Avocado Hummus

Avocado Hummus

Make this amazing Avocado Hummus for your next party or to spice up your burritos or tacos! This recipe comes together in just a few minutes, is vegan, oil-free and just 8 ingredients (+salt and water)!

If guacamole and hummus had a baby, this would be the result. I'm a huge hummus addict, in case you haven't noticed by how many hummus recipes I have here on the blog. Plus, not so long ago I posted this Buffalo Hummus which basically just exploded with you all. I really had no idea it would be such a hit, but I have loved hearing and seeing all the remakes on social media!

Well, today's hummus is not really a brand new recipe. See, I originally wrote this Avocado Hummus recipe back in 2012, about 4 1/2 years ago! Yes, that long ago. However, the photos on that recipe are downright dreadful. I had only been blogging 3-4 months when I posted the recipe and was using a really old camera and thank God I've come a long way from that post, LOL!!

Anyways, I've since slightly revamped the recipe. It was delicious already, but when I was wanting to shoot new pics, I decided to make them with white beans instead of the original chickpeas. White beans are pretty much my go-to now in my hummus recipes and well, it's sooo much creamier and tastier. There is just no comparison. I also like to bring back to life really old recipes from my other blog that many of you may not even know existed.

I hope you all love this Vegan Avocado Hummus. Even though it's healthy and oil-free, it's totally loaded with flavor! You only need 8 ingredients (+salt and water)!

  • white beans (Great Northern, Navy, Cannellini, etc.)
  • avocado
  • lime juice
  • tahini
  • cumin
  • chili powder
  • garlic
  • jalapeno

Be sure to leave feedback below in the comments after you make it! Here is another video to get you in the mood to make some Avocado Hummus!

Avocado Hummus

Make this amazing Avocado Hummus for your next party or to spice up your burritos or tacos! This recipe comes together in just a few minutes, is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, oil-free and just 8 ingredients (+salt and water)!

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  • One 15 oz can of white beans, drained and rinsed (Great Northern, cannellini, etc.)
  • 2 teaspoons (5g) ground cumin (use less if you aren't a big fan)
  • 1/2 teaspoon (2g) chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon (6g) fine sea salt
  • 2-3 large (8g) garlic cloves, minced
  • 4 jalapeno slices (9g) from a jar, add more to taste
  • 3 tablespoons (45g) fresh lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon (15g) hot water
  • 2 tablespoons (40g) runny/drippy roasted tahini
  • 1 1/2 cups sliced (240g) avocado (1 1/2 large avocado)
  • Optional: A few handfuls of fresh spinach for a brighter green, as this hummus is beige naturally. The spinach leaves no taste whatsoever, just gives a nice green like in the photos.


  1. Add all of the ingredients to a food processor and process for several minutes, scraping the sides during a couple of times. Process until completely smooth. The longer you run it, the smoother it will be.
  2. Taste and add any extra salt or jalapenos if desired. This hummus is a beige/very light touch of green, so add the optional spinach if you desire a bolder green as in the photos. This is not for taste, but for presentation only. Garnish with extra jalapeno slices and fresh limes for serving. This hummus is delicious with chips, on toast or in tacos/burritos.

If you make this recipe, please do not repost it in full on your site, please link to me instead giving proper credit. I work very hard to create my recipes and share them for free, so please be respectful and link properly. If you are inspired by this recipe, again, please give proper credit and do not simply post it on your site and ask before reprinting any of my recipes. 


  1. Whenever I use tahini in a recipe it seems very bitter and this overwhelms the flavours. I am in the UK so you probably can't be brand specific, but have your encountered this and is there an answer?
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Hi Kate! This hummus isn't bitter at all from the tahini. I know what you mean about tahini tasting bitter. You don't even taste it. Most hummus recipes tend to call for a 1/4 cup of tahini which can be overpowering. Since I only use 2 tbsp, it gives a depth and creaminess to the hummus, but you don't taste tahini. Also, there is a good amount of lime juice that covers any bitterness. It honestly just tastes like a guacamole and hummus blended. :)
  2. Looks great and also I am seriously eye balling those chips! What kind are they?
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Hi Geoffrey! Aren't those chips so pretty? I actually bought those chips at my local HEB grocery here in Houston, TX. They are Texas based store and brand only. They are made from flaxseed, chia seeds and veggies. Super yum!
      • Hi Brandi, A slightly odd place to publish this, I guess, but I really want to tell you- I am SUPER excited to have stumbled upon your blog! I can hardly believe it! I am excited to try these recipes. I have been trying to eat vegan for a long time but extremely hard when my husband dislikes it (and the kids), and its hard to find good recipes that he would actually enjoy. I have a cookbook from McDougall and while I enjoy a lot of the recipes, he puts up with them some and honestly, especially being pregnant right now, I miss a lot of the non-vegan things so my diet is super hit and miss. I am slowly building up a collection of actually decent/ good recipes from here and there that the whole family enjoys. It's hard to find the ones that don't include **oil** or some other product that is hard to find or calls for a million things, etc. etc. So again, thank you for this!! Hummus is one of those things I have passed on frequently because of all the oil in it. And, seeing that you bought those chips from HEB, here is where I thought I would give a shout-out. I am from Texas but now live out of state and HEB is one of those biggie things that I REALLY miss.
  3. Much love. I love avocados and hummus. Can only imagine this to be absolutely delicious. However, tahini definitely has sesame oil in it, sometimes the oil and the ground sesame actually separates. Can it still be called "oil-free" though?
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Hi Vivian, I buy the toasted tahini from Krogers Simple Truth brand. It has no added oil to it, it is just the sesame seeds ground up. A lot of tahinis and nut butters have added oil and the majority of hummus recipes also use oil as an ingredient. This has neither. There is natural oil in the sesame seeds, as with any nut, even flaxseeds and chia seeds have natural oil in them, however, I never use oil as an actual ingredient since it's not the whole food, the way the nuts/seeds are. Hope that clears it up!
      • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
        Oh and as far as the oil separating...I always stir the bottle really well upon opening it so it's thick again before I use it.
  4. Meg
    How long will this keep in the refrigerator after making it?
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Hi Meg! Due to the avocado, I would say a couple of days. There is a good amount of lime juice, so it doesn't turn brown right away, but it will within a couple of days.
  5. Wow girl this looks absolutely amazing. I really need a food processor. I have been saying that for years. Hahaha but wow this could not look any more perfect. I am always drooling over your hummus recipes but haven't had the pleasure of making one yet. I certainly will get to it at some point.
  6. Oh...mah...GAWD Brandi I think you hit another hummus recipe out of the ballpark! I do have to say that I fully admit that I am now officially a Buffalo Hummus addict. I make a big tub of it and bring it to work to graze on. It's perfect heat/flavor combo makes this a new "go to recipe" that will forever be in my rotation. I can only fathom how good this hummus recipe must be because I LOVE avocados and using Great Northern beans instead of chickpeas is SPOT ON! Can't wait to make it this weekend! Keep up the great work! We love you!
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      You're way too sweet, thank you so much Suzanne! I'm so thrilled to hear how much you are enjoying that Buffalo Hummus! That stuff is one of my favorites too, it's addicting! This one is really delicious, too! Not as bold of a flavor as the buffalo, but definitely reminiscent of a guacamole!
  7. I was going to ask why guac and hummus have waited so long to grace our lives with this beautiful dip of a child, but I suppose it is actually a 4 1/2 year old child at this point so I'm just the one who's behind! It's like the gorgeous smoothness of hummus (especially your hummuses) plus the delish guacamole flavor. Plus you get the double richness of avocado and tahini which just sounds so dip dreamy. A wonderful mash-up idea very deserving of some updating love. And another video woohoo! Oh I have so many recipes that I wish I had the time to go back and give a facelift to, sometimes I wonder what the heck I was thinking back then haha :D Note to self: when/if I ever shoot a dip recipe find these same mutlti-colored chips because they look so pretty complimenting the green of the guacummus. Off to watch the video now...:)
  8. Definitely making this as I love avocado anything but please tell us what awesome chips those are??
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Hi Tricia! Awesome, be sure to come back and let me know after you make it! I actually bought those chips at my local HEB grocery here in Houston, TX. They are Texas based store and brand only. They are made from flaxseed, chia seeds and veggie fruits. Super yum!
  9. Looks delish! Hope brand has an avocado hummus and Joe really likes it. But I'm loving the jalapeño slices here. I mean, is there anything jalapeño slices wouldn't be good in? Nope. I put them in EVERYTHING!
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      So funny, somebody said that today on Facebook about that brand! I googled it and such a bummer they use so much oil, which I find with all storebought hummus products, because the oil really isn't needed, especially since they have tahini in them already. I truly prefer homemade anyways, such better flavor, but this recipe of mine being 4 1/2 years old, the old pics desperately needed an update and a slight revamping on the recipe, lmao!!
  10. Isn't it crazy to look back at early posts and see how you've changed or improved? You've been blogging a long time and have SO many recipes. So many. I love that you swapped chickpeas for white beans! White bean dips are so much creamier than chickpeas. But throw in some avocado and you've got an epically creamy dip!! I love the flavors in here, too - cumin is one of our most used spices. This looks so amazing, Brandi!! And I love the addition of spinach - not only does it produce a beautiful shade of green here, but anytime you can sneak in extra greens is a win. Those chips are taking me back to my early days of working at Trader Joe's!! Veggie flax chips!! I used to sit in the break room munching on them with a tub of hummus. But I know your hummus is waaaaaay better. Here's hoping I can eat beans again because this and your buffalo hummus are at the top of my list!! XO
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Thank you so much my friend!! Yes, seriously, those old pics were AWFUL! That was a looong time ago, lol! Oh yes, I think my chickpea hummus days are over, hahaha....there is just no comparison to the flavor and creamy factor. NONE! Yes, this one definitely has a noticeable boost of cumin, I just love the stuff, but I knew I needed to add that little note since I've heard some people aren't huge fans of it. I just heard today that Trader Joe's has chips like that, I had no idea, sooo cool!! I love chips with all the seeds in them, because at least you are getting some good nutrition in there! Thank you my sweet friend. Love you!
  11. Amazing recipe. I just ate it yesterday and it was damn yummy.
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your feedback Susan!!
  12. Oh man, it's scary looking back at those old pictures isn't it? I do it every once in a while on my own blog and yikes! It's a nice reminder of how far we've come though, right? This hummus looks fantastic, btw :)
  13. I’ve only tried to make hummus once and it was an epic fail, but since I’m obsessed with Avocado I’m willing to take another crack at it. I like the idea of using white beans instead of chickpeas, they are super creamy.
  14. Who can go wrong with those two. I love both too much, obsessed! Thanks for sharing!
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Thank you so much Mary!
  15. Sorry I'm late and behind but know I'm here! :) I could eat this avocado hummus almost every day, because I have a big soft for hummus. Jalapeños and avocado are seriously the best combination ever, perfect for the right heat . Love the new pics so inviting, wish I had such colourful tortillas here, but I can't find it here. I really enjoy to watch the new video, Brandi, love the music, too! :)
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Thank you so much Florian! Avocados are the best, right?!
  16. Brandi- I seriously think that the Hummus Fairy visits you in the middle of the night and taps you on your forehead which gives you your super powers to create the best hummus recipes out there! Seriously! I did not have to tweak a thing and it has the perfect amount of heat! Would you perhaps be thinking about coming up with a hummus recipe in the future that uses peas? (since they are such protein powerhouses and would blend to a super smooth consistency I would imagine?) Looking forward to other creative culinary ideas from your kitchen! Keep up the good work!
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      I just busted out laughing Cindy!! Hahaha! Seriously, hummus recipes are one of my favorite things to both create and EAT, so I guess that comes through in the success of all of the recipes on the blog, lol! I have another one that is going into a future project, that to me, is the BEST one I've ever created...so just wait!! Oh yes, peas sounds like a wonderful idea! I agree, love their protein profile! I will definitely do that, thank you for the request Cindy! By the way, since you love peas, have you tried this Lime Pea Cumin Soup on my blog?? It's so creamy and sooo simple to make. It's honestly one of my favorite recipes but since it's an older recipe, most readers aren't familiar with it. Try it out and let me know! https://thevegan8.com/2013/11/01/cumin-pea-soup/
  17. The recipe looks great and I'm a big hummus fan. But one small point - hummus means chickpea. No chickpeas then not really hummus. BTW, just for fun, "Hummus: The Movie" http://www.hummusthemovie.com/
  18. I made this yesterday. SERIOUSLY good! I'm a bit of a hummus maker failure, but this turned out fantastic! I kept feeling like I was supposed to add cilantro! LOL
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Yay Julie! So glad to hear this hummus was such a hit for you, thank you :)

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