Vegan Fudgy Coconut Butter Brownies

Vegan Fudgy Coconut Butter Brownies

The ULTIMATE vegan brownie! Fudgy Coconut Butter brownies that rival any traditional brownie, guaranteed. Vegan, gluten-free and only 8 ingredients. These are HUGE hits and declared "Best" brownies even among non-vegans!


I did it….I finally did it….no, I didn’t win the lottery…..I made some absolutely perfect fudgy vegan brownies! So, I guess I won the brownie lottery because I finally perfected the brownie least in my eyes. This is a detailed post, but I truly am passionate about sharing my experiences in the kitchen.

It’s kind of a known thing that brownies are really rich because of their traditional butter, refined sugar and white flour, right?

I knew I had to mimic that taste and texture....but without all of those ingredients. Oh, I made them gluten-free and oil-free too....but you'd never know. These fudgy brownies are not low calorie or low fat....they are brownies. I like my brownies rich and sweet. In fact, whenever I see a dessert labeled fat-free or sugar-free, that usually screams artificial chemicals! Using bananas or avocados just isn't going to cut it here on flavor, either. I wanted them to both taste and look authentic.

Brownies Made With Healthy Ingredients

These bad boys are not full of processed junk and they are ingredients I feel good about. Plus, I love that they are oil-free....which you hardly ever see in a brownie recipe. That said, control yourself and don't eat the whole pan at once. They are so rich though, honestly one is very satisfying.

Look at that crackle top.....

I've tasted a few vegan brownies before and they were ok, but never knocked my socks off...typically too mushy and always containing ingredients I didn't love or needed to sub.

I have been baking for years and am very comfortable with it, but when I started baking gluten-free, I learned there are about a billion different flours and they ALL produce different results. It's not as easy as just throwing white flour, sugar and eggs together. It is even more challenging when trying to fit everything within 8 ingredients.

But I have learned a lot through trial and error with gluten-free flours and starches. I have perfected recipes with what I have learned. I have high standards with brownies and I finally got what I was after.

My 7 taste testers can account for their authenticity. I had my friend's family and her children (all not vegan), as well as my hubby and daughter, give their big approval. My friend called them "fudgy, perfect texture, moist, wow, and I can't think of one criticism"! Do you know how happy and relieved I was to hear this?! I had worked to perfect these gluten-free brownies, that once I nailed it, I was thankful that others loved it too. Each of us have our own opinions though, so you be the judge and try them yourself. 🙂

Well, I tried many different flours, amounts, liquids, dry sweetener, liquid sweetener, etc. Then I stepped back and thought about what I wanted in my brownies, but have them still taste as rich and decadent as any of the best brownies out there.

Here was my criteria:

  • vegan, obviously
  • gluten-free….without needing 3 or 4 different flours
  • oil-free…without the use of vegan butter
  • fudgy
  • rich
  • sweet
  • very thick and substantial
  • to bake evenly and not dip in the center, like so many recipes
  • the famous crackle top
  • 8 ingredients....duh

How I did it?

  • Well, my first issue was using almond normal go-to flour. It was making the brownies too tender, not enough structure and too moist, if you can believe that. I needed them fudgy and substantial....ya know, like a brownie.
  • I decided to just use oat flour as the main flour and instead of oils, use rich "butters"...a combo in fact, and that turned out to be AMAZING. I used smooth, creamy coconut butter in place of all the oil and butter you typically see in a brownie recipe. Then I added some smooth almond butter as well. The almond butter is much thicker and heavier and gives the brownies their fudge quality and the coconut butter makes them creamy and full of flavor. It's just a hint of coconut though, not overpowering at all.
  • I also got rid of using any leavening agent! Gasp! Going against the rules! But you know what...I'm not a rule follower, I go with what WORKS. For this recipe, once I took out the leavening, they become the perfect, fudgy brownie. Just perfect. They get enough rise from the oats and tapioca, as they rise some when baked.
  • Don't overcook them. Brownies can quickly go from fudgy to cake-like with just a minute or two. I took them out while they still had a few crumbs (not liquid) on the toothpick because they are still slightly cooking, upon removal, and they end up being the perfect texture.

I make my own coconut butter for my recipes too. Super easy. You can do this if you have a food processor, or just use store bought.

Regarding substitues: If you don't like coconut, then these brownies may not be for you. However, the coconut is just a hint, not overpowering. I'm afraid subbing the coconut with all nut butter would be too heavy. For goodness sakes, do not sub with coconut oil! That would make them a brick of greasy oil. I do not recommend subbing though, because I tested this recipe many times and the coconut butter is a major ingredient and what worked so well. For a nut-free version, you can try creamy sunbutter in place of the almond butter. I haven't tried it yet though.

These vegan brownies contain both almond butter and coconut butter for the ultimate rich, fudginess that we all love in a brownie. 

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Fudgy Coconut Butter Brownies

The absolute best vegan brownie! Fudgy Coconut Butter brownies that rival any traditional brownie, guaranteed. Vegan, gluten-free and only 8 ingredients. These are HUGE hits and declared "Best" brownies even among non-vegans!
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 21 minutes
Total Time 36 minutes
Servings 16 brownies
Author Brandi Doming


  • 3/4 cup superfine oat flour 96g
  • 1/2 cup 48g high quality unsweetened natural cocoa powder, not dark cocoa (I used Ghirardelli)
  • 3 tablespoons 24g tapioca starch
  • 1/2 teaspoon 3g fine sea salt
  • 1/2 cup 120g semi-sweet dairy-free chocolate chips
  • 1 cup 320g pure maple syrup, room temp
  • 3/4 cup 180g melted coconut butter (it MUST be melted as a liquid, see directions)
  • 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons 96g roasted creamy almond butter (roasted is important, as it's oilier/smoother)
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons 8g vanilla extract


  • I don't recommend subbing any ingredient as this recipe was tested many times and each ingredient works harmoniously and I can't vouch for how subs will turn out. Do not sub with extra almond butter or other nut butters in place of the coconut butter, as that would make it too heavy and oily. Definitely do not sub with coconut oil! Coconut butter works to ensure it is creamy, moist and has a light effect when baked, much different than the oil.


  1. I cannot recommend a scale enough with baking. I have used this one for years and love it! Make sure you are zeroing out in between each ingredient and add them slowly as to not too much. We all measure differently and using a scale will yield accurate results as the recipe is written and shown. Being slightly off in flours or liquids can really alter the results.
  2. Preheat an oven to 350°F and lightly spray an 8x8 aluminum or light metal pan with nonstick spray. I tested these in a dark metal pan and found the edges to burn too quickly, so therefore not recommended.
  3. To a large bowl, add the oat flour, cocoa powder, tapioca starch and salt. Whisk well. Stir in the chocolate chips.
  4. You can use homemade coconut butter or store-bought. I like the MaraNatha brand. Regarding the coconut butter...before adding, it needs to be the consistency of oil, as pictured. It should be 100% smooth and runny. Just make sure it is melted and in complete liquid form when measuring 3/4 cup. The jars at the store will be solid, so the best way to work with this is to take off the lid, heat up the jar in the microwave for 15-30 seconds or so, just until it becomes soft enough to scoop it all out into a separate container. I find this is the best way to stir it and mix up the separated coconut meat and oil and totally smooth, as well as storing it this way for future use. After adding it to the container, heat a few more seconds if needed to soften it just until you can stir it a bit until it all comes together, is runny and smooth. See pic in post. Be very careful about overheating coconut butter or it will burn it and make it mealy.
  5. Add the liquid coconut butter to a separate bowl, then the room temperature syrup, almond butter, vanilla and stir until very smooth and well mixed. It is important that the other liquids are at room temperature, because if they are cold, it can cause the coconut butter to separate.
  6. Now, pour the liquid into the dry ingredients and stir until well combined. The batter will be thick. Immediately pour into the prepared pan, as the batter thickens up quickly from the oats. Spread out evenly to the edges and dampen your fingertips, if necessary.
  7. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Mine were perfect at 21 minutes on all 4 batches. However, due to oven variances, yours may cook faster or take a little longer. They are done when a toothpick comes out with a few sticky crumbs on it (not liquid), the edges have slightly pulled from the pan and the top is beginning to crackle. Be VERY careful about over-baking so they don't dry up.
  8. Let the brownies cool in the pan 45 minutes, untouched. This is crucial so they don't fall apart. Resist the urge to cut them early. Cut them gently after the 45 minutes, cool another 10, then serve! Cover with foil and store at room temperature.

Recipe Notes

Nutrition per brownie (based on 16): 191 calories, 9.6g fat, 2.5g protein, 26.6g carbs, 3.5g fiber, 16g sugar, 64mg sodium


  1. Brandi. those brownies are beautiful, I mean it perfect vegan brownies. I will be making these beauties. I wish I could re blog but don't know to do it with your blog. They are gorgeous. I am so excited for you. You really did good!!
      Thank you so much Suzanne!! It has been a loong labor of love, haha. Oh, I can't wait to hear what you think!!!
  2. WOW!!!! Congratulations Brandi on making these amazing looking brownies!!! They totally look like a "regular" brownie with that gorgeous crackly top and dense, fudgy-looking crumb. I totally trust that you and all of your cooking trials have perfected the best vegan, gluten-free, oil-free brownie ever--you are killing it in the kitchen! So...can I come over? I'll bring the ice cream ;)
      You are way too sweet Erika!! Thank you so much! Too many trials to count...seriously my recipe notepad has so many versions that just didn't cut it. Yes, I was thinking of posting a pic with ice cream on top and I forgot darnit!! lol! Come on over!
  3. I am seriously glad to see these. I have had SO many brownie failures! These look perfect-o!
      Thank you Annie! Oh gosh, ME TOO, ME TOO! I have tried to make vegan, gluten-free brownies so many times and I just got made everytime. Well, the brownie gods were with me this past weekend, haha! I had to totally rethink my method and then it worked :)
  4. These look amazing Brandi! I wish I could make them but we have oat and nut allergies (including coconut allergies). :(I love looking at you photos! They are always beautiful and mouth watering.
      Aww thank you Holly! I'm so sorry to hear about so many allergies :(. You could try subbing the oat with a gluten-free all purpose flour, cashew butter for coconut butter and sunbutter for almond...but with all those changes, I don't know how they'd turn out. Don't worry though, I'm already beginning to work on another version :)
  5. MAKING THESE! OMG there is SO MUCH love that went into these brownies...AMAZING JOB!
      Oh, I can't wait to hear Brittany what you think!! Thank you so much...yes, lots of love, you are so right!!! :)
  6. I know you had said you have tried numerous versions but have tried flax seed as the egg replacer instead of tapioca starch? If so how did they turn out?
      Flaxseed won't work instead of tapioca, since tapioca is a starch and it balances out the other liquids and also helps to somewhat ruse the brownies and contribute to the browning on top. Using flaxseed would make the batter more liquidy I'm afraid and change the other ratio of ingredients.
  7. Oh yum. Totally want to try these although there is one ingredient I don't have... but I feel like arrowroot would be an easy sub for the tapioca, no?
      Hi Janet! Arrowroot could possibly be subbed, but it doesn't perform quite the same as tapioca when baked. I like tapioca because it gives a little rise and helps brown the top and keep things moist. That's why I tend to always use tapioca because it keeps things very moist and works so well as binding. Arrowroot also thickens up the batter much quicker and can be drying. You can try the arrowroot, but not sure how it will affect the final fudgy quality. Let me know! :)
  8. What can I say except YUM! These look like perfect brownies. Wondering if you could move in next door and I could be your taste tester? PS - you might not like the cold Canadian winters though.....
      Thank you Cindy so much! Sure, why not....oh, but yes, I'm a Texan and am afraid I'd just die in that cold weather :)
  9. Perfect is right. I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner :DCheers CCU
      Sounds good to me!
  10. oh wow. that top and the fudgy middle! these brownies are perfect!
      Aww thank you Richa!! :)
  11. Oh my word Brandi, you are amazing! Those brownies look absolutely perfect and I love how much healthier they are. You are a genius. YUM!
      You are so sweet, thank you Melanie!! Best part is they taste just as rich as unhealthy brownies, no lie!
  12. Bravo, Brandi! Your perseverance totally paid off because these brownies look as dense, rich, fudgy and glorious as the full fat version. I can't get over how gorgeous they are, especially with that perfect crackly top! Now I have to get my hands on some coconut butter. Good thing you cautioned against using coconut oil because I didn't even stop to think that they were two different things.
      Thank you so much Nancy! It was a lot of time and work coming to these, but well worth the wait. I'm so excited at how they turned out, that I'm already working on some other versions for readers too. :)
  13. I love how far the world of vegan baking has come! Even the strongest skeptic couldn't resist these! They look glorious!
      Thank you so much Mary! Yes, all my taste testers (besides my hubby and daughter) were not vegan and absolutely loved them! There is absolutely no detecting that these are missing anything than a "regular" brownie. Honestly, I like them better than any brownies I've ever had. :)
  14. Your many trials and hard work certainly paid off. These look absolutely perfect :)
      Thank you so much Whitney!!
  15. This just looks delicious, I love how you take stuff everyone loves and just make it healthier. Keep 'em coming!
      Thank you so much Gael! I appreciate that...I love taking an indulgent dessert and making it healthier and gluten-free and oil-free, but still tastes just as indulgent. Can't beat a brownie recipe that doesn't need 4 or more different flours either, like most gluten-free ones! Easy and fast! :)
  16. These look great! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!
  17. I am so going to make them, dear Brandi! They look fraking delicious too! I can't wait to make them!Yummmmmmm! You nailed them perfectly indeed! :) x
      Oh, please let me know how they turn out Sophie! They really are incredibly delicious! :)
  18. Ooh, these do look perfect chica! Celeste :)
      Thank you so much Celeste!!
  19. They look usual. Hope you are going to write a vegan desserts book soon:)
      Aww that's a wonderful compliment, thanks Pavithra!! xx
  20. These are yummy looking brownies! I'm glad I found this recipe. Will try it next time!
      Thank you so much Apsara!! :)
  21. These look fab!!! Just found your website recently and I must say you are a very talented lady! I am really enjoying following your blog and trying new recipes :) Just a question re. the tapioca starch - where did you find it? I have a Whole Foods in my city and I'm hoping it will be in there - in the baking section maybe? Thanks
      You are so sweet Jules! So glad you found me! Yay! Yes, you can totally get tapioca at whole foods. I am even able to get it at both of my local grocery stores in the specialty flour section. Tapioca starch and tapioca flour are the same thing, fyi. I use it in practically every baked recipe on my blog, so you will definitely get your money's worth! I can't wait to hear feedback on the recipes you make. Thanks so much!
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  23. My left hand is covered in brownie batter as I type this message. I've doubled the recipe, and I'm trying it out in a mini muffin pan. If the finished product tastes half as good as the batter on my fingers, then I am a believer. I'll reply with my success (or failure) given the changes I made. So excited! Thanks for devising such a wonderful recipe :)
      Awesome Ariel! I love to be covered in brownie batter, haha! I can't wait to hear how they turned out for you! They've been so popular! Did you sub anything or just put them in mini muffin pans? Thanks for your feedback :)
  24. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! I have tried many vegan brownie recipes and none turned out quite right until this one. Your perserverance really paid off! I made them for my office and they were a huge hit with vegans and nonvegans alike. They are my new go-to brownie recipe and my new gluten-free friendly go to.
      Yay Melinda!! Thank you so much for the awesome feedback and I'm so glad to hear that you and your coworkers loved them so much, even non vegans! That's always music to my ears! Thanks so much for the feedback!
      Oh and thank you for tagging me on Instagram as well, with your pics of the brownies!!
  25. I found my way here by some googleplay, the ingredients really caught my attention, especially the coco n almondbutters. Never before have I tried any other but the sugary brownies, so, I'd like to thank you for the recipe, these were amazing!
      Ahhh I love that you found me through google Telic! Thank you so muc for the awesome glad you loved the brownies, I love getting feedback, thanks so much!
  26. Hi there, Thanks for the recipe, this fits most of my "criteria" for healthy desserts for my family too! I just made these and they are cooling now so I haven't tasted them, but the batter tasted delightful. I was just wondering though, I didn't get the beautiful shiny crackly top that yours did, and I followed the recipe to the letter. What do you think causes that, and how can I make that happened next time? Thanks so much!
      Hi Rebecca! Thank you so much for making them! Hmm, I'm not sure, I make them all the time and they always have the crackle topping and so have everybody who has made, the only thing I can think is perhaps since every oven varies, maybe they needed to be cooked longer. The crackle comes towards the end from the oils of the coconut butter and almond butter cooking and baking to form the crackle crust on top. Maybe perhaps they just needed another couple minutes of baking. Each oven can vary so much. Also, did you make sure to measure the coconut butter at a complete pourable liquid, not just softened, but liquid? That way to ensure you are getting enough coconut butter in the recipe to help with the top as well.As long as they taste fabulous, that is the main thing, but try cooking them a little longer is my only guess without being there to see. Let me know how they turned out! Thanks :)
  27. They look delicious but looks like you baked them in an aluminum pan?? Glass is always a better choice.
      Hi Susan, thanks! They are delicious regardless of the pan you use, so feel free to use any pan/dish you like. The aluminum is what I have and it worked for me, but if you want to use glass, then that works too. I use glass and stainless steel and parchment paper for probably 90% of my cooking/baking, so this is one of the few recipes that doesn't use glass or stainless steel.
  28. Has any one tried peanut butter instead of almond butter? I love peanut butter. Also it's less costly. It seems so similar to almond butter in thickness and oil content. Thanks.
      Hi Allan! You could definitely use peanut butter in place of almond butter, I don't see why not. If you don't mind the peanut butter taste, then go for it and please, please come back and let me know how they turned out! Thanks!
  29. These will be in my belly this weekend. Kudos to you for not giving up on the recipe development process! From one stubborn gal to another. :)
      Awesome! Thank you so much...please come back and leave me feedback here, can't wait to hear what you think!!
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  31. Wow, these look amazing!!! Is tapoica starch healthy and shouldn't we use cacao powder instead of cocoa powder? Sorry, just curious!! I could scarf these down in seconds :)
      Hi Malini! I don't know if tapioca is technically "healthy" or not, all I know is it is from the cassava plant and it is vegan and gluten-free and it works amazing as an egg substitue and I use it for a lot of my baking needs. These are brownies, so I'm not concerned at it being perfectly "healthy" and the recipe doesn't use a large amount of tapioca anyways. I look at desserts as treats and trust me, you are only going to need one brownie to satisfy at a time, they are rich, so enjoy! Oh, and feel free to use cacao instead of cocoa. I use raw cacao in my raw desserts but list cocoa powder in baking just because I know the majority of people out there are going to choose the easy, less expensive route. Thanks and please let me know if you make these! :)
      • Any thoughts on subbing carob for the cocoa? I am allergic to cocoa! Thanks in advance.
          Hi Jolly! I wish I could help on that but I have never used carob before and have NO idea what the taste would be. I have heard it tastes nothing like chocolate and is an acquired taste. If you like it, you can try it but I have never tried it, so I just don't know unfortunately.
          • Thank you. I'll have to give it a try with the carob. It is a different taste from chocolate, but you can come to like it!
  32. I made them this afternoon and I'm so happy with the result !! That's the first ever my mum and dad really like a vegan baking ! They always say that my baking things taste different and they never really like it but my dad said today "I didn't even noticed that was vegan !" I'm soooo happy !!! Thank you !
  33. Omg! Made these and they are to die for. I am not gluten, dairy, oil, or sugar free and they are every bit as good if not better than conventional brownies!!!
      Sarah, you are awesome! Thank you so much for the amazing feedback! It really is amazing but people just don't realize you don't need all that junk to have an amazing dessert that TASTES like it is full of junk! That is always my huge goal for testing and testing, so I'm thrilled when people feel the same way. My friends are not vegan or gluten-free and absolutely die over them too. Thank you so much for letting me know and for making them :) :)
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  35. I made these this afternoon. They came out delicious!
      Thanks so much for the feedback Laura! I'm so happy to hear that, I really appreciate you letting me know :)
  36. I cooked these for an extra seven minutes this time and they were chewy but firm and held together very well - perfect for the party I took them to. Everyone was shocked they were vegan and gluten free!
      Wonderful! I'm so glad to hear that everybody loved them! Always exciting when people are shocked they are vegan and gluten-free! Thank you for the feedback!
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  38. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and this brownie recipe. It looks amazing! I've yet to make a vegan brownie recipe that actually has a crackle top! However, I'm not gluten free and was wondering if I could sub whole wheat flour? Thanks!
      Hi Karen! I think using whole wheat pastry flour should work fine in place of the oat flour, but I haven't tried it, so I'm hoping it would still work out fine. Or, you don't technically have to be gluten-free to use the oat flour if you like, I just love how oat flour helps them fluff up. :) But let me know if you use wheat flour. I don't think it would alter the taste too much. Let me know how it turns out! Also, some ovens vary, so make sure to cook it long enough to where the top has begun to crack. Thank you!
  39. I just made these for a potluck tomorrow, but I already cheated and ate one and they really are super amazing! I even subbed things even though I wasn't supposed to!! Subs were just cornstarch instead of tapioca (didn't have time today to go to the store that had tapioca) and I used 1/2 cup oat flour but then 1/4 cup teff flour (ran out of oat flour, didn't realize til I started mixing). I was nervous because there was no baking powder, but they turned out so good! SO good! Now maple syrup just needs to get cheaper in Germany so I can eat them all the time. Thanks for this!
      Awesome Nicole!! I'm so happy to hear that it worked out even with your subs, that makes me happy! Yes, that is actually my little secret to fudgy brownies, is no leavening agent, or very little at that. Using leavening makes them more cake-like, in most cases, so leave it out and it's fudgy! Thanks so much for leaving feedback, so glad you like them and I hope you'll let me know how they are received at the potluck tomorrow! :)
  40. What a brilliant recipe! I made these yesterday and this will now be my go to brownie recipe. I doubled the recipe and of course it took a little longer to bake. Mine did not come out as crinkly on the top, but close :). I love to bake and when I switched to a whole food plant based diet trying to avoid sugar, oil, and salt all my favorite baking recipes when aside. I have not made the time to be creative with them yet. I am so pleased to have these as part of my Christmas cookie trays this year! I cut them into mini bites so a double batch goes a long way. Thank you again!!
      Thank you so much Kathleen for such wonderful feedback and your kind words, they really made me smile! I am so happy to hear that this is now your "go-to brownie recipe"! I never make another either, they are just too good! Thank you again for letting me know, I really appreciate it!
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  42. Bingo! Looks like I have found my perfect healthy brownie recipe.what do u think about substituting honey instead of maple syrup. Also, what do u think about subbing white whole wheat flour instead of oat?waiting 2 hear from u soon.I will bake these 2nite! Thank u so much!
      Hi Carmen! Subbing white whole wheat instead of oat flour will yield a different texture result and might make them a bit drier or tougher. I haven't tried it so I can't say for sure the result or exact amount to use, but since wheat flour is so much more finely ground than oat flour, then you will need less than called for. What I would try is to eliminate the tapioca starch in this recipe and just use 3/4 cup of white whole wheat flour. The batter should be thick, but still spreadable, not overly thick like cookie dough. I really hope it doesn't dry them out. Also, as far as honey I never use it. It is much sweeter and a lot thicker than maple syrup, so again a different result and flavor. You would probably need a bit less because of how sweet it is and thick...but to avoid the batter being too dry, maybe just add enough plant milk or something. These are just guesses since I haven't tested it...I can only vouch for the above recipe.Please let me know if you try these changes and let me know how it turns out! Or, if you can try it as above, it is really amazing and worth it!!
  43. Hey there - my name is Nancy - newbie vegan here! (well part time vegetarian all along-lol) Anywho I found this lil ditty of a recipe on Pinterest! ( I knowwwww pintrest!!! Heehee the mindless hours of pinning) Soooooo I had to comment an tell you first off we are friends in my head now after this recipe. Anyone who could put there foot in a brownie the you did I need to know this person an learn the vegan Jedi ways. I love this blog thank you for making the switch so tasty and easy I wanna be vegan but like a "dirty" vegan with all the good ole food! Thanks again so much please keep up the awesome work.
      Awww Nancy, you are a sweetheart!! I'm so happy you found me and that you love these brownies so much!! Thank you for following and let me know if you ever need anything and leave me feedback on any future recipes, I'd love to hear! :)
  44. Brandi as I mentioned on Instagram, these Brownies turned out perfectly. I was so glad to finally prove my omnivore family wrong, since they claimed that you simply cannot bake without eggs. I don't even blame them because my attempts in vegan baking usually didn't go well. But this recipe worked and convinced them that it IS possible not to use eggs or butter. Thanks again! :D
      I'm so glad to hear that you proved them wrong, haha! Thank you so much Mila for making them and I'm so glad you loved them so much!! Thank you for the feedback, I love hearing it!
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  46. Made these with peanut butter as I didn't have almond butter on hand. Delicious, particularly with the addition of little nuts from the crunchy peanut butter. Fudgey with a crunchy top, as advertised. Thanks so much.
  47. Amazing! I can't wait to try these!Have you ever tried freezing these (to defrost and eat later?). I will either have to eat one and immediately leave them at someone else's house, or eat one and freeze the rest. Freezing them seem like the better option :) I would eat the whole pan in one setting if they were left on the counter.
      Hi Lindsey! Thank you so much! I actually haven't tried freezing them yet. I actually hardly ever freeze any baked goods because we eat them so fast, lol! I'd imagine they would do just fine frozen though, just keep in mind, these contain coconut butter which will make them really hard, so reheat in the microwave afterwards if you like. Let me know if you try them!
  48. Perfect!! As advertised. These were a big hit at a non vegan potluck. Thanks so much! I will make again
      That's so wonderful to hear Cynthia!! I love it when my recipes impress even all the non-vegans! Yay! Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it!
  49. Oh my goodness Brandi! Wow. Just wow. Look at those beauties with that classic shiny, crackly topping. I just adore the ingredients list - I can't wait to make these!!!
  50. Making these now. I am using an egg. We aren't vegan and I didn't have tapioca powder. I'm sure they will be differences, but the rest of the ingredients would taste fabulous uncooked, so I can't imagine them tasting bad. We also subbed sunbutter. I have high hopes. Can't wait!!!
      Hope they turn out with all those changes, good luck!
  51. Hi there. thanks for the recipe. I tried to make them today, followed everything to the T but they came out very dry. What do you think the problem was? thanks
      Hi Laura, that's very odd, these are anything but dry. There are dozens of reviews above with all amazing success, as these are very, very moist. In fact, it's nearly impossible for them to be dry with all of the almond butter and coconut butter in them. The only way that could lead them to be on the drier side would be an accidental mis-measurement of an ingredient or cooking them too long. Did you melt the coconut butter to a complete liquid before measuring or sub any one of the ingredients? It's hard to say what went wrong on your end without seeing what you did, but these brownies are extremely moist, so I'm sorry I'm not sure.
  52. These looked amazing in the pic and I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but these were insanely sweet and difficult to choke down. Myself and even my 11 year old sweet-loving son said that they were too sweet and hurt his stomach. I will definitely try these again, but with probably 1/2 Cup maple syrup instead of 1 full cup. Thank you for the recipe. The flavor was good, just WAY too sweet to eat.
      Hey, we all have different tastebuds, no worries! You are actually the very first person to say that! I'm actually surprised because I honestly thought when I made them that they could be a bit sweeter, haha! :) But, yes, if you are not used to sweets too often or like things more mild, then definitely adjust the sweetness to your liking. Thank you for making them! Oh and I probably wouldn't decrease it by a 1/2 cup, that will make them bitter, that is quite a lot, so if anything at the most a 1/4 cup. With all the cocoa powder, they definitely need some sweetness or they will be bitter.
  53. [...] and who says you could only eat this delicious-looking dish during the  Easter holidays? Fudgy Coconut Butter Brownies  via The Vegan 8 An oldie but even from just looking at it goodie recipe: gluten-free rich brownies [...]
  54. I made these brownies today and they are hands down the BEST brownies ever - vegan or otherwise. They are truly amazing. I just also want to say thank you for making your brilliant recipes available.
  55. Brandi!!!! I am almost ashamed, ok, totally ashamed, that it took me THIS LONG to make these brownies! Holy moly. This chocolate addict, permanent sweet tooth friend of yours is in HEAVEN!!! Hands down the best brownies I've tried/made...perfection. I love how fudgy and moist (I hate that word, but can't think of another one) they are and that coconut butter-almond butter combo is to die for. So rich, melt in your mouth delicious!!! If I can break away from the obsession I have with this recipe, I'd like to try your other brownie recipe. You're amazing!!! ❤️
      Hahaha best feedback ever Mandy!! I can't thank you enough for trying them and sharing your beautiful pic on IG! I'm beyond thrilled that you loved these so much and wow, thank you for the awesome compliment!! xoxo
  56. These look amazing Brandi!
      Thank you so much Penny!
  57. Could you use arrowroot in place of the tapioca? These look amazing!
      Hi Debbie! Yes, I think that should work. Tapioca makes things more moist and rise, so they may be slightly less fudgy, but should still work. Please let me know how they turn out, as I haven't tried it with arrowroot before! :)
  58. These are DELICIOUS! I finally made these tonight and had a hard time stopping at two. My husband and I both absolutely loved them! Thank you for your hard work and for sharing, mmm, mmm!
      Haha, I don't blame you! Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback Christa! I'm so happy to hear you and your husband both loved them so much! :)
  59. These brownies are amazing! So moist and fudgy! You certainly hit a home run with these. Thanks for an awesome recipe!!
      Thank you so much Debbie! I'm so happy to hear that you loved these, thank you for leaving feedback!
  60. Brandi, these were amazing!! (And they are not for sharing ?) I love that you give measurements in grams: no need to dirty a measuring cup. I would love you forever if you would include grams for the coconut manna as well :)We love your recipes and have tried many with much success. Thank you!
      Haha, thank you so much for the wonderful feedback Yvonne! I'm so happy to hear these were such a hit!! And you are so welcome for the measurements, I know it's super helpful, especially in gluten-free baking. I will try to add the coconut butter gram measurements, thank you!
  61. I've made these brownies twice and each time was brownie PERFECTION! They are a hit with eveyone that has tasted them! This is an awesome recipe!
      I'm so happy to hear that, thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback and sharing your wonderful pic on Instagram, thank you!
  62. I've made the "other" brownies about 5 times now and even my hubby's mechanic coworkers love them so I did not want to mess with perfection. Holy Moly these are INSANE good and bud up right next to the other ones. I made homemade coconut and almond butter and paired with the chocolate is just heavenly. They are decadent and gooey and so so good! Thank you for another wonderful option.
      So very happy you loved these so much Estee! Your feedback made my day! See, now you have 2 awesome brownie options, not a bad thing, haha!
  63. OMG!! Looks so amazing! I LOVE BROWNIES and been a vegan made it very hard for me because all recipes are just a chocolate cake. I just have 2 questions: 1. Can I replaces the maple syrup for white/brown sugar? it's veryy expensive for me. 2. Do you make your own almond butter? and if you do, can you please write the recipe? just grind roasted almonds?Thanks!!!
      Hi Adi! I would not sub the maple syrup for dry sugar, because you need the liquid for the ratios to be correct, but you could sub with agave, that is the best sub and is much cheaper. Yes, I do make my own almond butter. Here is how I make it at the link below, just simply omit the spices and sweetener and salt and just follow the roasting and blending process for it and then use it in the brownies or any recipe. Please come back and rate the recipe after you make it, thank you so very much! :)
      • Thanks!Another question. can you please write the other ingredients (chocolate chips, maple syrup, coconut butter, almond butter) in grm. I love to weight and not use cups.
          They have been added. I had to guess on the coconut butter though because I do not have any currently to weigh out, so I went off online what the gram weight would be for 3/4 cup, but keep in mind that the coconut butter should be at a complete melted liquid state when measuring 3/4 cup. That's important for accurate results. Also, I do not have the gram weight for the syrup, the bottle I have only gives milliliters, so that is what I added.
  64. Made them today after some short vacation, this recipe needed to be the first thing in the oven here :)They are AMAZING! I must say I needed a few changes because I didn't have any other options:- used cacao nibs for the choc chips - ran out of maple syrup, so sweetened with a mix of the remainings of my maple syrup and pure coconut syrupSomehow I needed more time baking, around 30 minutes.PERFECT! Now I don't know which one is the best, the Sunflower one or this... first world problems ;)THANK YOU!!!
    • Can you tell me please if the cacao nibs are a good choice? Did they melt or they were crunchy? Thank you!
        Cacao nibs are not sweet at all, but very bitter and they do not melt the same as chocolate chips, so as long as you are aware of that and ok with that, then you could try that! I personally love chocolate chips more because they are sweet, but it's just a personal choice :)
      So happy you loved these so much Barbara! Thank you so much for making them! Wow, 30 minutes? Maybe climate difference, as I know some environments can drastically affect baking time or just different ovens. Glad it all worked out in the end :)
  65. Really love this recipe! I didn't have tapioca starch so I used tapioca pearls grounded. They don't melt so I don't recommend them. They were like sand inside the brownie but I still loved the taste.
      Yes, you definitely need to use the starch, as it is a very fine powder, next time. So glad you loved them!
  66. I didn't have the exact ingredient list, so I didn't expect the exact same results. The substitutions I made produced a chocolaty, kind of grainy, and still vegan and gluten-free brownie! I'd totally use the recipe again when I can get the right ingredients.Changes to a half batch accidentally overcooked by ~3 minutes: • 120 grams coconut sugar 120 mL maple syrup • the weigh equialent of 1.5 tbsp coconut oil+4.5 tbsp coconut sugar+4.5 tbsp cocoa powder 1/4 c chocolate chips • weight equiv. of 1.5 tbsp cornstarch 1.5 tbsp tapioca starch Results: • no crackly crust • grainyness from 1. using a granulated sweetener 2. not melting "chocolate" ingredients together 3. probably using an incorrect cocoa:gran'd sugar:fat ratio for chocolate • super chocolately and tasty omg yes • the parts that weren't overcooked were pretty fudgy
      I'm so happy you still loved these, even with all of your changes Tiffany! Yes, you are correct, the coconut sugar is pretty distinct in granular size and will definitely make them grainy, so you will notice a big difference next time with the syrup! That is also part of the reason for no crackly crust and the cornstarch won't produce the same crackly top as much as tapioca, but as you said, you knew it would be different and the fact they still turned out good, is great! Thank you for making them!
  67. I made these for my new coworkers a few weeks ago and one my coworkers (who can't eat a lot of fat for medical reasons and hadn't been able to find a workable brownie recipe) just told me she makes them nearly twice a week now! I love using this recipe as is or as a base recipe - it is consistently a huge hit!
      Oh, I'm so very happy to hear that Melinda!! I'm so happy she loves them! They aren't super low-fat though, lol! Definitely healthier fat sources than the traditional brownie, but still got some fat in there :) Regardless, thank you so much for making and sharing them! So appreciated!
  68. These brownies are incredible. Hands down best brownies i've ever had! First time i made them i freezed half the batch and heated them up on low heat in the oven and it worked fine, the consistency wasn't quite the same though, i'm scared that they'll only last a day or two and i can't eat them all that fast(no matter how delicious they are) So i was wondering how long do these last in room temperature before they dry up?
      Wow, thank you so much Elisabeth for the amazing feedback! I'm so very happy these are the best brownies you've ever had! I would say a good 3 days or so as long as you seal them tightly in a container and they should stay moist :) Thank you so much for the feedback!
  69. Best brownies ever !! (Seriously...the BEST.) I can't wait to "slap" my non-vegan friends & family with these. Haha!
      Hahaha, that made me laugh!! Yay! SO happy to hear that! These are constantly a huge hit with all my non-vegan friends and family too!!
  70. I have resisted making these, knowing they would be so good my undisciplined self would eat them all the time... but a special occasion sprang up and I decided it was time to face the brownies. Brandi. BRANDI!!!!! This is the BEST ever ever ever brownie recipe- in history, and I mean all brownies, not just vegan brownies. They are like a recipe I grew up with- eggs, butter, milk, white sugar... and since becoming vegan and not eating refined sugar, I thought I'd have to give that decadence up forever. These are not only "as good"- they're better. You hit it out of the ball park once again! I really do think I'll put you in my will... hope you like craft supplies! HA HA! Thank you for your recipe making genius.
      Yay!!! I'm so happy you loved these so much Liz!! These are my all-time favorite brownies too, so much better than any I ever had growing up. Thank you very much for writing such a thoughtful and kind review, I really appreciate it!
  71. Brandi I really don't want to ask about subbing anything but unfortunately where I live (New Zealand) pure maple syrup is sooo expensive so a cup would just be cost prohibitive each time I wanted to make these. Is there anything else I could use? Agave perhaps? Or would that change your perfect recipe too much?
      Hi Jan! Oh, agave would work just fine here!
      • Thanks so much Brandi x
  72. Hi Brandi, Can I sub corn starch for the tapioca starch?
      Hi Cinde, I don't think that will work as well because cornstarch doesn't have the same binding and moisture characteristics as tapioca, so I think they would crumble quite a bit and be more dry. This is specifically why I use tapioca in a lot of my recipes because it helps bind so well, since there are no eggs.
      • Thank you for your reply. I will wait to make them until I pick up some tapioca starch. These sound awesome! :)
        • I've made these more than 5 times and i always used potato starch(not the flour!) since i don't have access to tapioca starch where i live (it's very hard to find) And it works perfectly, they come out just as in the pictures and i use the exact same amount so if you have trouble finding tapioca try potato starch :)
            Thank you so much Elisabeth! I'm so glad to hear they work out for you using the potato starch. I know that potato starch does make things more crumbly and drier, usually, so I'm glad to hear it works in these brownies though! Thank you!
  73. Omg, I've made a lot of vegan brownie recipes and these are by far the best! Crazy good! I rarely post comments but these were spectacular! Taste even better than they look in the photos. Chocolately, moist, chewy, fudgy, delicious. Exactly what I want from a brownie. After removing the edge pieces I did put the pan back in the oven to cook the center a little more which worked great and avoided drying out the edge pieces. The hunt ends, this recipe will be my go-to brownie recipe.
      Oh, this feedback makes me so happy Elizabeth!! So very happy these are the best you've had! They are my favorite I've ever had as well! Thank you so much for the kind words!
  74. I followed this recipe to a T and unfortunately they turned out horribly dry. Not fudgey at alllll. Definitely would not recommend.

      Hi Jessica, I'm sorry to hear that you had trouble with the recipe. Something definitely went wrong because these are very fudgy and moist, as you can see from all the reviews above, every reader has absolutely loved these and no other reader has had them turn out dry. I've made them at least a dozen times and served them at parties with huge success. They have a very large amount of fat from the almond butter and coconut butter so it's pretty impossible for them to turn out dry unless they were overbaked. I would like to try and help what went wrong, did you measure the ingredients by weight? Also, regarding coconut butter, some people have trouble when using coconut butter and use the dried portion of the coconut without melting and mixing up the contents of the jar well, which can really result in a dry result. The oil and coconut meat separate naturally on the shelves, so it needs to be gently melted, then stirred really well letting the heat melt the coconut butter into a complete liquid, as noted. This sounds like it was the culprit, because I promise I HATE brownies that are not fudgy and moist, haha and I assure you these are anything but dry. Weighing ingredients and proper technique make a huge difference in baking. Hope that helps!
  75. Oh. Muh. GAWD. These are to frelling die for. I made them for a friend (I make a lot of your recipes for friends, what the heck? I need to be keeping this stuff at HOME!) but kept a few for the fam and man oh man am I happy I did. These are the best brownies I think I've ever had. Ever. EVER! I'm a little sad because I want to make them again and eat them all and it's just not the best thing for the relationship between me and my jeans. Thank you, once again for all the work and time you put in to make your recipes delicious.
  76. Ack, I forgot to star this bad boy! Anyway, another chance to rave about these now that I've made them again. My friend that I made them for had given up sugar for awhile was glad to break her fast with these guys! You go make these. Now!

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