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Vegan Almond Butter Cookies

These Grain-Free Vegan Almond Butter Cookies are super crispy, perfectly sweetened with coconut sugar and are vegan, gluten-free, wheat free, flourless, grain-free, and oil-free! These might just be my favorite new cookies!! They are buttery, moist, tender and are wonderfully crispy. They are extremely addictive. These are...

Shot Glass Truffles (Peanut Butter Cream/Mousse Filled Chocolates)

Want to make an impression and memory on your guests? How about serving them Peanut Butter Mousse-filled Chocolate Truffles in a shot glass! I came up with this idea after finding these adorable mini cups at Pier 1. They are actually mini espresso shot cups, but just in case...

No Bake Cookie Balls-Gluten Free Option

I had an emergency this morning, haha. My electricity went out (blown fuse) in our neighborhood... which is the 3rd time this has happened, maybe they need to fix that?! Anyways, it happened before I had I was starving. I normally...

30 Minute Vegan Mexican Chili

30 Minute Vegan Mexican Chili. This chili is the most amazing vegan chili ever and is made in 1 pot! SO much flavor, yet meatless, filling, hearty and made with red and black beans. It takes just 30 minutes and all made in one pot. Made with such easy simple ingredients. more

Very Berry Blue Smoothie w/Blueberry Whipped Cream

You and your kiddos haven't lived until you've had this smoothie. It is berry, creamy and fulfilling decadence. Oh, and that creamy part....yeah...that is homemade blueberry whipped cream on top....I landed in blueberry heaven with this smoothie. In fact, it is so indulgent feeling, that I...

Maple Cashew Icing With Maple Flakes

What if I told you this was a healthy icing that you could enjoy guilt free? What if I told you it contained no butter or shortening and not the traditional sugars? Well, it's true. This is NOT buttercream icing, but rather a much more nutritional version...