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Raspberry Sorbet

Make your own homemade Raspberry Sorbet that is so unbelievably delicious, smooth, creamy, perfectly tart and sweet and made with just 5 ingredients! It is also refined sugar-free!


A sorbet that is cooling, refreshing, just sweet enough, perfectly tart and...

12 Vegan Desserts Using Sweet Potatoes

12 Vegan Desserts Using Sweet Potatoes! From ice cream to cookies to fudge to pies, the super healthy sweet potato has a place even in desserts! Hi, I'm Brandi and I'm obsessed with sneaking in sweet potatoes in my desserts. I feel like today's post should come...

Lemonade Milkshake

Well, between all the crazy Starbucks Unicorn mania all over social media, my large abundance of lemons and it getting really warm out here in Texas, I've really been in the mood for something cold, sweet and frosty. But, it's not as exciting to look at as...

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream (No-Churn!)

This VEGAN PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE ICE CREAM is a dream! It is NO-CHURN, oil-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and made with cashews, coconut milk, pumpkin, coconut sugar, maple syrup and pumpkin spices and just 8 ingredients total! Yup. We get to enjoy the most popular seasonal Starbucks beverage of all...