12 Vegan Holiday Cookies You Must Make!

12 Vegan Holiday Cookies You Must Make!

So, yeah, it's the week of Thanksgiving. I've been so immersed in finishing my cookbook, that I haven't been able to post a Thanksgiving recipe. But, I've received a ton of emails and messages asking about Christmas and Thanksgiving cookies and holiday cookies, so that sparked this last minute holiday vegan cookie roundup post. That way, they are all in one happy little place for you guys and it's easier for me to refer to this post instead of giving you a ton of different links, haha.

By the way, I do have a couple of Christmas desserts coming in December 😉

So, let's get started, shall we? Anybody would be quite happy if you served any of these over Thanksgiving or Christmas! I didn't earn the title "cookie monster" for no good reason! Yes, I fully admit I'm a cookie-making-fanatic. My husband says I could run a blog on cookies alone, bahahaha.

Vegan Sugar Cookies

Vegan Gingersnaps

Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Chip Cookies

6 Ingredient Pecan Pie Cookies

Dark Chocolate Molasses Cookies...I always break out extra bottles of molasses around the holidays, don't you? These are a HUGE reader favorite! They also happen to be grain-free for those who avoid grains...they are seriously so dang delicious!

Old-Fashioned Vegan Iced Oatmeal Cookies...these pretty much exploded in remakes and popularity as soon as I posted them. They are so, so, so delicious, just like the original!

Cinnamon Chai Oatmeal Cookies....what are the holidays without some chai spices?

Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies....and of course, we have to have some classic chocolate chip cookies!

Vegan Ginger Chocolate Chip Cookies...bits of candied ginger and powdered ginger take up these chocolate chip cookies to a serious holiday level!

Double Chocolate Espresso Almond Cookies...I make these every year and they are seriously my all-time favorite cookie even though I wrote the recipe in 2012!

Pecan Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies....these are totally epic and wow everybody who ever has one. Utilizing the season pecan is what makes these magical.

Chewy Maple Pecan Cookies....maple and pecans...I think that pretty much screams holidays, don't you?

AND, if you missed my CHRISTMAS EBOOK featuring 8 recipes with 8 ingredients or less, then you can check it out here! It's just $6.99 and has the most delicious desserts perfect for the holidays and make great gifts!


  1. I can't wait to try some of these ! I really am not much of a baker but do ok with cookies :)
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      These are all super easy Nicole!
  2. Soooooo can we just skip Thanksgiving and stuffing and all that jazz and have a cookie party on thursday instead pls? Between this list and your ebook from last year yes I think you officially qualify as a cookie monster...and I love you for it! I am so excited to get into cookie baking soon and even more excited about these Christmas desserts you have coming. And if ever you do decide to start that ALL COOKIES blog consider me already subscribed :)
  3. So funny! Today willow requested that I make double chocolate chip cookies for Thanksgiving and my first thought was, let’s check Brandi’s blog and then I checked my email and voila...COOKIES!! Hehe! I say you’re the cookie queen 😉 This is such an amazing round up of treats, I want them all! I can personally vouch for the deliciousness of a few of these recipes and the rest of them are on my “need to make” list...now to decide which ones to make for this holiday! I hope all is well with you and the cookbook writing process! Been thinking about you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family ❤️ xoxo
  4. I love so many of your recipes! By far my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe is your Best Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, they are beyond DELICIOUS! When is your recipe book coming out? I cannot wait to buy it. Keep up the great work! Stacey
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Oh I love hearing that so much Stacey, thank you so much! So glad you love those cookies and guess what, there is an even more mind-blowing one in my cookbook if you can believe it, haha! Check out my Instagram to see a sneak peak of the chocolate chip cookies. They really are the best ones I've eaten in my life. Anyways, the cookbook is coming out next Fall, but my publisher said preorders should be not too far now, like Feb-March. I literally just wrote my last recipe for the book this week, yay! So, now the whole book design process starts. Very excited about it, thank you so much for your support!
      • So exciting, can’t wait to get it! Hard to believe there is a better chocolate chip cookie recipe out there. They could be dangerous lol! Thank you so much for sharing so many great recipes with us. I’m new to the Vegan world (almost a year) and your recipes have made the transition so much easier. You’re amazing! Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family! Stacey
  5. I feel like I need every single one of the cookies mentioned here Brandi! What a fabulous collection, just perfect for Christmas season!
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Haha, I think you do too Anna! Thank you so much girl! Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Here's the thing, I think that cookies should be a weekly staple. Like milk. Or water. If I could pick one sweet to eat, it would be cookies and brownies. The rest I could be okay without! Every single one of these look like they would be extremely happy residing in my belly.
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Lmao! Yes, definitely a weekly staple! Also, gotta have chocolate every week too, lol!
  7. I made the pecan cookies again today. I use this recipe when I have little time since the ingredients are always in my home. Thank yoj for a great reminder in all your delicious and healthy cookies. Happy Holidays.
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      I'm so happy to hear how much you love the pecan cookies Lucy, thank you for sharing!
  8. Thank you brandy, yet another generous blogger giving us such great treats for various holiday ideas"
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      You are so welcome, enjoy!
  9. My Goodness! Piles and piles of vegan goodness...in the form of COOKIES!!!!
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Yes, lots of cookies, haha!
  10. You really are a cooking-making fanatic! And I am a cookie-eating fanatic :) You have so many awesome recipes, Brandi! It's so cool to see so many of them in one place.
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Haha, thank you so much Nisha! Yes, I earned that cookie monster title for good reason, LOL! Aww, thank you, you are too sweet!
  11. All these cookies sound delicious and so festive! I need to start baking my way through the list :D
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Lol, thank you Nadia!
  12. I don't even know where to start! I think I might go with the chewy maple pecan cookies - they look incredible!
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Ha! Great problem to have! Yes, that's a great start! They are soo full of flavor!
  13. This is such an amazing collection. I am in awe. Now I finally have a few weekends off from my weekend job and some time to do a little baking. I want to make cookies to bring to work. Which cookies on your list do you think are good to bring for 40 coworkers who are no where near vegan, and which cookie do you think holds up the best making the day before? I will be making them on a Sunday and bringing them to work on Monday. Any input would be appreciated they all look amazing to me so it is so hard to narrow down.
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Hi Christina! They are all amazing and delicious the next day and to anybody, vegan or not, honestly. But, I would suggest the Classic Iced Oatmeal Cookies because time and time again I'm told they taste JUST like the original (which I agree!) even though they have none of the crap in it. Nobody in their right mind would have a clue they are vegan or gluten-free. In fact, don't even tell them until after maybe, haha. Definitely those. Follow my video and it shows you how easy to make them too. I would do the drizzle effect since it's quicker and easier (less messy) than doing full icing and that way, by tomorrow, they will be totally dry. Use the white powdered sugar option since it is the most classic and will taste most like the classic to your coworkers. Just leave them covered at room temperature.
  14. I love to put orange zest in the oatmeal cookies and add orange zest to the icing, too. They're a favorite of all my family.
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Awesome idea Karen! So glad you love those cookies!
  15. Cookies! I love these cookies and I don't care what the season. And your recipes seem easy and so flavorful. Thank you for sharing Brandi! Dee xx

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