The Vegan 8 Cookbook


100 Simple, Delicious Recipes Made With 8 Ingredients or Less

Just like on my blog, the recipes are all 8 ingredients or less, not including salt/pepper/water. With several recipes, I will list optional garnishes and sometimes an occasional ingredient as an option, but they are not required.


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  • 100 recipes, all 8 ingredients or less, not including salt/pepper/water
  • 256 pages of pure yumminess
  • All vegan recipes
  • All oil-free (a couple of recipes use nonstick spray, but no oil is an actual listed ingredient, only whole food fats like nuts/seeds/avocado)
  • All gluten-free (except 2) or have a gluten-free version or regular all-purpose version or wheat or spelt versions. I really worked my tail off to provide you all options!
  • Comfort foods and classics to please vegans and non-vegans
  • Stunning photo for every single recipe
  • Lots of extra photos and lifestyle shots throughout the book
  • All new recipes with the exception of around 10 that are most popular here on the blog or include a variation of one from the blog
  • Kitchen pantry chapter outlining all the tools I use, baking tips and ingredients in detail. This is a great chapter that you will want to read BEFORE you start cooking!
  • Nutrition stats on every recipe
  • Measurements given in both cups and weight/grams
  • NO tofu, fake meats, fake cheeses, salads or smoothies!
  • All comfort foods in a healthier way
  • A large amount of the recipes I offer special tips on for substitutes in the recipes


They've given so many beautiful details to my book that I'm so grateful for. There will be beautiful spreads and lifestyle shots throughout the entire book, so it has a very well thought out design and feeling of love during the creation process. This was SO important to me and I can't wait for you all to see it.

With several recipes, just like on my blog, I will list optional garnishes and sometimes an occasional ingredient as an option, but of course, not required.

I really tried to make this whole book work for everybody as best as I could. Obviously I can't meet 100% of everybody's needs on every single recipe, but I sure did my best! Most all of the recipes are nut-free or list a nut-free option. There are a few that I don't list a nut-free option, though. Basically the recipes are just like the ones on my blog. Easy, wholesome, comfort foods that will impress anybody, vegan or not. Pastas, soups, impressive breakfasts, party-worthy dips, delicious snacks, stews, hearty meals, amazing-noamazing desserts.

I specifically did ZERO smoothies, NO fake meats, NO fake cheeses, NO tofu, NO oils as an ingredient. Just good, wholesome homemade recipes that will make your tummies very happy. Oil-free means that oil is not a listed ingredient. I only use whole food fats like nuts or seeds in my recipes. This also does not include chocolate chips, since cocoa butter is the natural ingredient in chocolate chips.


  • Kitchen Pantry
  • Breakfast
  • Appetizers & Dips
  • Time-Crunch Lunches (all done in 30 minutes or less, so cool, right?!)
  • Sauces and Dressings
  • Easy Entrees (total comfort food!)
  • Comforting Soups & Stews (one of my favorite chapters!)
  • Scrumptious Snacks & Sides
  • Crowd-Pleasing Desserts
  • Vegan 8 Staples

Some sneak peeks! Watch the video to get some peeks at some of my favorite recipes from the book!


Watch the video to get some peeks at some of my favorite recipes from the book! Obviously this video just shows a few of the recipes, some of my very favorites, but it should get you salivating at least. Who am I kidding, I love ALL the recipes in the book but these were all big hits with taste testers! That pasta salad may look simple but the flavor is phenomenal. BIG hit with taste testers. My secret OIL-FREE vinaigrette is unbelievably delicious.

Couple of other sneak peeks!

Showstopper Chocolate Cake

This is THE CHOCOLATE CAKE. The only one you'll ever need again. It is honestly 100% the best chocolate cake I've ever made, created or eaten for that matter. If you don't believe me, my own mother and father, who are not vegan, declared it the best chocolate cake they had both ever tasted in their lives. make sure you follow the exact steps and use a scale so it turns out perfect! I offer both a regular and a gluten-free version, too.

Cajun Corn and Potato Chowder. So dang creamy, full of flavor and ultimate comfort food. We eat this all the time and it's one of my hubby's favorites.

Ultimate BBQ Bean Ball Sub. Talk about pleasing meat-eaters. This one was devoured by my non-vegan family and my brother, a big meat-eater absolutely loved these! So hearty and full of the most delicious flavor!

Time-Saver Red Beans & Rice. Big hit with taste testers and so full of flavor and quick to make. Also, that very special amazinggggg cornbread is also in the book and has a very special ingredient. 😉 The best cornbread I've had to date.

Crowd-Pleasing Brownies. These truly are the most magical brownies I've ever made or eaten. Just look at 'em. Rich, fudgy-but not wet, not cakey, super chocolatey and the perfect taste and texture you'd ever desire in a brownie. They will remind you of the classic boxed kind of brownies, thick, chewy, hearty and certainly nowhere near do they look or taste vegan. I offer both a gluten-free and regular all-purpose flour version.

Bakery-Style Blueberry Muffins. Everything you'd want and expect in a bakery muffin. These are legit guys. So soft, so tender, so fluffy, not dense, tall, light, perfectly sweetened and with a golden crunchy topping. I offer both a gluten-free and regular all-purpose flour version.

Ultimate Comfort Chocolate Chip Cookies. Throw away all other recipes, this is the only one you'll need ever again. Ok, kidding, but when I say these are the best dang cookies I've ever eaten, I'm not lying one bit. Thanks to a couple of my secrets, these are perfection. These were made at the cookbook shoot and everybody absolutely loved them, (none of them were vegan)! I offer both a gluten-free and regular all-purpose flour version.

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Thank you again for all of your support! Please let me know of any questions you have!

What people are saying about my book:

"8 ingredients or less? Sign me up! The Vegan 8 is packed with mouth-watering vegan dishes that come together without too much fuss. I love Brandi's creativity, and each of her recipes prove that delicious plant-based eating doesn't need to be complex."
--Angela Liddon, author of The Oh She Glows Cookbook and Oh She Glows Every Day

"Brandi Doming's recipes deliver in every single way: they're delicious, accessible, satisfying, and health conscious. No one does a better job of bringing comfort food to life with fresh, nutritious ingredients than Brandi. Whether you're vegan or omnivore, an experienced home cook or a beginner, young or old, you'll find recipes to treasure and share in this rich collection of meals."
--Gena Hamshaw, author of Power Plates: 100 Nutritionally Balanced, One-Dish Vegan Meals

"Brandi's first cookbook is nothing short of incredible, absolutely gorgeous from the inside out. The creativity, range of flavors and variety of recipes will bring both vegan and non vegan eaters into complete bliss. I can't wait to have this as a staple in my kitchen for years to come!"
--Sophia DeSantis, author of Vegan Burgers and Burritos

"Brandi has an uncanny ability to take just a handful of clean, whole food, plant-based ingredients, and through clever, thoughtful combinations, transform them into something that exceeds all expectations. It turns out all of your favorite comfort foods can be made with 8 ingredients or less and be free of gluten, added oils, soy, dairy, and other common allergens. This is a must-have book for anyone who values clean eating, uncomplicated ingredients, and the enjoyment that comes from experiencing a truly delicious meal."
--Anna Speaks, Windy City Organics