the kitchen, haha. But these babies took on a dark golden crust and crisped up beautifully. I followed the recipe exactly except I couldn't find creamy almond butter and had to use the kind you grind at the supermarket. I don't think it had any detrimental effect on them whatsoever. Also, I doubled the lemon pepper sauce so we could use it as salad dressing for a side green salad. We each ate 2 cakes slathered in the sauce, and with the salad, we both agreed we overate. LOL. Thank you for such a great recipe. Since I overbought zucchini, I'm going to make the spicy zucchini soup next. I've only ever used zucchini in ratatouille and roasted in the oven, so your different applications of what I always thought was a rather boring vegetable are intriguing to me. Thank you again, these are really just outstanding.
      Lol, that made laugh Caroline at the "loser" comment! I know what you mean though! So many people have made these on Instagram and I love seeing how they all turned out just perfect like the photos in my post, they just are so easy to make! I'm so happy you loved these so much and I truly appreciate you taking the time to leave such wonderful feedback!!
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  27. Isn't cashew cream the best?! These look delicious, I'm putting them on my list of must try soon recipes.
      Thank you Linda! Yes, it is. I use cashews for so much...I don't know what I'd do without them, lol. These zucchini cakes are to die for, I hope you try them!
  28. Made these tonight for my husband and my mom, and we all LOVED them! Great flavor profile and we scarfed them down! I will definitely be adding these into my regular rotation!!
      Awesome Tracy! I'm so happy to hear that, thank you so much for leaving feedback, I really appreciate it!
  29. Brandi these were delicious! I followed your recipe to the letter and they came out perfectly. I used the grater attachment on my food processor to grate the zucchini. I also (of course) made the lemon pepper sauce and it was wonderful. I kept it very thick because I wanted to use it as a spread (like mayo). The next day we had the cakes as sandwiches on toasted seed bread with the sauce as the spread. Loooooved this recipe!!!
  30. I made the sauce with tofu and it came out perfect! I had to stop myself from eating the sauce right there.
  31. As expected, these were AMAZING! Easy to make, full of flavor and the lemon pepper sauce was a perfect partner for these delicious cakes. We'll definitely be making them again! The sauce is wonderful on potatoes, veggies and salads - I love a good versatile recipe! Hope you're having a great weekend!
  32. Hi Brandi, I made these three nights ago and they were delicious!!! My husband gobbled them up and actually said, "That was good!" Yay! My hubby has a lot of nut allergies so I had to sub the cashews with sunflower seeds in the cream sauce and it was still creamy goodness! In the zucchini cakes I subbed the almond butter and smoked paprika with black beans and liquid smoke. (weird I know, but it was great.) Thanks so much Brandi for making such wonderful, simple recipes that even I can do! xo :)
      I'm so happy you loved these so much Paula, thank you so much for the feedback!!
  33. I made these tonight and subbed in 1/4 cup sweet potato for the almond butter and they were HEAVENLY!!! The lemon pepper cream made them even better. Thank you so much for this delicious recipe!!
      Awesome Sara!! I'm so glad to hear that my suggestion of potato sub worked and even better that you used sweet potato...that sounds delicious! Thank you so much for the feedback, I truly appreciate it! SO glad you loved them.
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  35. [...] 1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon lowfat coconut milk from can (scoop out the cream part only at the top of the can, or if you don’t like coconut milk, try my lemon pepper sauce [...]
  36. Hey Brandi, By far one of my fav recipes from your collection!!! The patties were so easy to make and I was literally drinking the lemon papper sauce! I had a bunch left over and used it for so many other things. Thanks and keep em coming!! Sharon Jalysa
      Yay! That is so awesome to hear, thank you so much for letting me know! Too funny....I feel the same way about that sauce!!
  37. Hi! I really would like to make these amazing zucchini recipe but I lack the nut butter. Do u think I can sub it with flax egg, a ripe avocado or just use a gluten free flour? Thanks so much again for making and sharing your wonderful recipes to all of us. We appreciate all your time & effort. Thanks again.
      Hi Mars! You can sub with tahini or if you don't have that, some readers have had success with my suggestion in the "notes" of using 1/4 cup of mashed cooked potato in place of the nut butter. Hope that helps and let me know how it turns out! :)
      • Works great! Made ma a happy girl lol =) Thanks so much Brandi. =)
  38. Holy moly, that sauce looks amazing! It's definitely going on my to-make list. I can see about a million ways to use it. Yum!
      Thank you so much Nichole! It really is such a versatile sauce, let me know if you try it!
  39. Brandi I made these tonight and holy cow they are delicious. Crunchy and sweet and great texture. I'm rotating these in. The only change I made is used white beans instead of cashews in the sauce and it still was wonderful. Doubling the whole recipe next time. Hubby loved it too.
      I'm so happy to hear you loved these as much as we do Estee! They are truly one of my favorite recipes! Thank you so much for leaving feedback and I will definitely try your bean idea for the sauce next time. I have actually made a couple of sauces recently with beans and they were delish!
  40. That's perfect! My boyfriend loves these kind of appetizers and I love oil-free recipes ^_^
      Awesome! I'm so glad to hear that and let me know if you try these! They are really delicious and full of flavor!
  41. Brandi Found your blog via Talk of the House yesterday which showed your Fourth of July parfait. My family and I have just started the vegan way of eating since school let out in June. My husband who has health issues has had wonderful numbers ...blood pressure and sugar. In 3 weeks he has lost 26 pounds and hasn't been hungry at all! Two of our five children are still living home and have loved all the foods I am preparing. My reason for writing is to thank you for your wonderful blog and delicious, easy (8) recipes. Today is the fourth and we had the zucchini fritters in whole grain burger buns with your kale and white been salad with yummy dressing. So very glad to have found your blog! Fondly, Mona
      Mona, so sorry I missed this message! Thank you so much for the sweet comment, I'm so glad you found me and loved the fritters, that makes me very happy!!
  42. Hi Brandi~ I have an over abundance of zucchini right now and your Corn Zucchini Cakes popped into my head. Do you think they would be good if I froze them after baking? Or used frozen, thawed, drained zucchini? Just trying to be creative! :) Thanks!
      Yes, I think they'd be just fine to freeze after cooking them! Then I would just reheat them on low (300 degrees) until warmed through :) I would definitely cook them first.
  43. Hi Brandi-- Just a quick question about the corn. Did you cook the frozen corn, or just thaw it? Thanks!
      Yes, I just used it frozen, no need to thaw!
  44. WOW! Just made these & they're AMAZING! I'm so glad I doubled the recipe - I can't see these lasting very long :) I didn't have almond butter, so I used half tahini and half peanut butter. Definitely one to made again!
      Wonderful Tracey! I'm so happy to hear you loved this recipe! They are my favorite too!
  45. Just made these for my second time in a week. :) This time I made a double batch! These are so delicious I can't stop eating them! I love them with and without the sauce. I am so grateful I found your site and so grateful that you share your amazing recipes with us. I only recently found you and have just made two recipes so far, this and the smoky white bean and potato stew. Love them both and have shared the recipes with others that I thought would enjoy them. After I made these today I spent some time on your site and have bookmarked a ton of recipes I want to try. I have a feeling they are all going to be amazing. :) Thanks again, Brandi!
      Wow Angie, you made my day! I absolutely appreciate hearing from my readers and your feedback was so sweet and thoughtful. I'm so happy to hear the recipes you've tried so far have been such hits, I love it! Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know and for trying them out!
  46. I'm so excited to make these! I'm on the appetizer committee for our preschool holiday party and since we're the only vegans I want to make something that A) we can eat and B) will blow their socks off...these sound like they fit the bill! It's a nut free school so I'll try all the subs and let you know how it went.
      Oh wonderful Elyse! Can't wait to hear! These have been one of my most popular recipes with readers and it is truly one of my favorite recipes I've ever made. Can't wait to hear how it went, thank you so much!
  47. Loved it, Brandi! Since I don't have a super blender and I hate that cashews never get smooth with mine, I used 1/3 cup of cashew muss and it was perfect :D My falafel sandwich rocked with it!!!
      Oh, so happy to hear that, thank you for the feedback Barbara!
  48. (ops, I mean, I was talking about the sauce in the previous comment :P)
  49. I want to make this recipe next. Do you think pecan butter would work? If not I might just make it with the potatoes or tahini. Have you tried it with either the potatoes or tahini? If potatoes work well it might be nice to keep it fat free. At least for some of the times I make it. Also for the sauce has anyone given you feedback using white beans? I was thinking of maybe trying macadamia nuts but I don't know.
      Oh yes, just do the potatoes! Tahini would work as well. Many readers do the potato option and love it! Of course, way lower-fat that way too :) I have one reader that I know makes this with white beans all the time, but I would definitely say that is a personal preference on taste, as I cannot stand the texture that white beans leave behind when it's solely the beans being used. But some people don't mind it. Otherwise you can try the macadamia nuts, but again, I don't like their strong taste, lol! But I really think it boils down to personal taste. Let me know which way you try it. :)
  50. OMG I made these last night and seriously just wow. I love these little zucchini cakes. They are just amazing and prefect, seriously. They have such a beautiful and savory flavor. I absolutely love the use of the smoked paprika it gives it such a depth of flavor. But all the flavors combined so well together. You really have such an amazing understanding of how flavors go together. Amazing. I substituted the almond butter with potatoes and I absolutely thought the cakes were out of this world good. I am curious to try it with zucchini next time. But I like them so much with potatoes it is good that I can make them low fat most the times I make it and yet still have such amazing flavor. Yum. For the sauce I used macadamia nuts in place of the cashews and the sauce was still good but you were right and I sure could detect a strong macadamia nut flavor. The sauce wasn't ruined it was still tasty but I think I want to try it with tahini next time to see if it comes out better. If I were to use tahini instead of whole nuts how much tahini do you think I should use?
    • Hahaha I mean I am curious to try the cakes with tahini next time. I said above I am curious to try them with zucchini. Hahaha my brain is so weird it just fires randomly I guess. Hahahaha
  51. Hi Brandi, I do want to make these again and I want to try making the Lemon Pepper sauce with Tahini this time. I am just wondering how much tahini you think I should use? I am not sure what amount of tahini would be equivalent to whole nuts. Thanks :)
      Hi Christina, you would use the same amount as the almond butter, 3 Tbsp :)
      • Oh sorry I meant for the sauce. I was thinking of using tahini instead of the cashews for the sauce. Cause I figure tahini has to be better than macadamia nuts. Hahahaha. Anyway sorry I wasn't clear. On the cakes I am good. I probably will use potatoes again. But my question was regarding the sauce. I have no clue how much tahini to use to replace the amount of nuts you use.
          Oh! I'm sorry, I definitely wouldn't use tahini for the sauce, it won't taste good. Your best bet which I've seen other readers try is using white beans. It WILL change the texture, so keep that in mind, but some readers have done it and liked it. I'm not a big fan of using white beans, but it's a personal taste. I would just try using a 1/4-1/2 cup to desired consistency. There isn't really another sub other than that, that wouldn't change the flavor too much.
  52. I could eat the whole plate, Brandi! Not only two, I would eat the whole thing! Those look so mouthwatering with all the lemon pepper sauce! Cashews are an amazing base for so many things, like, sauces, dips, spreads absolutely versatile and delicious. I use cashews in my vegan cheese sauce, vegan aioli and many more. Love that you add corn to zucchini fritters so good! But I have to admit that you use here almond butter that's totally a bomb, I bet it adds so much much flavor and texture. All of your pics makes my mouth watering and just drooling!
  53. These look wonderful. Does one recipe make 2 servings (2 patties each)? Or is it 4 servings? Sorry, I cannot tell if I need to double or not. Thank you!
      Hi Debra! This will make 4 good size fritters or 8 mini ones. When I want to make them as "burgers" I make 8 mini ones, but for regular, it will only make 4, so I would probably double the recipe. Most of my readers double them now because they make them so often :)
  54. Made these awesome fritters today with your amazing sauce. Super healthy and satisfying! The smell when they’re baking is almost too much to handle :) thank you, Brandi!
      Thank you so much Lana! I'm so happy you loved them!
  55. Made these last night...FABULOUS! Sauce was amazing too! Definitely going to try more recipes!
      Yay! So happy to hear that, thank you so much for the wonderful feedback!
  56. I made these today for two omnivores and a vegetarian and they ALL loved them. I myself am a vegan, and I thought these were incredible, as are all of your recipes!! I have made several of your dishes and all of them are so delicious and simple. Thank you for sharing :)
      Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback Jennifer! I'm so happy to hear these were such a hit and that you have loved all of my recipes, that means so much, thank you!
  57. Absolutely scrummy. I made these with besan flour because I can't tolerate oats and they turned out like yummy vegie Bhajis without any of the yucky frying. I have also made them without the corn( we have a cornaphobe in the house)and added carrot, spring onion and red capsicum. Thankyou so much Brandi, I love that your recipes are simple and delicious.
      I'm so so happy to hear you loved these Michelle, as well as my other recipes, thank you so much for the feedback!
  58. So easy to make and delicious! Thanks for the recipe! They browned evenly in the oven just like your photos. Going to make these again. Next time, we may try these as veggie burgers. Any recommendation on how to adjust the recipe to add black beans?
      So wonderful to hear Carol, so glad you loved these!
  59. Mine stuck to the parchment paper and didn't stick together. What did i do wrong? maybe didn't get enough water out of the zucchini?
      Hi Megan, that sounds like either there was too much liquid still or you didn't let them cook long enough before flipping them or removing them, because once the full cooking is done, these are very firm and crispy and hold together exceptionally well.
      • ok, thank you! i think it was probably a combination of both.... even though they feel apart they still tasted amazing so i will definitely be making these again!
  60. Seriously delicious! Made them tonight. I made the sauce but mine tasted not so great--I don't have a great blender-and it was grainy. So I used a little home made Greek yogurt/tahini/lemon and it did the trick. My husband LOVED them. Thanks so much for this recipe!
      Hi Cheryl! I'm so glad to hear they were a hit! Yes, unfortunately cashews will end up gritty or grainy if you don't have a high-powered blender like a Vitamix. A vitamix gets it 100% super smooth, which makes ALL the difference! You could also soak the cashews for about 12 hours, drain and then run them through a food processor for several minutes along with the other ingredients until smooth and that works well too. You will need to scrape the sides some.
  61. Made these tonight and they were AMAZING! They mixture was really wet and I couldn't even form them into balls. I just kind of plopped the mixture on the parchment paper and then flattened it a little. After the 30 minutes in the fridge I just left them on the same parchment paper and slid it onto the baking sheet because I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to move them to a new piece. Didn't matter though because they cooked up perfectly! Me and my guy just loved them. The sauce was delish too! Thanks for another great recipe!
      Yay! So happy to hear that Becky, thank you so much!! So glad you loved these. If they are too wet, make sure to squeeze more of the water out from the zucchini and that will help a ton. Also, they are pretty wet regardless, but like you said, they bake up and crisp up magically anyways in the oven!
  62. These were delicious! So happy to add another tasty oil-free recipe to my arsenal, they are so hard to find! They taste so good on their own that the sauce didn't make that much of a difference :)) I think they would be perfect for burgers or with mashed potatoes and marinara sauce! Thanks for the awesome recipe! :) P.S. I was nervous they wouldn't turn out because we had a 3-hour blackout while I was blending the sauce, right after I placed them in the fridge, so they didn't cool properly and I had to wait so I could use my electrical oven. But they turned out lovely! :)
  63. Just made these the second time. This time with mashed potatoes and tomato sauce. So good! Thanks again for the great recipe! :)
      Awesome Camelia! So glad you love them!
  64. This recipe is AMAZING - on our favorite list - especially during the summer when MANY zucchinis are ripe. My 26 yr old son even raved about them, and I told him I will turn him into a Vegan yet - ha ha. Thank you for this website and your amazing recipes! My husband and I have been doing this WOE (way of eating) for 15 mos now. We are 56 and 58 yrs old and feel fantastic. Watched Forks Over Knives and decided to change our eating. We were both healthy and eating organic and "healthy" already (still ate meat, dairy, used oil, etc.) Our 5 adult children still can't believe their parents are vegan. I LOVE hearing how people are healed eating this way. Although still frustrates me sharing this info with friends/family who have health issues, but they "just can't live without cheese" or imagine giving up dairy or cooking without oil. Oh well, like all things in life we can only set the example, keep sharing great food and hope beyond hope they will jump on board. <3
      I'm so happy to hear how much you loved these Ramona, thank you so much for the lovely review and kind words!
  65. I made these and while they have a good flavor, it has a bad aftertaste. Maybe I cooked them a bit too long, because it tasted burnt even though they were brown, and not black. I would recommend spritzing some olive oil on top, which might crisp it up better without cooking it so long. I couldn't get the sauce to come out creamy, even after putting it in a blender, and then in a mixer so I strained it, and that did the trick. You definitely want to add the sauce; it's like the icing on a cake
      Hi Nina, it sounds to me like you definitely cooked them too long like you said. These do not have a burnt taste at all. There is over a hundred reviews above yours and all readers have absolutely loved these and never once mentioned a burnt taste, so not sure what went wrong on your end. Cook them less time and maybe lower your oven rack because they are delicious and shouldn't have any burnt aftertaste. They definitely do not need any oil. I make these all the time without ever having any issues. Also, as I mentioned in the recipe, you must use a high-powered blender like a Vitamix or soak overnight if you don't have one to have a creamy sauce. Cashews will be gritty (as noted on the recipe) if not using a high-powered blender. Otherwise, soak overnight and then process in a food processor and it will get smooth, it just may take a few minutes. You should not need to strain it this way. Hope all this helps.
  66. I made these again the other day and I just had to do another review. These are just fabulous. And you'd never guess they were oil free. No, actually they are way better than any greasy fried fritter. I just had to thank you again.
      Thank you so much Estee for making these again and leaving another review! I always love seeing your remakes on Facebook and Instagram, I really appreciate it and glad these are such a hit!
  67. This has to be one of the best things I have ever eaten. I seriously can't express enough how much I love this recipe. I know I have reviewed this before but back then I don't think you had the star rating on your blog so I had to come back and give this the 5 star rating it deserves. This recipe is really is 5+ stars. I have no idea how it currently has a 3.5 star rating. That is an injustice because this recipe is perfect. It has a crispy outside and a soft warm inside and it has so much flavor. These things send me over the moon every time. And the creamy lemon pepper sauce complements these so perfectly. I absolutely love the flavor I was licking it off the spoon. Hahaha. One quick thing I couldn't get my sauce smooth. I do have a vitamix but I am not sure what I did wrong. I have the professional series vitamix so the jug is shorter and wider then the original vitamix maybe it is too wide to get it smooth? I am not sure what the issue is. When you say soak in boiling water do you mean boil the water the entire time the cashews are in there. Or do you bring water to a boil take it off the heat then put the cashews in there? I am unsure why I couldn't get mine smooth but believe me this is not a complaint and not your fault. The flavor was insanely good so I didn't mind it wasn't smooth. I was more just curious why that happened. Everything with this recipe is amazing and perfect.
      Yay! Thank you so much Christina for taking the time to leave such an incredible review! I'm just so happy to hear how much you love them and have made them repeatedly! So sorry I'm just seeing this question. Yes, if your jug is extra wide (mine is the thin container) then it might be extra space that makes it harder to blend it all. In that case you would need more volume for it to be more effective, so I would double it and just make sure you scrape the sides and keep blending. I never, ever soak my cashews and it's always 100% smooth each time. In fact, you don't even need to soak them if you have a vitamix, but if your container is wide, it should help. Yes, sorry, that should say cook in boiling water, sorry for the confusion, I fixed it now! Or, you could always soak them overnight in water to make them even softer. Drain and rinse and proceed.
      • Awesome thanks so much for the tips I will try doubling the volume for next time :) And I will just take this opportunity to give this recipe another 5 star rating. Because these zucchini fritters are everything and I am addicted they appear in my dreams. I have had to go to zucchini fritter rehab and it isn't pretty. :P
          Oh, Christina, you are a sweetheart! Thank you for the additional rating! I've had at least a hundred plus amazing reviews all above but they were before I added my new star rating system so I need all those ratings I can get, haha! LOL, you are hilarious, in your dreams...haha, sounds like me and chocolate! :)
    • my vitamix is the same--i kinda like them "gritty" i find they stick to things better than when they are runny and smooth
  68. OMG! These were so good we ate them all in one sitting. Definitely making a double-batch next time and taking some with me when traveling. Trying the brownies first. Now I know what to do with all the zukes. Love your recipes!
      So wonderful to hear that Chris, thank you so much for the awesome feedback! If you get a chance, would you mind adding the star rating, thank you so much!
  69. These are delicious! (And you're right about the Lemon Pepper Sauce - highly recommended!) And they're so easy to make and to form into patties, and they hold together well - don't fall apart when flipped during the baking :) Put it on a bun with the sauce - really, really good! Thank you for including weights in so many of your recipes. I think it's so much easier to go by weights than measuring things in cups (and quicker clean up). I'm going to do a double batch next time, too, and try freezing a few. Thank you, Brandi!
      Yay! Thank you so much Laura for this glowing review! So happy you loved these and you are so welcome about the grams, I totally agree, makes for accurate results and MUCH easier cooking!
  70. Wow!!! These are absolutely delicious! I think they would be good as smaller sized fritters too. I ate almost the entire batch by myself, will definitely double the recipe next time around. And I ate these plain, I can't imagine how good these would be with the sauce.
      OH yay, I'm so happy you loved them Iris! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, I really appreciate it!
  71. I made these last night. They were delicious and so easy! Using the hand shredder was quick, and my ninja single serving cup worked great for making oat flour from rolled oats. I also used the ninja cup to make the cream. Even though I have a vitamix, I always use the ninja single serving cup for making my cashew cream, a couple of times a week (I learned from YOU just how versatile and delicious cashew cream is). Out of hunger and being late making dinner, I made a couple of mistakes, which was to skip the 30 min in the fridge, and I also put them in the oven when it wasn’t fully pre-heated. This resulted in them being a little drier than they would have been if I’d followed the instructions. HOWEVER, it was a good excuse to use more of the delicious, healthy, cashew cream! Thank you for another great recipe. I have never made one of your recipes that I didn’t like!
      Thank you so much Laurel, I'm so glad you enjoyed these so much!!
  72. I just made these tonight. OMG! So delish. Love how crisp they became and the sauce is divine. Love your recipes. Thank you so much. I could make this for a dinner party!!! Love, love, love.
      Yay Abby! So happy you loved these!
  73. Sauce paired perfectly with the fritters! Love them both.
      I'm so glad you loved these Nina, thank you so much for the feedback!

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