Vegan Zucchini Fudgy Brownies

Vegan Zucchini Fudgy Brownies

Make these amazing Vegan Zucchini Fudgy Brownies that are gluten-free and just 7 ingredients! Oil-free, so rich, decadent and fudgy...nobody would ever know there is a hidden veggie!

vegan zucchini fudgy brownies on white marble


Ever since I created these No-Bake "Nutella" Cream Pie Bars back in 2014, I have been itching to use zucchini again in a baked vegan chocolate dessert. Well, the other day when I saw one left sitting in my fridge, I suddenly had the urge to make some brownies. Now, some recipes take me multiple trials to get right but these I must have had the brownie gods on my side because the very first trial was a success!

You are probably wondering, another vegan brownie recipe?? I have quite a few on the blog already and every one has been super popular with you all. I see remakes each week, especially on the Double Chocolate Sunflower Brownies and the Fudgy Low-Fat Bean Brownies. As popular as those bean brownies have been, I actually love these zucchini ones more. And hey, one can never have too many brownie options, right?

These turned out rich, fudgy, super moist and the most important factor, incredibly chocolatey. I do not skimp on cocoa powder when I create a brownie recipe. I want to TASTE chocolate, not just sugar that has a brown color, but actually taste rich chocolate.

vegan fudgy zucchini brownies just baked in loaf pan

Now, depending on how moist you like your brownies, that can factor into your baking time. I baked mine at 25 minutes and they are fudgy/slightly gooey, but still a great brownie texture.

It's important to use the right amount of zucchini, as that of course will affect the baking time too.

8 vegan zucchini brownies with 1 under spatula


For these Vegan Zucchini Brownies, you just need 7 ingredients (+salt):

  • zucchini
  • unsweetened cocoa powder
  • maple syrup or agave
  • roasted almond butter
  • vanilla extract
  • oat flour or regular flour
  • chocolate chips

vegan fudgy zucchini brownie with whipped cream on plate

vegan fudgy zucchini brownie with whipped cream on plate and fork

I topped these with the So Delicious cocowhip and it was so delicious! hope you all really love these Vegan Zucchini Fudgy Brownies! Be sure to leave feedback below after you make them!

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Vegan Zucchini Fudgy Brownies

Make these amazing Vegan Zucchini Fudgy Brownies that are gluten-free and just 7 ingredients! Oil-free, so rich, decadent and fudgy...nobody would ever know there is a hidden veggie!

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword vegan brownies, best vegan brownies, vegan zucchini brownies, vegan fudgy brownies
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Servings 8 brownies


  • 1 medium zucchini, peeled and sliced, then measured 150g
  • 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons (120g) pure maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup (128g) creamy roasted almond butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup (32g) superfine oat flour (see Note)
  • 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons (36g) unsweetened natural cocoa powder (not dutch)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 6 heaping tablespoons (95g) dairy-free semi-sweet chocolate chips + 3 tablespoons for top (135g total)
  • I topped these with So Delicious Cocowhip


  • As usual, I suggest a scale, especially with the zucchini amount for this recipe, as too small or too large will either make the brownies too wet or too dry. Also, the brownie base is super chocolatey, not very sweet. This is to account for all the yummy chocolate chips added. If you prefer the brownie base to be sweeter, add 1-2 tbsp of a DRY granulated sugar after tasting the wet batter. Just keep in mind all the chocolate chips make it plenty rich after baked.


  • If you want to make these with spelt flour, just sub the oat flour with the same amount. If you want to make these with regular all-purpose flour, while I have not tested it, I'm sure it would work fine. All-purpose flour will make them more dry and cook faster, so check them around 20 minutes and cook until the desired cooked center.


  1. Spray a nonstick 9x5 loaf pan with nonstick spray well on the bottom and sides. These will stick bad if you don't spray the pan! Preheat the oven to 350 F degrees.
  2. Peel and slice the zucchini. Use a scale so you get the correct amount of moisture for the brownies, as all zucchini sizes are so different.
  3. Add the zucchini and all of the remaining ingredients, except the chocolate chips, to a food processor. Process until smooth. Scrape the sides and process for another minute. It should be very smooth and runny. Taste and you will see the batter is not very sweet, since there is chocolate chips added, but if you want the base sweeter, add 1-2 tbsp of a dry granulated sugar.
  4. Stir in the chocolate chips, but do not blend. Pour the batter into the prepared pan, making sure to really scrape out allll of that chocolatey goodness.
  5. Bake for 22-25 minutes until they have a dry/shiny look on top and have pulled away from the edges. The toothpick can have a tiny bit of sticky crumbs, but not super wet batter. I baked mine for 25 minutes and they were cooked the way I like, but still nice and fudgy. If you prefer a cake-ier brownie, cook a few minutes longer until the toothpick comes out CLEAN. Depending on whether you correctly measured your zucchini will affect the baking time, as less water from the zucchini means they will cook faster. Check the brownies at 22 minutes.
  6. Let them cool in the pan 45 minutes to an hour, no exception, or they will fall apart. These firm up a ton while they cool. Slice into desired size and carefully remove. Eat as is or with a delicious scoop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. I loved these with SoDelicious CocoWhip cream!

Recipe Notes

Nutrition per brownie (based on 8): 252 calories, 14.6g fat, 4.4g saturated fat, 29.6g carbs, 6.2g protein, 17.9g sugar, 5.2g fiber, 121mg sodium



  1. What a dreamy treat you've created! I can't wait to bake a batch. I'm making your Roasted Strawberry Mousse again this weekend...still a favorite spring dessert for us. Have a wonderful weekend!
      Thank you so much Hannah! And that is so awesome to hear you all love the Strawberry Mousse so much, thank you for sharing!
  2. Oh wow, Brandi! These look amazing. So rich, fudgy, and decadent!
      Thank you so much, Becky!! Very fudgy, haha!
  3. I love zucchini in baked goods - so moist and it basically takes on the flavor of whatever you are making. Love all that gooey melted chocolate on the insides!!
      Yes, seriously so moist! Yum! Thank you Jenn!
  4. Fudgy chocolate temptation + a mystery ingredient teaser and of course we are going to start guessing because we can't start eating yet haha! I was actually going to say cauliflower, but zucchini was my second guess. Zucchini brownies sounds like you are trying to healthify a decadent dessert, but in fact my current favorite brownie recipe has zucchini in it too. It's so good for texture and moisture, I don't even care about the dose of veggies in my chocolate part (although added bonus--woo!) And your not too sweet but studded with chocolate chips description sounds SO perfect--I love dark almost bitter chocolate treats. Sometimes it takes 5+ test batches to get it right, and usually it's worth it in the end, but how lovely when it just works the first time! Further proof brownies + zucchini are meant to be :)
      Haha, yes, I know, I just wasn't expecting all the guesses, lol! It was fun though :) Yes, most people guessed sweet potato, but I got a few cauliflower and zucchini as well. I also got a cucumber, lol. Yes, totally a match made in heaven! Thank you Natalie!
  5. I love the hidden zucchini in this recipe! So clever!
      Thank you so much Dianne! It was a spur of the moment baking session that thankfully, turned out really successful, lol!
  6. Yum! Thanks for sharing. Something to do with the up and coming 1200 pounds of zucchini. One question, do you buy oat flour or do you just stick quick oats in a blender (would that work?). Thank you!
      Hi Mandy! You can just stick the quick oats in your blender and grind into a fine powder and that will totally work. I do both. :)
  7. I was doubtful about the zucchini ( not a fan) but decided to give this recipe a try. This is the easiest vegan brownie recipe I have ever made. They are delicious! I do not taste the zucchini. Once again your video is beautiful and professionally done. I used 1/2 oat flour and 1/2 spelt flour and they are sufficiently moist. They are quick and taste great even without the suggested toppings. I shared them with my local Starbucks crew tonight and they loved them too. Thank for sharing the recipe.
      Woohoo! Your comment made my day Lucy! So very happy that you loved these so much and thank you for the awesome compliment! They are ridiculously easy, aren't they? I'm so happy to hear you loved the took me days to do, hahaha, so it is very nice to hear that you enjoyed it. And wow, your Starbucks crew loved them too?! Yay! I just love hearing that...thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback and make them so fast after I posted them!
  8. I think we need many varieties of brownies in life! These look SO rich and moist - and I'm seeing a lot of zuke baked good this week (and I made some myself last week)... think we are ready for summer produce!
      Heck yes! ha! Which is why I have several brownie recipes on the blog already and I have another peppermint brownie recipe that I wrote over the holidays that will be posted later this year, lol! No plans on stopping anytime soon!
  9. OMG!!! Brandi!!! Gimme a second while I wipe the drool off my phone 😂 I loooooove brownies that are gooey + rich, yet firm, so you've obviously created the perfect brownie. I didn't throw a guess out there, but in my mind I thought, I bet it's zucchini because I know you love zucchini! And oh, man. I loved those Nutella cream pie bars!! It amazes me how you have all of these different brownie recipes, yet they're all so different. Eeeep! And a new video! Can't wait to watch it! Ok, so I can't have oat flour or regular flour, but I'm going to take a huge chance and try tigernut flour...I'll have to wait until next week though because we don't have anymore zucchini. I will report back on the results and i take full responsibility for a failed attempt! Haha!! In the meantime, I'll be dreaming about these ❤️❤️❤️
    • Well, I'm here to report back that the tigernut flour worked!!!! OMG. These are insanely fudgy and gooey and everything a brownie should be!!! My oven majorly sucks and despite the fact that I increased the temperature, I had to bake them for over 20 minutes longer...which made waiting sooooo hard. You'd be proud of me, I finally busted out my kitchen scale to make this recipe and I'm glad I did because what I thought was a medium zucchini was in fact rather large ;) I licked the food processor clean because the batter was SO good. I used raw cacao powder because that was all I had on hand and other than swapping flours, I stuck to the recipe. I had hoped to get some better photos, but we were all way too anxious to dive in...maybe I'll post the one pic I managed to take otherwise I'll just have to make them again! Two thumbs up from my household! You're the brownie queen, my dear! xoxo
        This makes me SO happy to hear Mandy!! So glad the tigernut flour worked and that everybody loved them! Hahahaha, I totally did the same thing with the batter, licked the processor because I loved that the batter itself is super chocolatey, not overly sweet! Haha, "brownie queen", I love that and will gladly take it since I'm a bit obsessed with creating brownie recipes! Thank you so much my sweet friend for making them!! xoxo
      • Thank you for posting about your success with tigernut flour, Mandy. I feel I take a chance when I sub with tigernut flour. I can't wait to try this recipe.
  10. Made these tonight and they were perfect. I subbed almond flour for oat flour (same grams). I also measured everything using my scale to get it just right. Totally worth it. So fudgy and delicious. The exact texture I love my brownies. Great recipe! Thank you
      Yay! Lindsey so happy these were such a hit and even with the almond flour! I wasn't too sure, but since it's a relatively small amount and it's brownies, glad to know it still worked! Thank you so much for the feedback and so happy your hubby devoured them too! I saw your comment on IG about your hubby :)
  11. I love hiding zucchini in my chocolate treats! I made zucchini chocolate cupcakes for Mason's bday years ago and not a single kid had any idea! So sneaky and so good. These look delicious and so fudgy. Bring on all the brownies!
      Yes!! So undetectable! I love it more than applesauce!
  12. Just made these, and they are amazing! I am baking at 7000ft, which often messes with recipes. I used 160g zucchini at 360, I also added a handful of walnuts. This recipe is a keeper, thank you!!
      Yay!! Thank you so much Jamah for the feedback! So glad to hear these were such a hit!
  13. These look so rich and decadent, love the fact that you've hidden zucchini in there ;)
      Thank you so much Stacey!
  14. I've been sooo excited to see this recipe ever since I saw you share the pictures of your beautiful brownies on Facebook! These look incredible Brandi, so fudgy, moist and delicious! They are perfect! Pinned! <3
      Thank you so much Harriet, so sweet of you!
  15. I made these last night and they are so fudgey and delicious. I was almost not going to try them because I don't own a scale, but I did it anyway! I used half cashew butter and half almond butter, and a zucchini which I had no idea what it's weight was ;) I probably cooked them for 28 or 29 min. But the result was amazing. All my kids approved.
      I'm so happy you loved these Michelle! Cashew butter sounds amazing in these! thank you so much for the review and that's even better all your kids loved them!
  16. Just made these and they are DELICIOUS! I will definitely be making these again. Thanks for the recipe!
      Awesome Alicia, so very happy to hear that!
  17. These turned out amazing with regular chocolate chips. Do they turn out as good with vegan chocolate chips? Which brand do you use?
      Hi KD! So glad you loved them! Yes, vegan chocolate chips taste the same as regular, they just don't have milk in them! But still just as sweet and yummy. I use Enjoy Life brand but Trader Joes and Sprouts also have their own brand that does not have milk in them, just double check the ingredient list :)
  18. I have been craving brownies these past few days and that picture with the whip and the mint has just pushed me over the edge. Now I NEED brownies! I have apple pie already made though so that will have to do for now but it wont be quite the same. ;O)
      Thank you Mel! Omg, yes, seriously the whipped cream and mint made this sooooooo dang delish and over the top. But, mmmmm, apple pie sounds divine!!
  19. Love baking with zucchini, Brandi! It's delicious, healthy and you can't taste it! Love how easy these are and that you add some roasted almond butter! Me and almond butter are best friends, yes could eat that just with a spoon. Hah, do you know what? I'm coming with a brownie recipe this week, too!Now I'm ready for dessert, just looking at your delicious brownies, yum! :)
      Thank you so much Florian!!
  20. A-MAZING! What a banner idea. I love that it isn't super sweet. What a great way too to use up any over-grown summer zucchini. I am making this for sure. Thank you, Brandi!
      Thank you so much Louise!! Be sure to let me know when you have!!
  21. Well, thanks a lot, Brandi! These brownies caused quite a conundrum! First, my zucchini was double the weight so I figured I had to double the recipe. Double the amount of delicious, chocolatey, dare I say, healthy brownies?! Sigh, I guess I'll have to deal with that. Next, I made these as a thank you to my volunteers at school so I figured I can't just serve something without trying it first, right? Well I just did. I cut a warm corner even though I know I'm supposed to let them sit and now I am fighting what little willpower I have left to keep myself from going in and diving into that pan! So while these are FANTASTIC and I will highly recommend them and share the recipe with all my friends, I'm a bit frustrated they caused such a quandary. ;0)
      Haha! So glad you loved them!! That is so awesome you made them for your school! Thank you Colleen!
  22. I love baking with zucchini and these look absolutely delicious, Brandi! And that fork!! <3
  23. Great Job Brandi! Glad I doubled the recipe. They were excellent. My zucchini were slightly larger so I just watched carefully and cooked in a silicone cake pan. Worked like a dream!
      So awesome to hear that Lili!! So glad you enjoyed them, thank you so much for the feedback!
  24. Hi, can i substitute sugar with pureed dates? Or blended with water like a thick syrup? Or would it affect the batyer too much? :))
      Hi there! These aren't sweetened with sugar, but with maple syrup. Dates will make these probably way too fudgy as they are already super are welcome to try it, but I don't think they would cook through as well as with the syrup.
  25. Made these earlier and enjoyed them tonight. Wow! Wow! Actually, this merits a third Wow! They are so gooey and deeply chocolate while still being pretty healthy (no oil! Just maple syrup! And zucchini hidden it it.I don't have a scale, so just measured a cup of zucchini. At first I wasn't sure the mixture would get creamy in the food processor, but it did after a few minutes. And cleaning up the food processor wasn't easy unlike some other brownies and other things, since all that chocolate goodness was really clinging to it. As I cleaned it, I thought "these brownies better be worth it!" And they were.You've really outdone yourself. I used to love blueberry brownies, but they had regular flour, lots of sugar, and oil. I vowed to give them up and go brownieless. But now thanks to you I don't have to! I can't thank you enough.
      Thank you so much Ellen for such a lovely comment!! I'm so very happy to hear how much you loved them, thank you for taking the time to leave feedback!! As far as the processor, it sounds like you may have not had quite enough zucchini because the mixture is rather wet and comes out of the processor easily. You can see the batter texture in the video if that helps, but either way they turned out great so I'm glad!!
  26. Awesomeness in the form of a zucchini brownie! These look amazing! You rock, Brandi
      Thank you so much Melissa, so sweet!
  27. OMG.... this is mouthwatering :) It looks so chocolate rich and moist... I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!!!! ;) Looking forward to giving it a try at this weekend. Thanks for sharing this recipe :)
      Thank you so much! I hope you love them!
  28. I made this today and it was so quick and easy. I used dutch cocoa as that was what I had, about 70g maple syrup and 10g of coconut sugar and about half the amount of chocolate chips. They were very rich, moist and sweet enough for me. Thank you for this amazing recipe. Do you think I can substitute some of the nut butter for more zuchinni/a banana?
      Wonderful Jade! So glad you loved them, thank you for the feedback! Sorry for the delay. I actually don't think zucchini and banana in place of the nut butter would work well at all, because the nut butter helps to firm and dry them up a bit. Extra zucchini and banana would make them WAY too moist and very raw tasting.
  29. Hi. Question. Is it 95 grams of chocolate chips total? Or 95 g for batter and then more for sprinkling on top before the pan goes into the oven? Thank you!
      Hi Sue! The 95 g is for the batter portion and 45 g (3 tbsp) is for the topping. Sorry for the confusion, I've edited it now! :)
  30. I finally got around to making these brownies today! OMG they are incredible. Fudgy, rich and so much healthier than most brownies! I used whole wheat pastry flour and baked them for 25 minutes, which worked perfectly! I was impressed with how easy they were to cut since the dough seemed so runny. Great recipe!
      So awesome to hear Nora! Thank you so much for the review. I'm so happy you loved them!
  31. oh my, these are a MUST make! 10 stars on a five star scale. ;) Of course the whole family loved them. A cinch to put together. I can't figure out if you make anything that is not amazingly delicious. I haven't found it yet.
      This feedback made me so happy! Thank you so much Amanda for the amazing feedback. So happy to hear you and your whole family loved them! Thank you very much for such a kind compliment, too! :)
  32. Just made these, and they are very yummy! I think it was destiny for me to make these, as the leftove piece of zucchini in my fridge just happened to weigh exactly 150g after it was peeled! Haha. I needed to bake them for 30 minutes. Next time I would probably add the 2T of granulated sugar older a sweeter batter. Also, I lined my loaf pan with parchment, and the brownies didn't stick at all! We waited only 30 min to cut them, and they were plenty firm and still melty and warm! Thanks so much for the recipe!
      Hi Kylie! I'm so very happy to hear how much you loved them! Thank you so much for the feedback!
  33. Sorry for the typos above!
  34. Dang girl. You got these right! They are delicious! And so easy.
      Yay! Haha, thank you so much Lynette! So glad you loved these!
  35. Can I use pb2 in place of the other peanut butter?
      Hi Alexz! There is no peanut butter in this recipe, so I'm assuming you are referring to the almond butter? If so, unfortunately, pb2 is a powder and will not work the same as a nut butter since the nut butter is a liquid ingredient and greatly helps to bind the brownies as well as give them a fudgy texture.
  36. This is one of my all time favorite recipes and I've made these about 6 times. I always double the recipe and use a glass pan that's about 8x10. Tonight I made them and forgot to blend the oatmeal into flour before dumping it into the food processor, but I just processed them a little longer and they still turned out great! I sometimes do half cashew butter and half almond butter too. Thank you SO much for this recipe!!
      So wonderful to read this Candy! Thank you so much for the wonderful review and feedback!
  37. I had extra zucchini and decided to make these today. Wow, wow, wow!! I only made one pan and it's gone! These are amazingly rich and sweet! I would feel very comfortable taking these to a potluck/dinner because I know that everyone would love them! Now, I just need to figure out how to, like, quadruple the recipe!! Haha. Thank you, Brandi for the delicious recipes!!
      Yay! So very happy to hear that Bridget! Thank you so much for the awesome review!
  38. Brandi, I made these and they came out fabulous! Ooey gooey chocolatey wonderfulness!
      So so awesome Terri! Thank you so much for making them and letting me know!!
  39. I just made these and they are as amazing as they sound. Have recently moved to a plant-based diet and, so, have been trying out a lot of new recipes. The results have been a bit hit and miss - more miss and less hits! This one, however, is a winner. Soft, fudgey, taste really decadent and naughty - yet they aren't naughty at all - even better !!! I will definitely be trying more recipes from this site ! Thank you!
      So very happy to hear that Sarah, thank you so much for the feedback!
  40. Made these yesterday as written and served to SAD guests and everyone enjoyed them. I only had a glass loaf pan and it had to take an hour for these to bake. I lost track of the exact baking time after adding so many increments. Thanks for a great recipe!
      So glad these were a hit Gisele, thank you!
  41. What would you think about substituting peanut butter for the almond butter? Would the taste be too overwhelming? Just trying to save myself a trip to the store because I have all the other ingredients.
      I already replied to this but now don't see the comment, so weird! Peanut butter would be fine, as long as you don't mind a peanut taste, but it technically will work fine!
  42. Can't wait to make this! My son has various allergies but he will be able to have it. Does it freeze well? Always looking for some nice treats I can keep in the freezer for when classmates have birthday parties and I need to send something in for him.
    • Just made them and they are indeed delicious! The almond butter I used does have a bit of sugar added; if I want to use slightly less maple syrup than what you recommend, should I add more zucchini to make up for the missing liquid from using less syrup? Also - does it freeze well? Thanks for all your work on this blog. I'm just starting experimenting with oil free cooking and your recipes have been great!
        Hi Iuliana! No, don't add more zucchini. I would use a thick/creamy milk in place of the tablespoons of syrup you remove. That should work I think, but of course I have not tested that so I can't vouch for the results, but think it should be fine. Just know that the batter is not very sweet on it's own so I wouldn't recommend removing too much maple syrup or they may be too bitter. I have never tried freezing these personally but there is a lot of moisture in them and am 99% sure they would freeze just fine! Thank you so much for your kind words!
  43. Hi.Can you recommend a scale, please??
      Hi! This is the one I use and love!
  44. I can totally see why these zucchini brownies are so popular, they look absolutely amazing and so gooey. :) When I work with zucchini in baked goods, I notice that it makes a huge difference whether I add the zucchini grated to the batter or blend it really smooth. But both ways desserts often end up super moist and delicious, so yes I love to add zucchini to desserts as well. :) Wonderful pictures and great video, Brandi!! :)
      Thank you so much Ela! Yes, brownies you want to be nice and fudgy, cake, not so much, lol! I like to blend it up here so it gets totally and accurately incorporated and not flakes of zucchini. I find that so many people grate or shred theirs differently and end up with different results so I really prefer to blend it all up :)
  45. Just made these for the first time (double batch - two pans) and they are so, so, SO good! Thanks!

      Yay! Thank you Steve, so happy to hear they were a winner! Thank you for the awesome review!
  46. Best brownies ever. Seriously

      I'm so happy you loved them so much Andrea, thank you so much for taking the time to rate the recipe!
  47. I made these today and they are delicious! I don't think the nutritional information and calorie count are correct though. Cronometer comes out to 241 calories each!
      Hi Cindy! So glad you loved them! Hmmm, 241 is too high. Are you sure you plugged it in by grams? And for 8 brownies? I just doubled checked it again..I always use for my recipes and it is 175 calories. I have a confusing amount listed on the chocolate chips since I had listed the batter amount and then the topping, but I just fixed it to make it more clear, so perhaps that was it.
      • Using instead of cronometer, it comes out to 175 per serving IF you don't add in the chocolate chips. If you add in 135 grams of chocolate chips (which by themselves is a total of 720 calories), these come out to 264 calories per serving.zucchini = 3 calories per serving maple syrup = 39 calories per serving vanilla = 1 calorie per serving oat flour = 16 calories per serving almond butter = 105 calories per serving cocoa powder = 11 calories per serving chocolate chips = 90 calories per servingAll of this adds up to 264 calories per serving.I'm so curious to see where your calculations differ. I really want to be wrong because I would love it if they were lower in calories as you are listing.Thanks for your reply!
          Hi Cindy, I'm not sure how you are punching it in, but the 175 calories most definitely includes the chocolate chips. I use this system all the time and include the chocolate chips. I have done it multiple times and I have even included the label above now right below the recipe. You can click on the "Verywell" link and see that the chocolate chips are included. If I remove the chocolate chips, it is then only 85 calories per brownie. Yes, you are correct that the chocolate chips are 720 total for the whole recipe, which is listed on the site, but when you divide the total nutrition by 8 for 8 brownies, that is exactly what it comes out to. 175 calories. I plug in everything by weight because that gives exact results since that is how I measure as well. Hope this helps! Here is the link again to the nutrition label:
          • I think I see where the error is now. recipe analyzer is listing 128g of almond butter as having 125 calories. That's obviously incorrect. Check to see what it's listing for almond butter when you are inputting the ingredients. 128g of almond butter actually has about 785 calories. I think if you put in the correct amount of calories for the almond butter, you'll get a more accurate calorie count for the brownies.
          It's been fixed. I entered it by almonds instead of almond butter. Since I go by weight instead of cups/tablespoons (for accuracy), 128 grams of almonds gives an accurate amount since the almond butter I use is only almonds and no added oils anyways. So many different brands of almond butter will have varying amounts of oil added so it will just be easier to do it by the weight of almonds. I emailed them about the error on how their system is not calculating the full amount of almond butter.
  48. Hello 😊. I did your recipe and it's the most, delicious, fudgy brownie in the world. I baked it for 23 minutes and it was perfect... My question is.... If I want to double the recipe, the baking time will be the same???Thank you
  49. Hello 😊. I did your recipe and it's the most, delicious, fudgy brownie in the world. I baked it for 23 minutes and it was perfect... My question is.... If I want to double the recipe, the baking time will be the same???Thank you

      HI Fiona! Yes, the baking time should be very similar as long as the height of the brownie is the same. Just look for the clean toothpick like you did in the first batch! Thank you so much for the amazing review!
  50. Hi Brandi, these brownies look amazing...I will be making them soon. Could you let me know what kind of chocolate chips you used? If their regular choco. chips, have you tried “carob” chips? Thanks for all your efforts, great resource!
      Hi Daniel, I'm SO sorry I missed this comment before, please forgive me! I use regular dairy-free chocolate chips. There are many dairy-free brands out there, Enjoy Life, Trader Joes and Sprouts both carry dairy-free brands as well as Sunspire. Just double check the ingredient list. I have not tried carob, no, it doesn't taste like chocolate, but rather a sweet caramel-like flavor and they don't melt the same as chocolate chips, so not sure how they would fare in these!
  51. These are heavenly!! Significantly more fudgy and decadent after sitting in the fridge overnight. Will definitely be making these again.

      Yay! So glad you loved them Rachel, thank you so much for the feedback!
      Yay! So glad you loved them Rachel, thank you for the amazing review!
  52. This recipe is amazing! Thank you! But there is only two of us in my do I store them for a few days?
      Awesome Amanda! So happy to hear that! You can store them in the fridge for around a week and they should still be good! Thank you so much for making them. Would you mind giving it a star rating as well, they are so helpful, thank you!
  53. The brownies were so decadent and rich. Who would have though using zucchini would create such amazing results!My mom has recently joined me in eating WFPB low SOS. It was her birthday today so I made 2 different brownie recipes of yours so I could compare them. I also made your low fat brownies. Both were different and both were excellent! I liked the recipe with the zucchini the best, but will probably make the low fat recipe more since I’m still keeping the fat content in my diet low. I’ll reserve the zucchini version for special occasions!i used a fresh zucchini from my garden. Ive found it helpful That you list the weight of each ingredient.Thank you so much for all your creative hard work creating and sharing these recipes! I’ve learned so much from you and have been able to change up other recipes to create new versions because of all I’ve learned. You have reawakened my interest in cooking. Your recipes have also helped me finally be able to stick to a WFPB lifestyle. I can’t wait for my cookbook to come. Thank you.
      Aww thank you Jeanette for making both! And such a kind comment. I’m so glad you loved both brownie recipes!!
  54. Delicious! This recipe is a total keeper. My husband didn't notice a difference.

      I'm so happy to hear these went over so well, thank you so much Maritza!
  55. These brownies are outstanding ! So fudgy and delusions. My omni husband and step daughter were raving about them!

  56. These brownies are outstanding ! So fudgy and delicious . My omni husband and step daughter were raving about them!

      Yay! Thank you so much Kyla for the wonderful review!
  57. Hi! I want to make these for Christmas. Can you please explain how you slice zucchini?? Can you give a link to the video of these brownies? Thank you:)

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