Vegan Life Changing Pancakes (Gluten-free, Oil-Free)

Vegan Life Changing Pancakes (Gluten-free, Oil-Free)

The Best Vegan Gluten-free Oil-free pancakes I've ever created. These are soft, fluffy, incredibly flavorful and made with good wholesome ingredients like sweet potatoes. They really are Life Changing Pancakes!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is how I felt after one bite into these vegan pancakes. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then another bite. !!!!!!!!!!!! The perfect pancake, must, I mean must be fluffy. There are pancakes and there are crepes...and too many pancake recipes I see look more like crepes. I mean, it's called a pan-cake.

Seriously, how ridiculous is it that all vegan or gluten-free pancake we have all probably had, has been dense, heavy as a brick and goopy inside and falls apart. I have made soooo many vegan/gluten-free pancakes and have been so dissapointed at each one because the texture is always too heavy. All of my trials never lived up to a fluffy all purpose flour pancake.

Until now.

Ooowwww.....ooowwwww....check out those beauties. They are a beautiful, golden-peachy color. You don't believe me that they are just as beautiful and fluffy on the inside?? Check 'em out yourself....

No mush, no goop, no oil, no wheat, no eggs, no grains....nooooo problem. Like a fluffy cloud. They are life changing, really, they are.

They are incredibly light, moist, fluffy, perfectly sweet and didn't need one ounce of syrup, not one. It's amazing that they are gluten-free, it really is. That is saying a lot from a syrup addict like myself. Of course, if you still want some, knock yourself out. I did do one for photographic purposes...

Don't tell anybody the ingredients and make these for your family and friends for breakfast and serve them and then tell them that the pancakes are vegan, gluten-free, oil-free and grain-free! They will call you a liar! Follow my tips below for making the perfect, gorgeous pancake!

Vegan and gluten-free pancakes are always so hard to nail because of the lack of eggs and regular flour and they always turn to mushy goop on the inside. YUCK.

Well, these beauties are mind-blowingly delicious. I'm telling you, if I didn't know better, I would think they were made with all purpose flour! BUT, they're not.....

The technical name of these pancakes are "Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Pancakes", but they are life changing for me, that I just couldn't resist giving them that title. I thought I'd be stuck with nasty, goopy gluten-free pancakes forever. My favorite pancakes I've ever had are my Gingersnap Pancakes, but they are an older recipe of mine and contain wheat and oil. They also have a ton of ingredients, whereas these are only 8! Amazing, I tell ya! THESE are now my favorite and even better.

This amazing combo pancake idea came from my Sweet Potato Cinnamon Muffins. That recipe resulted in such a soft, light muffin that I had been wanting to try it as pancakes. So, I changed up my recipe a bit to turn it into a pancake recipe and voila, heaven on a plate. My friend Emma at Coconut and Berries made the muffins and loved them and had mentioned they would be great with chocolate chips, so I added them to the batter. Great idea Emma! They. Were. Perfection. DON'T leave them out!

This pancake recipe becomes magical from a perfect combo of sweet potatoes, potato starch, blanched almond flour, coconut milk and chocolate chips. To end up with fluffy, perfect pancakes like in the photos, make sure to follow the recipe and my steps on these. DON'T try to change things up and get all creative, just make them and they will change your life and opinion on vegan, gluten-free AND oil-free pancakes. Changing an ingredient/step may very well end up with a different result. I am providing what works best.

Now, I have the recipe directions to print below, but in an effort to make things visually easier, I am providing very precise directions and a few photos for the steps, since I hear so often that people struggle with making fluffy, fabulous pancakes. Just read through these first to give you an idea of the steps before making them.

It is recommended to use a food processor to get the batter completely smooth, so there are no potato lumps. Doing this ensures a smooth and fluffy pancake. Add your mashed sweet potato, coconut milk, syrup and vanilla to the processor and blend until completely smooth. Scrape the sides a couple of times during. (Full recipe and directions below in printout) Alternatively, you could use a hand stick blender following the same steps.

Next, you will add your dry ingredients to a bowl and whisk them well and then add to the wet ingredients into the food processor. Process just until mixed and smooth, about 8 seconds. I scraped the sides and did it once more for a couple of seconds. You don't want it processing too long or the batter will get too thick.

Pour all the batter into a bowl and add the chocolate chips and stir just until mixed.

This is how thick your batter should look. It should be thick, but still pourable...similar to a muffin batter. Next step, very important, leave your batter to sit for 15-20 minutes (set your timer!). This is where the potato starch and baking powder will start to react and absorb the liquid, so that your 1st and last pancakes should all turn out uniform. Cooking the batter immediately is what results in the first pancake being so flat and uncooked. After your timer has gone for 5 minutes, turn your heat on to medium-low, being closer to low and add a nonstick pan to the stovetop. This is crucial to have your pan preheated about 10 minutes so the pancake cooks properly.

Now, my secret to the perfect, round, fluffy pancake is a large cookie cutter. Mine is about 4.5 inches wide. This does 2 things: one, it makes them all cook the same and evenly and tall and two, it helps the interior cook well because the heat is somewhat enclosed. Each pancake turns out perfectly this way. I wouldn't recommend using a small cookie cutter because it will take forever to use all the batter and they may not cook through as well. Once your timer has gone off and your pan is hot, place the cookie cutter on the pan and spray the pan within the circle with nonstick spray. Do not skip this, or they will stick. Quickly pour a heaping 1/4 cup of batter in the center and immediately spread it out evenly filling the circle with your spoon. Let it cook about 3 minutes, or until the edges/top of the pancake have started to look dry and a few bubbles are forming. I set my timer for 3 minutes and watched it closely. Using tongs (the cookie cutter will be hot!), carefully pull the cookie cutter up and set to the side. It should come up easily. Use a thin metal spatula and slide it quickly under the pancake and carefully/quickly flip over to cook another 1-2 minutes, watching closely. Repeat this step for each pancake. Full directions below. They started to cook slightly faster toward the end, so watch for the tops getting the dry look before flipping or slightly lower the heat. Let the pancakes sit for about 5 minutes after, as they will continue to cook/fluff up as they sit.

And, you won't need 15 ingredients to make these Life Changing Pancakes! Seriously, who has time for that anyways when you want breakfast?! You will only need 8 ingredients:

  • blanched almond flour
  • potato starch
  • baking powder
  • lite canned coconut milk
  • vanilla extract
  • maple syrup
  • cooked/mashed sweet potato
  • dairy-free/vegan chocolate chips

Nothing more to say, go make these. Can't wait to hear what you think of these Vegan Life Changing Pancakes! Please come back and leave me feedback here on my blog after you do! I can't wait to hear what you think of these awesome pancakes! I'd also love it it you snapped a photo and tagged me on Instagram @thevegan8 and don't forget the tag #thevegan8 so I don't miss it! Your weekly creations that you all tag me with put a huge smile on my face!

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As always, all of my pancakes are naturally vegan, which means no eggs or dairy and they are also oil-free, with the exception of my Gingersnap Pancakes.

Yields 6 large pancakes or 8 smaller ones

Life Changing Pancakes

The pancake that will make you rethink your experience with the traditional gluten-free/vegan pancake recipes. These rival any all purpose flour recipes that include oil and eggs, yet these are vegan, gluten-free and oil-free and some of the fluffiest and moist pancakes ever. You may be surprised you don't even need syrup!

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  • 1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon (75g) cooked, mashed sweet potato
  • 1 cup canned lite coconut milk (240g) (Don't sub! This gives the lightness & creamy taste)
  • 1 tablespoon (15g) vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons (40g) pure maple syrup
  • 1 1/4 cups (140g) blanched almond flour
  • 1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon (90g) potato starch, NOT potato flour (I use Bob's Red Mill )
  • 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon (3g) fine sea salt
  • 2-3 tablespoons (30-45g) mini dairy-free chocolate chips (I used Enjoy Life brand)
  • Note
  • You will want to cook your potato the day before, so it is completely cooled and dry before preparing the pancake batter. This will also make a much faster pancake morning! If possible, use a kitchen scale for measurements for best results. They are very inexpensive and can be found pretty much everywhere. Pancakes are real finicky, especially gluten-free, so it is best not to sub any of these ingredients, or you will end up with a much different result. Definitely don't sub the potato starch for another starch, it won't produce the same results. Do not sub the coconut milk, as it will affect the texture and taste, as it contains a higher fat content which is necessary in these.


  1. Follow each step (referring to the photos above) to ensure your perfect, fluffy pancake. First prepare your potato the day before (see note above). I roasted 1 large whole sweet potato at 405 degrees for about an hour until completely tender. Let cool, then peel and mash really well with a fork and store in the fridge to cool. This is important to let the potato cool because blending a hot potato will make it super gluey. I often make my potato the day before I plan to make the pancakes, so it's totally cold when measuring.
  2. When measuring the sweet potato, make sure there are no gaps in your cup. Press down gently and then level off with your finger. Add the sweet potato, coconut milk (make sure to shake the can well first), vanilla and syrup to a food processor and process until completely smooth with no lumps remaining. Scrape the sides a couple of times during.
  3. In a bowl, combine the almond flour, potato starch, baking powder and salt and whisk really well. When measuring both the almond flour and starch, make sure there are no gaps or lumps. Scoop the ingredients with your measuring cup and lightly pat down and level off with your finger (if not using a scale). Stir in the chocolate chips. Pour the liquids from the processor over the dry and whisk gently until combined and smooth, being careful not to over-mix. Let the batter sit for 15-20 minutes. Do not skip this step! After 5 minutes has passed, add a nonstick pan to your stove and turn the heat to medium-low, but closer to low. Your pan needs to heat up about 10 minutes.
  4. Place the cookie cutter (I used 4.5 inch one for 1/4 cup batter) on the preheated pan and spray within the circle with nonstick spray. This is necessary so the cookie cutter works and the pancakes don't stick. Add a heaping 1/4 cup of batter filling up the circle evenly and spreading out with your spoon. Watch the clock or timer for about 3 minutes, or until the pancake forms some bubbles and the edges/top of the pancake are looking dry. Remove the cookie cutter with tongs (it will be hot!) and carefully, but quickly, slide a thin metal spatula underneath the pancake and flip over quickly. Do not pat down the pancake with the spatula! Cook for 1-2 minutes on the other side to ensure it cooks through. Repeat with all the batter. Let them sit about 5 minutes afterwards because they will continue to cook/fluff up as they sit.
  5. Note
  6. You don't have to use a cookie cutter for this recipe, but just keep in mind, they will be less fluffy without one, but still delicious!


Nutrition per pancake: 275.8 calories, 31 carbs, 5.6 g protein, 15.6 g fat, 8.06 g sugars

If you make this recipe, please do not repost it in full on your site, please link to me instead giving proper credit. I work very hard to create my recipes and share them for free, so please be respectful and link properly. If you are inspired by this recipe, again, please give proper credit and do not simply post it on your site.


  1. wow, lady. these are perfection.
      Awww thanks Caitlin!! :)
      • Thank you for this wonderful pancakes! It was a winner!!! My children and husband loved it. You can't really taste coconut which is a good thing because my oldest child does not like coconut taste. Pancakes were fluffy and delicious. I made double portion and it was all gone within a few minutes, so I had to make another double portion. I am glad that I bought 2 cans of light coconut cream. Thank you again for sharing this great recipe.
          So wonderful to hear Masha! Thank you so much for such wonderful feedback, that makes me so happy to hear! I really appreciate you making these! :)
    • These are amazing! I just happened to have 8 3.5 inch molds I had just bought on Amazon to make Vegetable Stacks. Even though they are smaller than the ones you used, they worked perfectly and allowed me to fit all 8 molds in my electric pan. A double batch made 16 pancakes which we had eaten all of by the end of the day. I made them with and without the chocolate chips and love them without them. Not using the chips really brings out the wonderful taste. I'm making them for dinner tonight! I'll be sharing these at a Vegan support group we attend.
        Thank you so much Bonnie for such kind feedback! I'm so happy you all loved these so much, thank you so much for letting me know!
  2. i love that all the pancakes are the same size! so fluffy and soft!
      Thanks Richa! They are uber soft and opposite of what a typical gluten-free pancake is!
  3. These look fantastic! What an awesome recipe!
      Thank you so much Vicky! I hope you try them!
  4. I think these are the neatest pancakes I've ever seen! Such a great tip on using the cookie cutter for that lovely perfect circle. I already wanted to make them before I read the post but now I know that they're sweet potato & choc chip I want them even more!! Sunday breakfast me thinks ;) P.S. So pleased I could help you out with an idea and it's really sweet of you to mention me. xx
      Emma, thank YOU for the idea of adding chocolate chips! Seriously, these are mind-blowlingly delicious. I JUST couldn't get over it and they are not overly sweet at all. The sweet potato makes them just perfect. I hope you try them!! Thank you for the compliment! The cookie cutter really does give them that perfect wow effect. My hubby was blown away by them and he is not a pancake person, so I knew they were a winner in that case, haha!
  5. I could totally make my way through that beautiful stack of 'cakes! Sunday is coming up (pancake day here) and I have a sweet potato with your name on it ;-)!
      Hahaha I laughed out loud Annie, that was cute and funny!!!
  6. You and the SWEET POTATOES have been making awesome recipes lately! I wonder what's going to happen next. These look great!
      Haha! I know, right? They are just so darn healthy, delicious and help with sweetness, so less sugar is needed....therefore I can't help using them. They are a magical ingredient. I have plenty more recipes coming too.... :)
  7. Aaaargh! I love your website because we love whole food and minimize gluten and dairy. They look amazing but I am dead allergic to sweet potato and coconut! Aaargh!!!! Love you anyway.
      Lili-awww oh no!! I've never heard of a sweet potato allergy before!! That stinks! Are you allergic to all potatoes? Thanks for the support too! :)
  8. Brandi, no wonder you used all those exclamation marks and proclaimed these to be life changing. I'm blown away! These look insanely fluffy and light and delicious and perfectly crispy and delightfully round. I HATE soggy dense pancakes and for some reason, all the recipes I've tried lately have produced pancakes that are. Time to buy me some sweet potatoes and make these beauties! Goooooorgeous photos too, my friend. Your photography just keeps getting better and better (and it's already amazing!).
      Nancy you are the sweetest, thank you so much for the compliments!!! Yep-I hate soggy dense pancakes too...they are just disgusting to me. The potato starch is magical in these....even cornstarch won't produce the same results as potato starch does! I just couldn't get over it! I hope you get to try them! xo
  9. Yum! Gluten-Free here, might have to try these.
  10. *Hold the presses* Printed the recipe, probably going to try them. :)
      Awesome Jesse, let me know when you do!
  11. They look awesome! Do you think I could use another flour than almond flour? My husband has nut allergy. Thanks :)
      Simone-your best bet is going to be to grind some raw, unsalted sunflower kernels up and then measure out 1 1/4 cups of sunflower "flour". When grinding them up, just grind them into a fine powder, but be careful not to go too long or it'll make butter. Just beware, it may make the pancakes less fluffy and a little more dense sense sunflower kernels aren't as light or finely ground as the blanched almond flour....and it will leave a sunflower taste probably. Let me know if you try it!
  12. I believe you completely, these look so utterly thick and inviting :D Cheers Choc Chip Uru
  13. I will alter this recipe a tiny bit and then hopefully my life with FOREVER BE CHANGED (for the better!!!)
      It will, it will, LOL! Thansk Gigi! You could sub with stevia and maybe just add a tad more milk to reach the right batter consistency, since you would eliminate the syrup :)
  14. Holy yum! Those look amazing and oh so beautiful. I'm a huge lover of sweet potatoes and of course, anything with chocolate chips! Ha ha. ;-)
      Thanks Melanie!! I think you would LOVE amazingly delicious yet so much healthier than most pancakes! :)
  15. Good golly Girl! I don't think I could get through 1 of those monsters!
      Oh, yes you could, they are too good not to, LOL! The best part is 2 is seriously REALLY filling! Shoot even 1, if you are a light eater! :)
  16. These pancakes were the most delicious ones I have ever had -- restaurant or homemade! The instructions were easy to follow! I didn't (or couldn't find) use a round cookie-cutter (going to get one this weekend, though), but just put 1/4 cup batter on a pre-heated cast-iron flat skillet and cooked for the appropriate time. They came out PERFECT!!! In fact, my husband got ticked when I tried to interrupt his meal by taking a picture of his plate, because he was too busy scarfing them down! Every recipe I've tried of yours is fabulous! Thanks so much! These will be my "Sunday" breakfast for a long time to come! Do you think it is possible to make some in advance and freeze them for future use???
      Gale-I can't tell you how happy your review made me! I'm so thrilled they were "life changing" for you too, in that they were the best pancakes you have ever had, just as they were for me! Thank you so much for the review and tagging your photo on Instagram. So glad they still came out perfect without the cookie cutter, but yest GET ONE, because they become magically fluffy and even more yummy and gorgeous! Thanks again and yes, I think freezing them would be totally fine. I don't think it would dry them out too much. Just reheat or slightly toast them in a toaster oven. I made a batch last night and they are waiting for my breakfast here shortly. :)
  17. These look amazing!! What a genius idea using sweet potato to make pancakes.. they look amazing!! I'm tempted to buy a cookie cutter to make these!
      Thank you so much Keren! They really are amazingly, delicious! Yes, go get that cookie cutter!! :)
  18. Sorry Brandi, i didn't get around to post my review yesterday.... my pancakes didn't turn out as pretty looking as yours (long story ), but i loved them...hubby really enjoyed i have choices in making delicious pancakes without junk ingredients in them.....glad i had some leftovers for this morning....
      Wonderful! I'm so glad both you and your husband loved them!! Thank you so much! And as we briefly discussed on facebook, it works better on a frying pan than a griddle, (like I use in the recipe) because it heats up better that way and more uniform. Griddles tend to make things cook slower and less fluffy, which is why I don't care for them too much. Also, the cookie cutter makes them even more fluffy. However, like you said...what is most important is the taste and you loved them is what matters! Thanks girl!
  19. These look so perfect! They are great. Can't believe high thick each pancake is. Beautiful!
      Thanks Cindy! They are so fluffy and so delicious!
  20. hi Brandi, My kid is allergic to regale potatoes so we can't have potato starch. I know you mentioned it has to be potato starch but if there any chance of another starch that might work? Tapioca starch? Arrowroot starch? I searching my head for an alternative, any idea what does the potato starch does for the recipe? I am assuming potato starch is different in the end result compared to potato flour. Starch is starch right? it's a gooey glue consistency until its baked. Of which maybe it differs in how it dried up inside the pancake. Thanks for the recipe. It's sounds promising and I am keen to try it out :) have a load of roasted sweet potatoes n my fridge now.
    • I meant to write regular, not regale! LOL!
      Hi Sharon! No, don't use arrowroot or tapioca. Your closest, best substitute will be cornstarch. Just a heads up though, I did a test batch with the cornstarch and they are NOT as fluffy and a tad more dense interior, as well as a slight starchy texture. Unfortunately, the potato starch gives the most amazing result as it acts a lot like all purpose flour. However, the pancakes will still be good....I still ate them, haha with the cornstarch, just wanted you to keep in mind the result of texture will be less than perfect, the taste and flavor is still the same though. I would maybe add just an extra tablespoon of coconut milk for this reason. Please, please come back and leave feedback after you make them to let me know what you think of them! Thank you! :)
  21. WOW. I just found you through another blog, and can I just tell you I am AUTOMATICALLY IN LOVE WITH YOUR STINKIN' BLOG!!!! I LOVE all thigns vegan (slowly heading there myself) and all things simple. You're a world changer. Keep being amazing!
      Awwww can I just tell you how much your comment made me smile?!! You are just the glad you found me and please, please come back and leave me feedback after you make a recipe, I'd love to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words!
  22. Liz
    I could write a novella about these pancakes, they're just that perfect. I started from your inspiration, making the cinnamon muffins and caramel sauce first. I was blown away and couldn't wait to try the pancakes. When I made the pancakes, I didn't use a form, but the batter is so thick yet easy to spread, they still came out high and fluffy! It's incredible how they get slightly crispy on the outside (we used coconut oil to cook them in!), and perfectly cooked through out, with a light, fluffy, super moist inside! My boyfriend took a bite, was silent for a minute and then said, "These are the best pancakes I have EVER had, and I know pancakes!" I already have plans to make them with friends! Thank you!!
      Liz, you are the best!! Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback!! I'm so happy they were "life changing" for you and your boyfriend, as well! They are the best I've EVER had too, thank you! Thank you for sharing your lovely pics on Instagram too!!
  23. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!! These were hands down THE BEST pancakes we've ever had. EVER! We've been raving about them all day long - and you know they're good when Willow wants leftovers for lunch! I could not get over how fluffy they were and so much flavor and sweetness - you really didn't need the added maple syrup. This will definitely be our go-to pancake recipe!
      You are the sweetest Mandy!! Thank you so much for the amazing feedback, you truly made my day! I feel the same way about them...they are so good and moist that they don't even need syrup and I have never, ever eaten pancakes without syrup because they are always so dry or nasty and needed it, not anymore! So glad everybody loved them so much!
  24. Sweet potato and almond flour?! love these pancakes!! and the large cookie cutter is brilliant!! Totally trying this!
      Thank you so much Alice!! I hope you try them and love them!! The cookie cutter makes them the prettiest pancakes ever and sure to impress friends/family! :)
  25. Hey I made it exactly as you said, by look no doubts they turned awesome. But unfortunately they were sour in taste. I really was so excited to make them, but I am really very disappointed with the taste. I am not sure what went wrong, where do I go wrong. I did replaced coconut milk with my homemade almond milk, does that made the difference? can you also tell why potato starch is used?
      Jaspreet-wow, I'm shocked to hear that! Every single review has been over the top success (above and all over social media)and I've had tons of them coming in. So yes, the only reason why it would be sour is if you subbed the milk or something...there is absolutely NO sour taste to these pancakes. I use coconut milk because it is thicker and creamier than almond milk and has more fat in it, which also contributes to the lightness and creamy taste. Subbing an entire 1 cup of milk with almond milk is a lot and most definitely will change the taste. The coconut milk is there for the sweet, creamy flavor it provides. They are sweet and light and with a mild vanilla flavor. Also, maybe your baking powder was old?? Sometimes baking powder can leave an odd taste if it's not good. Did you sub the potato starch as well? Potato starch is used because it gives the best texture and lightness, compared to any other starch...particularly with these pancakes. That is the main reason I state above to be careful about subs, because I can't guarantee the result. I would try it with the coconut milk and double check your baking powder isn't old, because sour is definitely NOT a result.
      • yes i did the blunder by substituting the coconut milk by almond, cos we all know almond milk has more of water in it. No I didn't substitute potato starch or any other ingredient. So sorry for this disappointing result. But can you confirm me it 1tbs baking powder+ tsp baking powder...or I had some misunderstanding about it? I will surely try this again.
          Yes, exactly! That is why I use the coconut much more fat in it and creamy taste and texture...the almond milk just flat out isn't going to give the same result. The sour taste you are tasting is probably from the baking powder coming through because you used the watery almond milk. Use the "Lite" coconut milk (from the can!) and you will notice a difference. :) Yes, the baking powder amount is correct...with gluten-free and a lot of batter, I up the typical amount of baking powder, but quite honestly, I would think you could get away with just using 1 tablespoon.....
          Thank you so much for remaking them and posting your success on Instagram! So glad they worked out the 2nd time for you!! So glad your hubby loves them :)
  26. Something in reality if can be cruelty free, they are these pancakes. exactly as @thevegan8 says it Fluffy, Glutenfree, Grainfree, Oilfree and Vegan. Oh god they are AWESOME :* :* Thanks thevegan8 :)
      Awww thanks for the amazing feedback!! I'm so happy to hear you loved them and thank you so much for tagging me on Instagram and sharing your photo as well!
  27. These pancakes look all kinds of amazing! Soo fluffy! I can't wait to try them. I love that they are made with sweet potato :)
      Thank you so much Ceara! They really are the best ever! I hope you try them and let me know!
  28. OMG!!! Your brilliant Brandi!! These are so moist,delicious,fluffy, healthy and delicious!! I made these bc we will be having a power outage on Sept 24th. I'm doing the Reset but sometimes you need other things prepped just in case the power stays out for a few hrs know what I mean? I deffnetly will be making these again! I will make these when I go home to my Parents house in Dec!
      Yay, thank you for the awesome feedback Tiffany!! I'm so happy you loved them so much and good thinking on planning them ahead of time. Thanks for sharing your photo on Facebook too :)
  29. My wife can't eat these due to the ingredients, but I certainly am going to try these!! My friend Tiffany said to let you know that I got this from her. :) --D
      Wonderful Doug! Please let me know how they turn out for you and hey, more for you right?! :)
  30. Best pancakes ever!! Followed the recipe exactly and they were delicious. My kids loved them as well and I will be making these weekly. It has been hard finding a successful gluten free pancake recipe. And now I have found one:) thanks so much!!! Much appreciated!!
      Tenille-thank you so much for the amazing feedback! I know it's so hard to find gluten-free pancakes that donn't taste terrible and I'm so glad you feel the same as I do with these being the best ever, regardless of vegan or gluten-free!
  31. These pancakes are amazing!! I made them this morning and they are the best pancakes I have ever had. The cookie cutter made them so easy to cook and flip. I will definitely be making these often. Thank you so much for the delicious recipe!! - Healthy Vegan Guy
      Thank you so much Vince for the amazing feedback and your amazing photo you shared on Instagram!! So glad you loved them!
  32. Let me start by saying that I am NOT a pancake person. Prior to being vegan, I would eat anything but pancakes. Now, as a vegan and seeing the recipe for life-changing pancakes, I knew I had to give these a shot. Wow! Wow! Wow! These are the lightest, fluffiest, yummiest things, ever! I also felt full for hours after eating these, and I usually eat every 2 hours. These lovelies have definitely made me re-think about being a pancake person. I just had to meet the "right" pancake is all and now, I have! They are also teen boy approved and I had to make a double batch and couldn't get them done fast enough for them to inhale them down. Do yourself a favor and make these! You will not regret it!
      Wow Lori, that is wonderful to hear! I love that even a self-proclaimed "not a pancake person" loved them so much and feel the same way about them as I do! They definitely changed my view of pancakes too. So glad your teen boys loved them, that's a big compliment!
  33. Beautiful photos and great recipe! Can't wait to try these! :)
      Thanks so much Vanessa...let me know if you do!
  34. These pancakes are perfection. As soon as I tasted the batter I knew they were going to be amazing. It reminded me of Bisquick, rich & buttery. They cooked up & flipped perfectly. The texture is light yet substantial. No syrup needed!!! I was raised in Vermont where we made our own. I put Vermont maple syrup in & on everything. It is honestly, truly not needed on the top of these beauties. They taste so buttery & rich (that's the best way to describe them) with a depth of flavor that surpasses any buttermilk pancake I've had. You will not believe they are free of flour, sugar, oil, or animal products. Best of all, after eating them, I am full of energy & ready to take on the day's challenges, none of that post-brunch I-need-more-caffeine deadweight feeling.
      Thank you so much for the absolutely awesome feedback Jennille! I'm so happy you loved them so much and thank you for sharing your photo on Facebook! They really do keep you full for hours...the potatoes are such an awesome, healthy and filling food!
  35. You know the song "All About That Bass"? Well, I'm all about these pancakes. The amazing pictures and reviews you've posted on Instagram have left me drooling. I'm definitely going to try them after we move (and I have my own kitchen again, ha ha)! :)
      Crud, I just saw your comment Meredith! Thanks my dear, you won't regret it! I hope you get a chance to make them! xo
  36. They look absolutely divine!!! YUMMM!!!! Genius girl!
      Awww thanks Karina!!
  37. So, i made those pancakes again this morning cause my husband asked for them. The nonstick pan works so much better than my electric skillet (which is what i used the 1st time i made these pancakes). It made the pancakes a little crunchy on the outside and nice and soft in the middle....and really don't need much syrup.
      Mmmmm, crispy outside and soft middle is my favorite!! Oh yes, nonstick is what I use and recommend in the recipe for sure...skillet can get real messy! :) Thanks so much for making them and leaving feedback!
  38. These are delicious! I've made them with sweet potato and also with canned organic pumpkin (when I forgot to prep the sweet potato the day before) and added 1 T of pumpkin pie spice. Also delicious!! Thanks for this amazing recipe. We will be making these throughout the fall season...even though it's still 90* in SoCal. :/
      Carolann! Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! I'm so glad to hear they are amazing with pumpkin as well, thank you for letting me know!
  39. Liv
    So tempted to make these! I think they'll be today's dessert :) do u think I can take more coconut milk instead of the syrup?
      Hi Liv! Well, it will taste much less like a dessert without the syrup, haha, so I wouldn't really suggest leaving it out, it definitely adds some flavor! If you still want to though, I would suggest just adding one more tablespoon of milk to make up for the lack of syrup...since it is runnier than the syrup, I would only do 1 tablespoon. Please come back and let me know how they turn out, thank you! :)
  40. I made these with my Baby Cakes Doughnut maker and they are delicious! My son loved them!
      Wonderful Sheila!! Donuts sound wonderful! Thanks so much for the feedback!
  41. Has anyone tried making these with a gluten-free all-purpose flour? If so, did you need to use I different amount? They look AMAZING, but I want to make them for my boyfriends' Dad who can't have nuts(almond flour). Also, the GF all-purpose flour I have already has potato starch in it so could I skip that? Thank you!
      Hi Brianna! Unfortunately, a gluten-free blend will not work in place of all the flour. The almond flour is what gives the pancakes fat and a lot of moisture. Subbing with a premade blend would make the pancakes on the dry side and gummy and I have no idea what else result it would give texturally and flavor wise. My suggestion would be to grind up some sunflower kernels (raw unsalted) into a flour and then measure 1 1/4 cups. It will alter the flavor some and they may not be quite as fluffy, but that's your best chance of getting a close result. Try to use a 4.5 inch cookie cutter if you can (like I've noted) and that will help them be more fluffy. Let me know if you try that!
      • Haha, thats kind of funny because he's also allergic to sunflower seeds :P Thanks so much for getting back to me though :D I appreciate it. I'm definitely going to try these for myself. I LOVE almond flour!
  42. These were so delicious! Because the directions said to not blend the combined flour and sweet potato mixture for longer than a few seconds, I was nervous to over-blend it. Therefore my batter ended up a little chunky in the end- so don't be afraid to blend the mixture for up to 30 seconds depending on your food processor! Regardless, they were so moist and fluffy! I ended up eating 3 without any regard to the calorie count on each one- oops :) I definitely recommend these!
      Wonderful Marita!! Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback, I'm so happy you enjoyed them! And yes, blend just until smooth, I just didn't want people to overblend and make it too thick, but yes blend until it's just smooth. I'm so glad you loved them and thank you for taking the time to let me know, I love hearing the feedback! :)
  43. Hi Brandi, I've been lurking on your site for a while and tried out some of the recipes, and it's only right that I give you some feedback. I live in Sweden, where the holiday season is all about saffron buns, made with lots of butter, milk and often cream cheese, as well as white wheat flour and lots of sugar. They taste so delicious and it is hard to walk past a bakery without buying one, so I'd been dreading the day when I would inevitably cave in, throw gluten-free veganism to the wind and buy one. Until today, when I made a batch of these pancakes but substituted the vanilla for about 1/4 gram of powdered saffron and baked them in muffin cases in the oven for about 25 minutes. Oh. My. They taste UNBELIEVABLE (if you like saffron, that is). Thank you for all the incredibly hard work you put in. I am spreading the word about your blog.
      Awww Iris, this is the kind of feedback and comment that means so much to me to hear from my readers! I really appreciate your kind words. The saffron sounds amazing, what a wonderful idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!
  44. I luv making these weekly! So soft, moist, healthy an scrumptious! I can't wait to have one or two this weekend!
      Thank you so much Tiffany for the feedback!
  45. My daughter keeps trying gluten-free and vegan pancake recipes and doesn't really enjoy them. Too flax seedy or too banana or applesauce-y. These were just right. We didn't have patience to wait on cooling off the sweet potato completely so baked, removed skin, cut up, and put in freezer for 10 mins. They were nice and cool but moist. It worked just fine though. Thanks so much for the brilliant creation!
      Thank you Nina for the amazing feedback! You just described why I have hated virtually every other vegan/gluten-free pancake out there! I want my pancakes to be cooked and not taste like mushy fruit, haha! So glad these are such a hit for you and your daughter! Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know!
  46. Ikr on the mushy fruit! And forgot to mention that we didn't have a large metal cookie cutter. Didn't matter though because I just put a cookie cutter sized dollop of batter and I gently pressed the sides and it stayed in a beautiful round thick circle. My daughter was super impressed!, which never happens;) You are brilliant! Next challenge for you...vegan, gluten- and soy-free hotdogs that don't taste like refried beans or mashed potatoes. Might not be possible.... Thanks again!
      Oooh BIG challenge, haha! I'll have to think on that one because, yeah, I don't like soy either! So glad they still worked well without the cookie cutter :) Thank you so much!
  47. I don't know if someone already asked, but will canned pumpkin work as well, for those times I have no cooked sweet potato on hand? And where do you find potato starch? Thanks
      Hi Kathy! I haven't done pumpkin personally, but in the comments above a few people have stated they swapped out the potato for pumpkin and added some pumpkin pie spice to the batter and it worked perfectly! If you try them, please leave me feedback here, I'd love to hear!
      Kathy I realized I forgot to answer your other question. You can find potato starch at most grocery stores in the specialty flour or health section. I find mine at either krogers, HEB or Whole Foods.
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  49. These sound amazing! I shared these on Pinterest.
      Thank you so much Steve! Please let me know if you make them!
  50. [...] Life Changing Pancakes  A couple of you started the Thanksgiving day off right with these….really everyday should be started off with these I think. The fluffiest, most luscious pancakes ever. With 17,000 pins on Pinterest in just over 2 months, they are indeed “life changing”! [...]
  51. Do you think subbing the sweet potato for a pumpkin or squash puree would work? Thanks so much!
      Hi Lucia! Well aren't you lucky...I just posted a recipe just now using pumpkin, check it out!
  52. [...] up. I wasn’t even going to post this recipe because it’s just a slight variation on my Life Changing Pancakes. However, with so many people asking if they could sub the sweet potatoes with pumpkin, I decided [...]
  53. Do you think you could use coconut flour in place of the almond? No allergy, just no almond flour in the house!
      Hi Loral! No, unfortunately coconut flour would not work at all. Coconut flour and almond flour are 2 completely different flours....coconut flour is VERY absorbent and makes things rather dry and crumbly and almond flour is just the opposite, making things very moist. Almond flour is a main ingredient and really needs to be used for the best results, especially since there is no oil. I would hold off on making the recipe until you get some, otherwise the results won't be good with coconut flour! The recipe is worth it to follow it to a T, as all the reviews will convince you. :)Thank you!
  54. Have you made these without the chocolate chips? I can't eat chocolate. Since you talked about no substitutions, I wondered if these were just for flavor or for some other reason. Thanks. I'm a real newbie to gf cooking--I just found out I have a wheat gluten allergy, so I'm definitely in the pioneering stage.
      Hi Sue! I make my Pumpkin Spice Latte Pancakes (a recent post) plain and it is very similar recipe and they are still delicious without the chocolate chips. They have lots of spices in them though. You could definitely make these without the chocolate chips! They add flavor of course and a bit of moisture, but they are plenty moist without them. OR, you could add blueberries...a couple of my readers have done that and loved them. Please let me know if you make them! :)
  55. Brandi, I wish to thank u for another fabulous recipe! I made these this morning for my finicky husband. He LOVED them! He wants them tomorrow for Xmas breakfast too! He's already told our daughters about them. I doubled the recipe and added 2-oz water with a 13.5-oz can lite coconut milk. I left out the chocolate chips, and didn't use the cookie cutter (cuz I couldn't find one). They held their shape on the griddle and looked and tasted dee-lish-ee-oh-so! So light... fluffy... YUMMY!! I'm SO grateful for u and your website! You've made meals so much easier to plan and prepare for my (picky) husband and me. I wish for u many Xmas blessings and the happiest of times in 2015.
      Woohoo! I'm so happy to hear they were a hit with your finicky husband!! My husband is also super picky and he even loves them! I really don't know anybody who hasn't loved them, because they are so light and fluffy and better than any traditional pancakes I've had. I'm so happy everybody loved them and thank you so much for letting me know and your kind words, it really means so much to me. So glad my recipes are helping you so much, Merry Christmas!!
  56. These look amazing! I just came across them on pinterest and thought they must have something yucky in them, but the ingredient list is great. I'll definitely be trying this recipe!
      Haha! Nope, nothing yucky! All yummy stuff! Please let me know when you try them!
  57. I was wondering if you made them not gluten free if you could use regular all purpose flour instead of the almond flour, and omit the potato starch if it will turn out the same?
      Hi Chelsea, Unfortunately no that won't work at all. That would be completely changing the main ingredients and you would end up with a very different, dry pancake. The almond flour provides tons of moisture and flavor and the the potato starch makes them very light, so the combo honestly produces the best textured pancakes I've ever had, gluten or not. :) Let me know if you give them a try, thank you! :)
  58. Can you make these ahead and freeze them?
      I haven't tried it so I'm not sure. Potato starch tends to dry out overtime in the fridge, but I am not sure how it works freezing them. If you try it please let me know!
  59. I love your blog and all your recipes, I've tried many of them! And I really wanted these to change my life, but they didn't. They were gluey and rubbery. I knew it must've been me because everyone else has had so much success with them. I tried twice with the same results. I want the fluffy ones! Lol
      Hi Elissa! What ingredient did you sub? The starch? Maybe a different type of almond flour? Did you use coconut milk and did you let the batter sit the full 20 minutes? I ask these because I know many times people make a recipe but sub ingredients and it just doesn't work, especially gluten-free. These are truly the opposite of gluey and rubbery, in fact, with the ingredient list, it's impossible for them NOT to be fluffy and they are very tender. I make them weekly and they turn out light and fluffy everytime. And all the prior who've made them have ended up with fluffy too :) I'm glad you've loved all my other recipes!
        One other thing...did you let the potato cool completely before blending? Because blending a hot potato gives a gluey texture, but even still the cornstarch and letting the batter sit should help with that. You should try these...they are my other very similar pancake recipe but with no potatoes or blending and is a simpler recipe, they are light and fluffy and delicious. They use pumpkin instead. If you don't like coffee, then you could use a plant milk instead and add cinnamon.
  60. Just came across this recipe on Pinterest and would love to try it for my pancake-loving famly! However, one of my kids is very allergic to nuts. Can you recommend a substitute for the almond flour?
      Hi Melissa! Almond flour really is best, but the other thing you can try is using ground up raw sunflower kernels into a "flour" (unsalted). Just grind them up in your food processor and then measure out the same amount as the almond flour, make sure to pat it down in the cup some and then level off with your finger. It may not be as fluffy and leave a sunflower taste, but overall I think it should work fairly well. Please let me know if you try it so I can make a note of it! Thank you!
  61. OMG.....I cannot believe how absolutely wonderful these are. So good and so sweet! I didn't use any syrup, I had it out but after the first bite I though Holy Smokes!!! No syrup needed! Amazing Brandi!!!
      Wonderful Louise! I'm so happy you loved these pancakes so much! You described them exactly as they should be! I honestly don't need syrup either as they are so moist and sweet without them! Thank you for the feedback and sharing on Facebook as well!
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  63. LIFE CHANGING!!! wowwwwww
      Yay!! I'm so glad to hear that!! They were for me too, haha!
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  65. My sweet potato will be so happy to know he has a purpose.
      Haha! Let me know if you try them!
  66. I want to make these for a group of ten. Has anyone tried doubling or tripling?
      Hi Denise! I've never tripled the recipe, but as long as you measure everything accurately and follow the steps, I don't see why it wouldn't work out just fine!
  67. I'm a little confused. Am I spraying only the cookie cutter so it doesn't stick or the space within? Seems like it read both ways in the recipe. Spray circle first & then spray cookie cutter each pancake. Thanks I'm excited to give these a try.
      Hi Missy! Just place the cookie cutter on the pan and then spray within the area inside the cookie cutter, this is so the batter doesn't stick to the cookie cutter when it's ready to flip. Hope that helps!
  68. These look amazing! I am building a community of vegans and would love for you to hop over and leave a recipe at
  69. these look so delicious!! xxo Jamie
      Thank you so much Jamie! They are very delicious!!
  70. Is it possible to used canned sweet potato since it's already cooked?
      Hi Loren! I don't see why not. I do believe canned sweet potatoes are more wet, so you may need slightly more starch, so the pancake batter isn't too thin, but it should still work. Let me know how it turns out!
  71. im making these right now. However, I am baking them in the oven in little tart pans, at 350... Hoping for the best! I am dairy, egg, soy, gluten free. Breakfast is the worst!
    • So I will say, they turned out amazing! I did turn the oven up to 400 for a total of 20 minutes. Best breakfast I've had in forever! Thank you!!
        Yay! I'm so happy to hear they worked well in the oven as well! Thank you so much for the feedback Danielle, I truly appreciate it!
  72. kim
    Just made them and they are great! I doubled the recipe and they were VERY filling
      I'm so happy to hear that, thank you so much for the feedback Kim!
  73. [...] of making these pancakes has been mounting all week. The stars had to align somewhat since this particular recipe [...]
  74. Thank you for this beautifully creative recipe!! I made a sugar-free version of them yesterday and they were utterly scrumptious!!
      Thank you so much Abigail for making them and I'm so happy you enjoyed them!!
  75. Love these! My wife and kids love them too (the kids love anything with chocolate chips though)! I bought Honeyville Almond Flour to get the best results, and I’m really happy with the texture. We recently had a family gathering where fajitas were being served. I eat an animal and gluten free diet so I decided to make these with corn instead of chocolate chips and they turned out GREAT! My brother made a bunch of smoked meat and instead of that being the star of the show everyone wouldn’t stop talking about the corn cakes. I topped them with beans, onions, green peppers, guacamole, and salsa and they were absolutely delicious. Every time someone would say how much they loved them I would say, “SEE! LIFE CHANGING!” Good laughs, and great pancakes.
      Aww I love this feedback Liam!! I love your creative twist on these, sounds so amazing! So glad everybody loved these so much! Thank you for making them and leaving feedback, I love hearing it :)
  76. So I have a very picky hubby. I have tried to sneak almonds and almond meal into many recipes,and it's a no go with him because somehow he can taste it! I don't know how,but he can always taste it and he thinks almonds taste like dirt. it's unfortunate because I personally lllooovveee almonds so I was wondering if I could sub cashew meal for almond meal? Reason I thought that would be a good sub is because it is still a fatty nut,but without the distinct a taste of almonds.
      Hi Angela!! Oh wow, that is too funny! I don't taste almonds at all in these but I know we are all different. You can certainly try cashew meal but I have NEVER used it before so I really have no idea how it would work. I do know that cashews are much more dry than almonds so if anything, it might make the pancakes a tad dry, but hopefully all the milk and sweet potato will make up for that. Please let me know how they turn out. I'll be dying to hear! I'm thinking it would work though!
  77. Eva
    Hi ! I was just wondering if this recipe could be made with unbleached almond flour ? Would it alter the texture of the pancakes ?
    • Eva
      I'm sorry, I meant to say unblanched* almond flour..
        Hi Eva! Yes, I think so, they just be slightly less fluffy, so I would add a couple tablespoons more possibly of the almond meal to make up for it. Let me know how they turn out! Thank you!
  78. First I wanted to check out your new broccoli post, but then you caught my attention with these pancakes. I love lifechanging stuff. Potato starch and coconut milk! Almond flour and chocolate chips! This sounds awesome!!
      Thank you so much Howie! They are unconventional for sure, but they truly are the fluffiest pancakes I've ever had....miles high better than any I've had in restaurants and especially considering they are vegan and gluten-free, it was a challenge but finally perseverance paid off!
  79. Hi Brandi, I am not sure if anyone asked you this, but I can't have Almonds, therefore, what other flours would you recommend?
    • Macadamia nut flour?
      Hi Amber! Can you have sunflower kernels? The almond flour is very important because it is what lends so much moisture to the pancakes, especially since there is no oil. My best suggestion would be to grind some unsalted sunflower kernels into a flour in a food processor, as fine as you can get it without it turning into a paste, just a few seconds. Use the same weight amount as the almond flour. Just fyi, it will change the flavor a bit and may make the pancakes more dense since blanched almond flour is lighter, but I think it should still work. I haven't tried it though. Let me know if you try it please!
  80. OMG! Those life changing pancakes are just that! I no longer want cake! I was not expecting them to be so delicious as i suspect many vegans either never liked food in the first place, or have had the majority of their tastebuds removed. Jeez. These are fantastic! THANK YOU! You have rescued my Sunday Brunch! xoxoxo PS- I want in the mood for choco chips, so i added frozen handpicked blueberries to the batter in the pan. Double OMG!
      Oh Barbara, your feedback made my day! I'm so happy to hear you loved these so much!! They really are life changing for me too! Thrilled you love them, thank you so much for letting me know how you liked them!!
  81. Hi Brandi, I'm going to give these a go, but will probably use blueberries as I'm not keen on chocolate for breakfast. Can they be frozen do you think?
      Oh my gosh Annie, I'm so sorry I missed this comment, feel free to email me anytime if I don't respond the same day! You can use frozen, but it will just make the batter bleed, but flavor should still be good! :)
  82. Where do I find the cookie cutter
      Hi Reed! I purchased mine at a store called Sur La is 4.5 inch round cookie cutter. Lots of kitchen supply stores sell them, or you can always look on Amazon.
  83. I have been waiting patiently for my cookie cutters to arrive in the mail. They came yesterday, so today was pancake day! These truly are like little cakes! I have only ever had true cake style pancakes like these in diners and my days of ordering pancakes in diners have long since passed! I've never produced a pancake like this at home, and I didn't know what I was missing. What a treat it was! So light and fluffy! Truly doesn't need syrup, but we used a little anyway. I always make a peanut butter syrup with equal parts peanut butter, water, apple sauce and maple syrup blended until smooth. I find it's a great way to stretch the syrup without adding too much sugar. With chocolate chips inside and peanut butter syrup and bananas slices on top, these pancakes were a dream! Thank you!
      Yay! I'm so happy to hear this amazing feedback April! Your feedback made my day and I'm thrilled they turned out so perfect! Your peanut butter syrup sounds delicious too!
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  85. Em
    I was out of ingredients for the regular pancakes I make on Saturday mornings and I stumbled upon this recipe. We have a new favorite now!! These are awesome! The funny thing is after starting making these I found I didn't have coconut milk so I used half regular milk and water. Then I didn't have enough almond flour so I used half almond and half white rice flour! These still turned out awesome! So soft and fluffy!
  86. so I'm gearing up to make theses delicious looking pancakes as we have tried other sweet potato pancake recipes with minimal success, I have bought all the ingredients as per your guidelines with one exception (i'll come back to that in a second) I don't have nor have I yet been able to find a large round metal cookie cutter. For now I have taken a large 28 oz tomato can and have cut it and taken the lid out to create a "cookie cutter" about 4 inches in diameter. Do yo think that will work? Your cookie cutter looks a bit bigger around but is kind of hard to tell. The one ingredient I couldn't find exactly was the almond flour. They did have organic almond meal,,,the question if I grind that up a bit more will that work? Thanks can't wait to try these. Love your site have been eating healthier, really just getting started on a vegan plan to help with my wife's fibromyalgia. We are about 21 days in and she seems to be feeling better, but we have a ways to go. Anyway thanks for the great recipes
      Hi Jeff! Yes, actually I think 4 inches will be just fine. The one I use is 4.5 inches, so yours will be a bit thicker, so just wait for them to look a bit dry on top and around the edges before removing the cutter and then flipping carefully over. The almond flour I used is blanched almond flour, but if you can't fine that, then I think almond meal should be just fine, just make sure to use the same weight amount. These have been one of my most popular recipes to date and are truly the best pancakes I've ever had, so I really think you will love them :) I also have some other pancake recipes as well that have rave reviews from readers, such as the peanut butter chocolate chip ones too, check those out. Let me know how they turn out for you! And congrats on the new vegan journey, I've been vegan over 3 years now and it has done nothing but positive, amazing things for my whole family's health!
  87. i have an allergy to coconut, is there anything I could use instead of coconut milk? I understand they may not be perfect without it but they sound amazing!
      Hi Abbie! For best results, make sure to sub with a very creamy milk, like cashew milk or you could try soy milk. I think either of those should work fine. Please let me know after you make them!
  88. Mine and my husband's all time favorite pancakes...I actually make waffles out the batter....and always double and triple the recipe because I love to have leftovers the next day!
      I'm so happy to hear that Elilta, thank you so much for the awesome feedback!
  89. Wanted to let you know that my family LOVES these pancakes! I've tried a LOT of different gf pancakes, and these are by far the best. My daughter has sensitivities to gluten, dairy and eggs, so recipes like these are gold! She's also sensitive to potato, so I subbed arrowroot flour for the potato starch and they came out perfect! I saw that you recommended NOT subbing with this (arrowroot) to someone else, so just wanted to let you know that for us it worked out nicely. I also used 2T of xylitol in place of the maple syrup and they taste great. I've made many batches and stock them in the freezer. Thanks again!
      Oh, I'm so glad to hear it worked out well for you Staecey! That is wonderful. SO happy you loved these! Thanks so much for the feedback!
  90. I made these with ground up sunflower seeds instead of the almond meal and they turned out fantastic! Thank you so much!
  91. Made this today and wow I'm so glad I did! Soft and delicious and really, no toppings needed! I didn't have chocolate chips so I used cacao nibs instead. Also I don't have a cookie cutter or non-stick pan but they still turned out amazing and fluffy using a normal pan with little coconut oil. Yummy, easy to make and bake = me likey!
  92. […] This recipe is a vegan-pancake game changer and I’m so, so glad that I came across it. I have The Vegan 8 to thank for it! check out the original recipe here: Life Changing Pancakes […]
  93. Hi! These pancakes look incredible! I was wondering if i could use all purpose flour instead of almond flour, i can't find it in Spain! Thank youuu :)
      Hi Teresa! No, unfortunately the almond flour is a must here, as that is the main flour and what yields so much moisture, since I don't use oil in my recipes. All purpose flour would yield a completely different pancake. I would suggest making these instead. Can you find spelt flour? That's what I use in this other pancake recipe and they are wonderful and fluffy. Spelt is best, but you can use regular flour if you can't find it, but I would use 2 tablespoons less since it tends to soak up more liquid and you can always add another tablespoon or so of milk if necessary to the batter. Here is the recipe: Let me know if you try those and drop me a line on that recipe!
  94. Oh. My. LANTA!!!!!! I think that about covers it. These are the hands down, best pancakes I've ever, EVER had. I didn't even use syrup, they were so lightly sweet and fluffy. These will be amazing for company, brunch, lazy Sundays...anytime!
      Thank you SO much Elyse for such incredible feedback! I agree, these are the best I've ever had as well and do not even need syrup because they are so moist! Thank you so much, so glad you enjoyed them!
  95. Hi Brandi! I enjoyed reading your post very much and love all the amazing ideas for ingredients in your recipes! After researching about vegan diets a few months back, I learned so much about the various substitutes that one can use in the most popular recipes, such as pancakes in your example. I am so surprised about how fluffy you were able to get your pancakes and just looking at your amazing photography makes my mouth water! Already having tried your simple vegan chocolate ice cream recipe using sweet potatoes, I fell in love with the idea of using sweet potatoes in various dishes. I cannot wait to try this recipe!
      Such a sweet comment Saini, thank you so much! I'm so glad you are enjoying the recipes! I hope you love these pancakes! They are my favorite and the cookie cutter makes them super fluffy! Thank you so much for the compliment on my photos too!
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  97. Can't wait to try! Do you think I could use full fat coconut milk?
      Hi Kelly! No, I wouldn't suggest full fat because it has a very high amount of fat in it and would make the pancakes too dense. I would suggest the "lite" coconut milk, cashew milk or soy milk should all work similarly. :)
    • B
      I used full fat coconut milk (so delicious that comes in the little carton) I just used less of it & added some water to thin it down
        Wonderful!! I'm so happy to hear you loved these pancakes so much and they are now your go-to!!
  98. Brandi, Lovely to make your acquaintance. Love discovering you thru Pinterest. The pancakes are every bit as awesome as everyone claims.! I did, however, change a few things. I didn't have lite coconut milk so I had to add a smidgen more liquid by using full fat. I did cut back the maple syrup by half because I don't do sweet, however, I also cut the vanilla in half and added half of almond extract (yum!) I switched out the chocolate chips with raisins (made up for the smaller amount of maple ayrup) I also added a little cinnamon and a little ground clove (love my seasonings.) WOW! I also used a cast iron pan on the lowest setting I could get with my camper gas range...AND... Instead of a metal cookie cutter, I used a silicon egg circle that has a metal stem with a silicon know on the end. Nothing sticks to silicone and the cast iron pan is well seasoned so nothing sticks to it either. I also put a lid on the pan to ensure more even cooking. Tiny modifcations.. but they were still fabulous. Thank you SO much. I will be following you from now on (I have a bunch of allergies and these didn't get ANY reactions... phew!)
      Yes, such tiny modifications, so I'm glad they worked out and I'm so happy you loved them Helen! Thank you so much for the feedback!! I will have to look out for that kind of silicone cutter! I make all my pancakes on a griddle now, no longer a pan, so it makes for wonderful, fast weekend breakfasts!
  99. These were the best pancakes I've ever had. Wow! I would have never thought to blend in sweet potatoes in my pancake mix. My friends absolutely loved these. I highly recommend to anyone with a sweet tooth! I will definitely be making these again and will try more of your recipes Cheers, Steve
      Thank you so much Steve for such awesome feedback! I'm so very happy to hear you and your friends loved these pancakes, they are my favorite too! Thank you!
  100. These are up there with best pancakes ever! Filling and delicious.
      Yay! Thank you so much! So glad you loved them so much! Thank you for the feedback!
  101. Hello! These look amazing! I tried to look through the comments(So many...congratulations), to find a substitute answer but got overwhelmed by all of them. I live in Mexico and it is very hard to find some specialty items. Is there anything I can sub for potato starch? We get Bob's Red Mill, but not a huge variety. Thank you!
      Hi Christina! Thank you. The best sub is cornstarch, it will not make them as fluffy though, but it is the best sub there is for potato starch. Hope that helps!
  102. Good day I am so thrilled I found your blog page, I really found you by error, while I was searching on Yahoo for something else, Anyhow I am here now and would just like to say thank you for a tremendous post and a all round exciting blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read it all at the minute but I have book-marked it and also added in your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the great b.
      Thank you so much Susanne! I hope you love the recipes!
  103. Very interested in trying this recipe. Can the batter be poured into a sheet pan and baked?
  104. B
    Made these this morning for my daughter who can't have wheat, oats or dairy & limited eggs. These check all the boxes but are so good! I have not had good luck with grain free pancakes in the past, & can't use my go to oat flour pancakes anymore. I actually liked these better than the oat ones! And my daughter loves them, she said they taste like french toast. I left out the syrup in the batter, and subbed applesauce for the sweet potato bc that's what I had handy. I also added blueberries instead of choc. chips. They really are delicious thanks for the recipe!
      I'm so very happy to hear that, thank you so much for the feedback!
  105. HI!! I was curious how much this recipe made? I am cooking just for one. thanks!!
      This makes 6 large pancakes using about 1/4 cup batter for each one :)
      • thank you so much!! Ps. Is ener-g egg replacer simliar to potato starch?
          While they both are starch, the ener-g egg replacer has leavening and also tapioca starch and gum in it, which will make it act much more like glue and binding, so it's not going to give the same fluffy, light results as potato starch. It would make the pancakes very tough and like glue.
          • Wow! I feel like you are changing my life with vegan cooking:) Thank you so much! I plan to make these wonderful pancakes this weekend and will post on my social media and tag you. I loved your cashew alfredo sauce. Cant wait to make this!! :)
            Aww that is the best compliment Francesca, thank you! I can't wait to hear what you think of these, as well!
  106. These are INCREDIBLE! My favorite of your pancakes that I've made. Love these! You named these perfectly.
      Yay!! So happy to hear that Jessica, these are my favorite too! Thank you so much for letting me know you made them!
  107. These came out perfect! We have made them with great success from 3-day leftover batter, with and without chocolate chips. A couple things I learned are: 1. Keep the heat fairly low. We don't want the outside to burn before the fat inside cooks through. Although they taste good even when they aren't cooked through, and no raw egg to worry about! The three minute cooking time is essential. 2. I ran out of lite coconut milk in the middle of cooking one morning so I used in addition 3/4 cup So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk, the kind from the carton. Mine happened to be vanilla flavored so I went light on the vanilla. Made no difference! 3. I went to four stores and could not find a large round cookie cutter, so I ended up buying a 4 inch egg frying thing at Bed Bath and Beyond. It works perfectly! And I don't have to use tongs to remove it because it has its own built in wooden handle. 4. Spreading on coconut oil with a brush or silicone brush works just as well as spraying oil. I didn't want to go out and buy a spray oil just for this recipe, so I'm pleased that worked out as well. Thanks so much for the stellar vegan, grain-free recipe Brandi! This is like the ONLY one on the internet. I am so grateful.
      So awesome to read this Stacy, thank you so much for the amazing feedback! Really appreciate it!
  108. All I can say is "SO FLUFFY, I'M GONNA DIE!!" well, I have more to say :) These pancakes were so delicious! I made a small one to taste test before I made more for the kids and OH EM GEE, I was making little ones as I made theirs and eating them while theirs were cooking! I did not use a cookie cutter and they turned out just as fluffy. These are satisfying with out feeling Blah, they are high in nutrition and ideal for sports snack which I love. Thank you for another flippin fantastic recipe!
      Awww, yay Tami! Thank YOU so much for this amazing feedback, it truly made my day and I really LOVED your photos of it on Instagram! They look magical and perfect! Thank you for this glowing review!
  109. All I can say is that you make the absolute best pancakes! These look amazing, my gosh. I'm really enjoying the recipes on your site. I'm printing this one out to make. :)
      That is such a sweet compliment! Thank you so very much!
  110. Wondering if you ever put them in the freezer. Started to look through comments to see if any one did but way to many comments to go through. I have health issues so when I cook or bake I do extra and freeze it for the bad days. I am definitely going to try these. Thanks
  111. Hi! Synchroncity! I have been looking for a fabulous vegan gluten free pancake recipe that's good. I'm trying this one out and will let you know. I've tried many different ones and I don't make pancakes or waffles anymore because I haven't found a good recipe. My family will be so excited! Any fantastic waffles recipes? What brand/model food processor do you recommend? What brand cooking pans do you recommend? What brand/model waffle maker do you recommend? Thank you! Patty Smith
      Hi Patty! These are amazing, light, fluffy and moist. Just make sure to follow the steps and weigh the ingredients and don’t sub and they will be amazing. A food processor is best, as a blender can overpriced things and make the sweet potato overblend and make the texture chewy. This is the one I use, it's the 11 cup food processor by Cuisinart for $169 and I've had it for years and love it. I use it for making all my nut butters, dips, cheeses, etc. :)
  112. Hi! Can a Vitamix blender be used instead of the food processor or is it not really recommended? Thanks!

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