Smoky Sweet Potato Black-eyed Pea Soup

Smoky Sweet Potato Black-eyed Pea Soup

This Vegan Smoky Sweet Potato Black-eyed Pea Soup is full of flavor, plant-based protein, is oil-free, dairy-free and made with delicious whole foods! A total bowl of comfort that is easy to make and will leave you feeling satisfied!

Who's ready to ring in the New Year with an amazing, comforting bowl of good-for-you soup? Me. *Raises both hands*. I think you all know by now my affinity for soups. They are my favorite thing to eat.....and create for that matter. This Smoky Sweet Potato Black-eyed Pea Soup is almost a stew because it is a fabulously, thick and hearty soup that is slow-cooked, but regardless what you call it, you will love it.

There are a ton of black-eyed pea soup recipes out there I'm sure, so I simply created mine based off of ingredients I love and would want in my own soup. I personally think a balance of sweetness goes incredibly perfect with a slightly spicy soup. One of my very first recipes I wrote for blogging, and one of my favorite soups, is my 1 Pot Sweet Potato Lentil Soup. I immediately remembered that one and how incredible the flavors were, so I decided to use that one for inspiration.

This vegan Smoky Sweet Potato Black-Eyed Pea Soup is not only incredibly healthy and good for you, it is also oil-free, low-fat and 1 pot! It's, of course, just 8 ingredients (+ salt & pepper & water). You do need to soak the beans the night before, this produces the best texture and flavor. Sometimes canned beans just don't cut it.

Overhead view of 2 bowls of sweet potato black-eyed pea soup

Speaking of the New Year, are you one to make traditional new commitments or plans, or do you not fall into that?  I, personally, think it's dependent on one's personality. Some people like the new year as a new start, but I don't need a new year for that. When I decide I want to make a change, I attempt to do it right then and there. I find if  you wait until a specific date or this or that, it doesn't tend to really stick as much. If you want something, go for it now!

Kind of like this soup, go start soaking your dried black-eyed peas now!


To make this Smoky Sweet Potato Black-eyed Pea Soup, first you will add your dried beans to a large pot. Cover with water. Put the lid on and soak overnight or 8 hours max. Drain and rinse them well and remove any rocks or debris. Add them back to the pot and add the 6 cups warm water.

Bring the beans to a boil and as soon as it is a rolling boil, turn to low simmer, cover with a lid and cook for 60 minutes. While it is cooking, chop your bell peppers, onion, garlic and sweet potato. Gather the salsa, cumin, paprika and salt & pepper). Note: You can also prepare the cornbread muffins at this time if you want.

After the 60 minutes is up, add the remaining ingredients. Stir well and bring it back to a boil. Once boiling, turn down to medium-low heat, cover with the lid slightly tilted allowing steam still to escape and let it cook 15-20 minutes just until the potatoes are tender.

closeup view of smoky sweet potato black-eyed pea soup

bowl of smoky sweet potato black-eyed pea soup on red napkin

Serve this soup alongside my Magic Skillet Cornbread. But to make things a bit quicker and easier, I made them as muffins. Easier to dip into each bowl.

bowl of sweet potato black-eyed pea soup on wood table

bowl of sweet potato and black-eyed pea soup with cornbread

Let me know below what you think of this vegan, gluten-free Smoky Sweet Potato Black-Eyed Pea Soup by leaving feedback and doing the star rating please!! It means the world to me. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Yields 6-8 servings

Smoky Sweet Potato Black-eyed Pea Soup

This Smoky Sweet Potato Black-eyed Pea Soup is full of flavor, plant-based protein, is oil-free, dairy-free and made with delicious Whole Foods! A total bowl of comfort that is easy to make and will leave you feeling satisfied!

15 minPrep Time

1 hr, 20 Cook Time

1 hr, 35 Total Time

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  • 1 lb (16 oz bag) dried black-eyed peas, soaked 8 hours (overnight) covered in water
  • 6 cups warm water or low-sodium veggie broth (see note below)
  • 2 cups chopped bell peppers (280 g, I used 1 red and 1 green for color, but use what you like)
  • 1 1/2 cups finely chopped onion (195 g)
  • 4 x-large garlic cloves (you'll need 2 1/2 tablespoons minced garlic, really adds great flavor, my cloves were huge)
  • 3 cups of 1/2 inch chunks peeled and chopped sweet potato (470 g)
  • 3/4 cup medium heat salsa (120 g, I used Trader Joes, use mild for less spicy)
  • 1 tablespoon ground cumin
  • 2-3 teaspoons smoked paprika (depending on how smoky you like it)
  • salt and pepper (1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon black pepper)
  • Note: I used a medium heat level salsa from Trader Joes, this gives QUITE the kick of heat to the soup, which I wanted. If you are afraid of it being too spicy, then use a mild salsa and you can always add in cayenne pepper at the end to your liking. I found this level of spice to be perfect with the medium salsa. Also, I used water and the soup was delicious and flavorful, but if you want to use a low-sodium veggie broth, you may need a little less salt. Start with 1 tbsp and add more at the end if necessary, otherwise use the full amount)
  • Time-saving tip: The day before I cooked the soup (when I placed the beans to soak) I also chopped the bell peppers and onion and placed them in the freezer, so all I had to do was add them the next day and chop the sweet potato and garlic. Made it simpler.


  1. This recipe is written based on the large amount of water used with the dried beans. I don't recommend canned, as it will totally change everything else about the recipe. This makes a huge pot, which is how I like to make a good soup at New Year's for leftovers.
  2. Add your dried beans to a large pot and cover in water. Put the lid on and soak overnight or 8 hours max. Drain and rinse them well and remove any rocks or debris. Add them back to the pot and add the 6 cups warm water.
  3. Bring the beans to a boil and as soon as it is a rolling boil, turn to low simmer, cover with a lid and let cook for 60 minutes (set your timer). While it is cooking, chop your bell peppers, onion, garlic and sweet potato. Get all your remaining ingredients ready as well (salsa, cumin, paprika and salt & pepper). Note: You can also prepare the cornbread muffins at this time if you want. They add a wonderful slightly sweet taste and texture to the soup. Come on, make them.
  4. After the 60 minutes is up, add the remaining ingredients. Stir well and bring it back to a boil. Once boiling, turn down to medium-low heat, cover with the lid slightly tilted allowing steam still to escape and let it cook 15-20 minutes just until the potatoes are tender. The beans should be done at this point as well. If you follow each step as I've noted, the beans should be done. If not, let them cook just a few minutes more. Remove from the heat and serve with my Magic Skillet Cornbread ! Click the link for the recipe. I made them into muffins instead of skillet pan. Made it easier for serving the soup.


  1. Smoked paprika is one of my FAVORITE spices! It's got such incredible depth and flavor. This soup looks amazing! I am a huge fan of black-eyed peas! :) Happy New Year!
      Omg, me too! I LOVE anything smoky, I have so many smoky recipes, it's borderline obsession, haha! This one was inspired by my smoky lentil soup. I just can't get enough of that smoky flavor. Thank you so much!
  2. Totally love this soup! I have all these ingredients so will definitely have to give it a try. Beautiful photos! Happy 2016 to you, and thanks for sharing so many great recipes with all of us this year!:)
      Thank you so much Heather! So nice of you to say that! Let me know what you think after you make it!
  3. Wow Brandi, yesterday I was so excited about your new recipe with black -eyed peas! So glad it's already posted and I can comment! Love that you use black-eyed peas as you know I had a hoping john recipe on my blog in which I used these little power beans, so I'm convinced and already a fan. Love that you use salsa. It's all about the flavors, so the idea of adding salsa is just gorgeous and brilliant. Your pictures make me just hungry. I want to dive into a bowl right now! I'm craving this right now, can you make this for me? Happy new year my friend. :)
      Aww thank you so much Florian! You are so kind! Thank you for the compliments. I know salsa and sweet potatoes aren't traditional, but I really love the flavor they added!
  4. OHH my gosh, I'm ready!! I want this!!
  5. Hahaha I love the bean-soaking to life changes metaphor, so true! I agree, I'm not much for resolutions I'd rather just make the changes now than set deadlines to make the changes later. But one change I did not make is stocking my pantry with black eyed peas before this week because i have been seeing so many awesome recipes I want to try with them. I love this chunky soup/stew (I vote stew, I just like stews better :))! With potatoes AND cornbread I'm sold <3 Happy New Year's Brandi!
  6. I could seriously go for a bowl of this hearty and healthy soup right now girl. It looks like the perfect comforting soup to ring in twenty-sixteen!!! I love black eyes peas and they go so absolutely perfectly with sweet potatoes too! YUMM!!! Wishing you a very happy new year my friend :)
      Thank you so much Ceara! The sweet potatoes really made it so delicious and a little bit different than traditional New Years soups! Happy new year girl!
  7. This soup looks amazing Brandi!
      Thank you Becky!
  8. If I did n't have my black eyed peas on New Years....I would cry! Haha! Fantastic soup dear!
  9. Deb
    YUM! Thanks for all your great healthy food ideas. Happy New Year!
  10. I love black eyed peas. This soup looks so healthy, warm, and satisfying! You're absolutely right, if you want to make a change you should do it immediately. No excuses. Happy New Year, Brandi!
      Thank you Linda! I agree completely, if we want a change, why bother waiting? :)
  11. Guess what's on the menu for tomorrow? Was just thinking how to prepare some black-eyed peas for the New Year and this popped up! All ingredients are on hand so stay tuned. Thanks Brandi!
      Oh yesss! Perfect timing! Can't wait to hear what you think!
  12. I love black eyed peas! I make them in my Instant Pot, not soaked, and they take about 17 minutes!! It's awesome! Love the smoky flavor in here with the sweetness of the potatoes. And those big mug/bowls are super cute! I could devour a big bowl of this soup!
      I really, really need to get an instant pot, I've heard amazing things about it! That would save time too! Thank you so much Jenn!
      • We love our IP. As a matter of fact, hubby asked last night why we weren't making this wonderful soup in the IP. We're all in if you want to explore the IP with your fabulous recipes.
          I don't have one yet, but may need to get one! I also wonder how the liquid amount would vary? 6 cups is needed to slow cook it over the stove.
    • Bev
      I was going to ask if you could instapot this recipe because that is the way I would make it ! Thank you!
  13. What a beautiful big bowl of black eyed peas (and friends). This should bring lots of good luck in the new year!
  14. I so want this to start my new year with a big bowl of this! So many great ingredients!
  15. We just did a taste test and it gets high marks! A great new recipe to ring in the New Year. Thanks for a new inspiration Brandi!
      Yay! So happy to hear that, thank you so much for letting me know Peggy! :)
  16. Amy
    Made this last night, it was wonderful, & very easy! Im a huge fan of less than 10 ingredients & one pot dinners ? thanks for the great recipe!
  17. Stunning pictures!!! I gotta try your soup. I am a big soups LOVER too. ;-)
      Aww thank you so much Cris! I'm so happy you like the pics, that means a lot to me and yes, let me know if you try the soup! :)
  18. Made this today and absolutely loved it! Such great flavor, and so easy to make. Being new to plant based living it has been such a blessing finding your recipes. Ending has been outstanding! Thank you Brandi ?
  19. You nailed yet another one with this Brandi! Photos are coming soon on Instagram. Perfect mix of smoke and heat. I did deviate (who me???) and added a teaspoon of Marmite to it which gave it an umami factor. It worked well with my Sweet Heat Collard Greens and, of course, the Pinole Azul cornbread to round out the classic Southern tradition with an added Tex-Mex flair.
      Oh that sounds so wonderful Kim!! Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback, I'm so happy you loved the soup so much! So glad to hear, thank you for letting me know and for rating the recipe :)
  20. Made this today and absolutely loved it! Such great flavor, and so easy to make. Being new to plant based living it has been such a blessing finding your recipes. Everything has been outstanding! Thank you Brandi ?
      I'm thrilled you loved it Karen! I'm so glad to connect with you through Facebook, thank you for sharing your story and so glad my recipes have all been hits so far for you and your husband. Thanks so much for the feedback, so happy to hear it!
  21. I love smoky food and there's nothing better to go with black-eyed peas. Yum!
  22. This soup looks so hearty and delicious and I love that you added so much garlic. Perfect to ward off the sniffles in the new year.
      I'm so glad you like it Mel, thank you so much! Yes, the more garlic, the better, and it's a HUGE pot, so it needed a substantial amount :)
  23. Bev
    This was the best ? it is very flavorful but simple to make! It makes a nice big pot so there is enough for lunches for the week . Thank you Brandi
      I'm so happy you enjoyed it Bev, thank you so much for the feedback!
  24. while a new year does come with some renewal, I tend to practice my 'resolve' whenever it hits, ha! new years resolutions don't really appeal... this soup, however - DOES appeal! I love the sound of this - saving to try soon!
  25. Thanks, Brandi for another great recipe which I tried out today. The best part besides it being extremely easy and quick (if you don't count boiling beans)? I used up the left over salsa (didn't have enough so added a small tomato) and the black eyed peas which I already had boiled and had left over. I kind of eyeballed amounts so I think I oversalted it abut but added more water and it turned out really good. Both my husband and brother in law (both meat eaters) loved it and had seconds (that's my test if the dish was successful :)). Yet another recipe that will go into menu rotation :) Saving into bookmarks! Thanks.
      Yay! I'm so happy to hear this soup scored approval by both your hubby and brother who are meat eaters and they loved it, that makes me happy! Thank you so much for the feedback Milda!
  26. You had me at smoky! YUMMMMM!!! Soup is the best and I've been known to eat it for every meal...definitely adding this to my list. I love how rustic these photos look - and that soup looks comforting and delicious! I'm with you on the new year's resolutions - why wait for a new year to make some changes?! Happy New Year, sweet friend! Wishing you and your family the very best. XOXO
  27. This recipe sounds and looks absolutely to die for. I am definitely going to make this but it has to wait till my next day off which is January 18th. I seriously can't wait. :D
      Yay! Can't wait to hear what you think Christina!
  28. After a midnight fail on NYE of soaking chickpeas instead of the black eyed peas.. My family was excited to try this out tonight with only slight modifications : mild salsa and less paprika. The carnivore husband was surprised that this dish reminded him of the flavor of ham and beans, which he loves. My nine year old son asked for seconds because he's convinced it tastes like Panera's black bean soup. And the cornbread muffins are almost gone! The vegan cornbread I've made in the past we're not hits like these. Thanks for a new favorite!
      Wow, what a compliment that it reminded him of ham and beans since those are classic we grew up on! So happy to hear this was loved by all! Thrilled that my cornbread was your favorite you've made now too, thank you so much for the wonderful feedback!
  29. I love soups that you can actually eat like a meal, because they are so hearty. Hand me a piece of fresh baked dark bread with it, and I'm a super happy camper (although your cornbread sounds amazing with it as well!). I'm always afraid to use dried beans, because I have no idea how to find out if a bean is bad amongst all the do you sort/go through them, to make sure they are all good?
      Hi Kat! I just sort through with my hands and any bean that looks nasty or sometimes there is a little rock in there, I just throw them out. There isn't usually many, but a couple, so not hard at all!
  30. Now that's my kind of soup. Packed with veg and beans just tempting you in. Stumbled and pinned!
      Thank you so much Jacqueline! I'm so glad you like it!
  31. This looks delicious, I love Black Eyed Peas and I'm sure with sweet potato it's even more tasty.
  32. This soup is fantastic. It has everything you'd expect in a black eyed pea soup without all the SAD addings of fat. We loved it with the white sweet potato and smokey taste. Absolutely fabulous and we will make this monthly now. It's definitely a keeper.
      Thank you so much Estee, I'm so thrilled it was such a hit, thank you so much for the recipe request too!
  33. Gin
    This looks fantastic for any time of the year! Smoked paprika is such a great flavor. I could so go for a bowl of this right now!
      Thank you so much Gin, I LOVE smoky flavors, my favorite for sure!
  34. Hooowww??? First Gin flashed me with her photo of a bowl of kale and now you take this overhead shot of your potato black bean soup that looks crisper than real life! Absolutely impressive, Brandi!! Plus this is a soup looks perfect for winter time. It's -11 degrees celsius right now, wayy to cold!
      Haha, aww thank you Howie, you are way too sweet! I have a few tricks I do for that super crisp look I love! I cannot stand hazy or blurry-ish photos, so crispness is always my goal, so thank YOU! WOW, 11 degrees, omg! Warm up!
  35. I made this today and it was delicious. My son stopped by for lunch and he thought it was very good as well. Thank you for sharing your recipes.
      That is so wonderful to hear Jeannie, thank you so much for the feedback!!
  36. OMG! I need a bowl of this soup immediately! Looks super delicious, Brandi!
  37. We thought we had a favorite black-eyed pea dish and then I made this! Holy Moly, this was a big bowl of deliciousness. Even my husband (who claims to hate black-eyed peas) ate this. It was a miracle! Thank you so much for this recipe. It will definitely make another appearance in our house. We loved it.
  38. Insanely delicious soup!
  39. I am making this today and I am not familiar with working with dry beans. I noticed a lot of the beans look discolored and at first I just figured that is normal because they are a natural thing and things that are in their natural state are not always uniform. But I am soaking them now and they have been soaking for a little while but I am noticing that a lot of them are splitting. Is that normal and ok or are my beans bad? If they are bad that would suck cause I would have to wait till another day off to make them. Oh I was also wondering if you soak beans overnight do you have to start cooking or can you soak them and drain them in the morning and store them some how until you cook them at night?
      Hi Christina! Are you soaking them in room temperature water or hot water? You should soak them in just room temperature water for about 8 hours, drain them and rinse. They shouldn't really be splitting, a few might, but if a lot are, that usually would only happen if the water was hot. It's best to start cooking them fairly soon after soaking and draining them because since they are wet, they will start to soften. If you let them stay stored wet like that, they could get grimy and too mushy. An hour or two in the fridge would be ok, but I wouldn't recommend too much longer.
  40. I am just soaking in room temperature/coldish water. I really want to make the soup tonight so hopefully the beans are not bad. Yeah I put them on to soak this morning 8 hours before I want to start cooking them. So that should be good. I just hope the beans are good. Thanks for the storing after soaking tip. I was just thinking maybe if the beans were bad I could buy some more beans then soak them overnight take them out in the morning store them then go to work and cook them when I got home after work. But now I know that's not a good idea haha :)
      They flavor should still be good, but if anything the beans might just look ugly, haha! If they are already splitted. Just keep an eye while they are cooking and taste them for doneness. That's odd for them to split just from soaking. But I think, flavorwise, you should still be fine :)
  41. This soup is outstanding. It has so much flavor and it is easy to make. Seriously this soup couldn't be more perfect. Curling up with a big bowl of this soup is so comforting. I enjoyed every last bite. I made it last night and I am really looking forward to having left overs for dinner tonight. Can't wait to get home. Hahahaha. Thanks so much for such a great and simple recipe Brandi. It was a big hit with my best friend as well :D
      Thank you so much Christina for this amazing feedback! It truly brightened my day! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pic on Instagram as well!
  42. I made this last night and all I can say is "wow!" My nonvegan bacon-loving husband loved it too and said that if he wasn't so stuffed from eating a huge bowl, he would have gone in for seconds. I was reluctant to make it since I had never tried black-eyes peas before, but I now have a new favorite legume! Thank you!
  43. This sounds absolutely delicious and so comforting :-)
      Thank you so very much Aimee!
  44. Another amazing soup I love! So much flavor with real whole plant foods! Yes! Perfect :)
      Thank you so much Jessica! I'm so happy you loved it!
  45. I am cooking this tonight - just got the sweet potatoes at the store...can't wait to leave work :-) I was looking around to see if you have a cookbook out - either you don't, or I couldn't find one - I really hope you are looking to publish, because your recipes are some of the best low fat vegan recipes out there. All the best from a grateful follower, Christina
      Christina, you are so incredibly kind, thank you! I do not have a cookbook out at this exact moment, but I "may" have something in the works...hoping to reveal something soon, so stay tuned ;)
  46. Brandi, just saw this on the "Eating You Alive" trailer, Congratulations and thanks for all you've done to spread the plant based word....if people only knew how much better they could feel, they would change in an instant and this yummy dish, like all your 'smoky' inventions only helps make the transition delicious and cruelty free❤ Thank you!
  47. Great beat ! I would like to apprentice while you amend your site, how can i subscribe for a blog web site? The account aided me a acceptable deal. I had been tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided bright clear idea
  48. It looks fantastic, so I plan to try it. Are the sweet potatoes raw or cooked before adding to recipe?
      Hi Debra! They are raw, as they cook in the soup, which you will see in the directions. :) It's a slow-cooking soup.
  49. Today was our first rainy ☔️, dark day of winter. The rain turned into a windy ice storm that blew my umbrella inside out. Lots of wet snow came next, nixing our plans to attend an evening school, fun event. How did we turn our frowns upside down? Well, besides the 3 year old continually telling everyone how awesome they are, we made Smoky 🍠 Sweet Potato, Black Eyed Pea soup with your Cornbread Muffins. Delicious, the both of them! My regular muffin tin was not to be found, so I made mini muffins. I also used blue corn 🌽 meal as that's what I had on hand. These recipes will absolutely go in my Favorites file❣️ Thank you very much for sharing. I shall post on your FB page also, and share a photo.
  50. Brandi, I just took my first bite of this black-eyed pea soup and had to come to my computer to tell you THANK YOU for the recipe. There will be many of my family members eating it and wishing for good luck in 2017. Happy New Year to you and yours.
  51. This recipe is a keeper! I've tried many different black-eyed pea recipes over the years and they have been okay, but nothing I've wanted to make again. This one was a hit with the whole family (DH and four kids ages 8 to 15)! We will be eating this more that once a year, I think. Looking forward to trying more vegan8 recipes.
  52. I made this recipe for new year's, and it was fantastic! I made a half batch as I sometimes do with new recipes. I am wondering if you have tried freezing this? I'm about to have baby #3 and would love to be able to pull this out of the freezer for a quick supper. Thanks!
      Thank you so much, that is so awesome to hear!
  53. How can this be made using a slow cooker?
      Hi Ashley, I don't use a slow cooker so I'm afraid I don't have advice on how to adapt the recipe on how to use it. This is a slow cooking recipe anyways because of the dried beans so I'm guessing you could just throw in the soaked beans into the slow cooker with the other ingredients and cook on low until everything is cooke but I'm not sure.
  54. I used 4c low sodium veggie broth plus 2c water and started with only 2tsp of the salt and it was still way too salty for me! I wish I had added the salt more gradually because I hate going to all the trouble of making something and then having it not work out :( Otherwise great recipe :)
      That is very odd, I just made this last week and it's not overly salty at all and I've never heard that from any other reader. My guess is either your broth was still relatively high in sodium or you are just very sensitive because 2 tsp of salt for this huge pot is not much at all. Odd!
  55. Can this wonderful recipe be used in a crock pot? If possible, any adjustments you would recommend? Eager to try, but need a large quantity for a "Soup Party." Eloise
      Hi Eloise! I honestly have no idea if it would turn out well. I do not use a crockpot so I can't give advice on how to adjust the recipe. Sorry!
  56. Amy
    This is one of my favorite soups. I'm planning to make it for soup day at work, and cannot see the recipe anywhere in the post. Am I missing something?
      So sorry about that Amy, I was trying to change recipe plugins and it got deleted. It's fixed now!
      • Amy
        It's ok, I only freaked out a little bit. Now I can resume my fall schedule. Thank you SO MUCH!
  57. I'm also a "One day... or Day One?" (Paulo Coelho) person--I don't wait around when it's time to make a change. That said, I love the NY ritual I have where I reflect on successes/challenges of the previous year, decide what I'd like to accomplish w/in the new year, and set a daily action plan and checkpoints along the way. It works for me, and I've been able to knock some big items off the bucket list this way. And now.... about those black-eyed peas! I wouldn't dream of starting a New Year without 'em! This has to be one of the best batches I've made so far... you've packed the flavor in here, for sure. Not only is this a healthy, hearty dish, but it tastes complex while being SO quick 'n easy! I also used red and green peppers for color and a Japanese (white flesh) yam and a little less liquid (I prefer stewy texture). This will be a go-to throughout the chilly season (and a counterbalance to all TV8 cookies I can't stop making). Thank you for another fabulous, easy, healthy recipe! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
  58. Oh this is amazing. I used my Instant Pot because I couldn’t wait to try it! Fantastic
  59. My oh my, this was delicious! I served it with a tahini/nooch/hot sauce dressing and brown rice and it disappeared quickly. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I might just have to find the cookbook, now.
      Thank you Michelle, that sounds delicious!
  60. Never made any of your recipes before mainly because I don't bake. But when I saw this one I decided to try it. Wow!! You were right. Rich flavor, and a perfectly delicious combination of sweetness and hotness. This is a very delicious and memorable soup that is going on my best soups of all time list. Thanks for the recipe. Everyone loved it....and I was the only vegan for dinner. Best wishes for a new year filled with new and creative dishes.
  61. This will be a New Year's Day tradition for years to come! This soup is a hearty and healthy meal that my entire family enjoyed. Thank you, Brandi, for sharing these delicious, simple dishes!
      So very happy to hear that Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing!
  62. Bev
    This is delicious. I didn’t have sweet potatoes so I used white!

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