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12 Oil-free Vegan Granola Recipes. All of these granola recipes are vegan, gluten-free and with no added oils. Most granola recipes will rely on oil or butter or brown sugar, but all of these are oil-free and refined sugar-free granola recipes. Not to mention, all are 8 ingredients or less! more

Nut-Free Cinnamon Molasses Granola Bars

My new addiction right here....these. Omg, I literally moaned eating these bars. I'm so excited to share this recipe. These are super soft, chewy, almost like a soft cookie. They have a warm cinnamon flavor and scent and the perfect touch of molasses. Can you believe...

Nut-Free Double Chocolate Molasses Granola

So, so, so chocolatey. That is what I kept saying while eating this. This granola has such an incredible, true chocolate flavor. That's all you will think about while eating this. The blackstrap molasses may seem like an odd addition, but I like to add...

Peanut Butter Cup Granola Parfaits

Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Granola Parfaits. Is there really anything more to say here? Homemade dairy-free Peanut butter cups. Classic. Delicious. They belong in a parfait. Whoa.....I'm feeling faint here....would you check these...

Oil-Free Apple Pie Granola

Apple Pie becomes an easy, healthy oil-free granola! This tastes and smells just like apple pie, but much quicker and easier to make. Full of wholesome ingredients and free of oil and gluten, this makes a hearty and healthy, but incredibly delicious granola. Yes. This right here. Cinnamon...