8 Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts

8 Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts

This collection of 8 Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts are everything you'll need for your plant-based Thanksgiving. All recipes are oil-free and are sure to be big crowd-pleasers with your family and friends this Thanksgiving!


First up, a delicious twist on pumpkin pie. There are a billion vegan pumpkin pie recipes out there and I wanted something different, more depth of flavor and spices and a firmer texture. I'm not a fan of the super soft texture of traditional pumpkin pie. This one is perfect and according to all the reviews on it (was written 3 years ago) readers agree it is the best!


"Oh. My. Gosh. Brand! This is amazing !!!! I made it this morning for our family Christmas dinner tomorrow...I just had a sample to be sure it set up...there are NO words to describe the yumminess of this recipe! I'm not a pumpkin pie lover, but this...THIS !!!! Wow."

"I made this for Thanksgiving and everyone LOVED it!"

"Brandi, This pie was the hit at my Thanksgiving dinner!"

COCONUT BUTTER GINGERSNAPS Super soft, full of spice and a buttery flavor. So good.

BEST VEGAN PUMPKIN MUFFINS  If you've been seeing my obsession of how many times I've made these muffins on IG the last 2 weeks, then you'd understand how yummy they are. My original version uses dried cherries and pumpkin seeds, but my favorite version is this dark chocolate chunk version! Topped with my Pumpkin Caramel. OMG.

VEGAN APPLE HAND PIES    The absolute most delicious, heavenly bites of apple and spices you'll have. Try to just eat one.

VEGAN CINNAMON APPLE CRISP   This is my hubby's favorite holiday dessert ever. Easy, oil-free, low-sugar and so much healthier than the traditional apple crisp versions, yet, tastes just as fabulous.

 VEGAN CHAI COCONUT OATMEAL COOKIES   Talk about spices, flavor, texture and depth! The reviews have been stellar on these cookies, so if you haven't made them yet, DO IT. I share my own homemade easy Chai spice blend, too.

VEGAN GINGERBREAD CAKE   When I shared this recipe last holiday season, it exploded with remakes all over and rave reviews. It is THE best gingerbread cake ever, I swear. Just check out some of these reviews. Use a scale, follow the recipe and it will turn out perfect!

"I made it last night, it turned out even better than I used to make with eggs and butter! Amazingly Delicious cake! Texture was great, tender and caky not like most gummy vegan deserts!"

"I said that I was going to make this on my next day off. I just took a bite of the cooled gingerbread. Let me just say that 5 stars is not enough!"

"This is the easiest and most delicious holiday cake I have ever made."

"I love the strong spicy flavors -- a true ginger bread in the old fashioned sense. I'll likely make this throughout the year -- why wait for Christmas???"

VEGAN CHOCOLATE PUMPKIN CAKE BROWNIES   Soft like a cake, fudgy and rich like a brownie. Readers have loved this recipe, so if you like both chocolate and pumpkin, add this to your list! This is an older recipe of mine from years back, so it is 11 ingredients, not 8, but they are easy ones and very fast to make.

"Once again, you’ve come up with a recipe that I simply HAVE to make as soon as I see it! These brownies are delicious, soft and chocolatie. My family licked the batter from the bowl and they smelled so good straight from the oven, it was difficult waiting to slice into them, but it was worth it!"

So, there are my top 8 picks for Thanksgiving Vegan Desserts. Obviously, I have hundreds of desserts here on the blog. If you want more pumpkin dessert choices, check out these as well.

For the full shabang, here is my Vegan Thanksgiving Meal Plan!

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