My cover, omg, that's my cover! I'm soooo excited. Can you feel my excitement? It's revealed and I can't believe today is finally here to reveal that you can finally ORDER! Thank you so much for your patience. For all of those who PRE-ORDER, you will get 5 FREE BONUS recipes that have never been published!! See below for order details....

This cover literally warmed my heart when I saw it. It's everything the design team and I discussed that I wanted...bright, bold, colorful, the 8 blaring in your face to grab your attention, lol, and a huge plate of comfort food, as it should be, as the food is the star. No boring salads on this vegan book cover. Nope, I specifically wanted comfort food that would appeal to anybody. Salads are well, nice, but not really that exciting. I also really wanted this side style design so the food is huge. Nothing like a big plate of pasta saying "eat me!" to get your attention, right? These are called "My Favorite Savory Meatless Bean Balls" and it's, of course, a brand new recipe. My publisher said these were a big hit with everybody there and that thrilled me.

They chose the color teal for my #8 instead of orange like here on my blog. The contrast was better and it just looked richer and stood out more. I ended up falling in love with it so much, you might have noticed I changed my blog theme to teal and red instead of orange and red!

It has been a whole year (this week in fact!) since I first signed my contract and you all have been asking for so long when you could order. I have been blowing up my social media channels talking about my book for a year now and answering the same question over and over (excitedly!) "when is your book available for pre-order?!" and nowwww, I can finally say/shout "TODAY"!!

I want to say, THANK YOU. Thank you to my amazing team of taste testers-you lovely readers. Without you and your family's feedback, I couldn't have put out a book that I'm so darn proud of. Getting feedback from truly unbiased mouths is what I wanted.

I hope you all will love the book as much as I do.



  • 100 recipes, all 8 ingredients or less, not including salt/pepper/water
  • 256 pages of pure yumminess
  • All vegan recipes
  • All oil-free (a couple of recipes use nonstick spray, but no oil is an actual listed ingredient, only whole food fats like nuts/seeds/avocado)
  • All gluten-free (except 2) or have a gluten-free version or regular all-purpose version or wheat or spelt versions. I really worked my tail off to provide you all options!
  • Comfort foods and classics to please vegans and non-vegans
  • Stunning photo for every single recipe
  • Lots of extra photos, lifestyle shots and action shots throughout the book
  • All new recipes with the exception of around 10 that are most popular here on the blog or include a variation of one from the blog
  • Kitchen pantry chapter outlining all the tools I use (since I always get asked that!), my personal baking tips and ingredients in detail. This is a great chapter that you will want to read BEFORE you start cooking! I am sad when a book is missing this section and this explains WHY I use the ingredients I use, which is so helpful to new or even experienced cooks and also makes it feel like a more well-rounded cookbook!
  • Nutrition stats on every recipe
  • Measurements given in both cups and weight/grams
  • NO tofu, fake meats, fake cheeses, salads or smoothies!
  • All comfort foods in a healthier way
  • A large amount of the recipes I offer special tips on for substitutes in the recipes


They've given so many beautiful details to my book that I'm so grateful for. There will be beautiful spreads and lifestyle/action shots throughout the book, so it has a very well thought out design and feeling of love during the creation process. This was SO important to me and I can't wait for you all to see it.

With several recipes, just like on my blog, I will list optional garnishes and sometimes an occasional ingredient as an option, but of course, not required.

I really tried to make this whole book work for everybody as best as I could. Obviously I can't meet 100% of everybody's needs on every single recipe, but I sure did my best! Most all of the recipes are nut-free or list a nut-free option. There are a few that I don't list a nut-free option, though. Basically the recipes are just like the ones on my blog. Easy, wholesome, comfort foods that will impress anybody, vegan or not. Pastas, soups, impressive breakfasts, party-worthy dips, delicious snacks, stews, hearty meals, amazing-no amazing desserts.

I specifically did ZERO smoothies, NO fake meats, NO fake cheeses, NO tofu, NO oils as an ingredient. Just good, wholesome homemade recipes that will make your tummies very happy. I actually like tofu now but wanted to keep these recipes as regular as possible to appeal to non-vegans as well and I've actually never cooked with tofu. Oil-free means that oil is not a listed ingredient. I only use whole food fats like nuts or seeds in my recipes.


  • Kitchen Pantry 
  • Breakfast
  • Appetizers & Dips
  • Time-Crunch Lunches (all done in 30 minutes or less, so cool, right?!)
  • Sauces and Dressings
  • Easy Entrees (total comfort food!)
  • Comforting Soups & Stews (one of my favorite chapters!)
  • Scrumptious Snacks & Sides
  • Crowd-Pleasing Desserts
  • Vegan 8 Staples Recipes (all recipes of my favorite sauces and spice mixes!)


So, to recap, this is the PRE-ORDER, which means you will secure your copy NOW before it hits the official launch date and stores. You definitely want to secure your copy now until the official release of October 16, 2018. I know, I know, you still have to wait a few more months to actually get it in your hands. Sorry, I have no control over that, but it will be worth it! And you want to order it now because it secures your copy AND....


For all of those who PRE-ORDER, you will get 5 FREE BONUS recipes that have never been published!! That is my gift to all of you who pre-order. All you need to do is after you place the order on Amazon, send me a copy of the receipt to my email at and I will message you the bonus recipes. Please give me 24 hours to get it back to you since I will have to filter through many emails.

What you will find in my cookbook will be the same style of recipes that you find here on this blog. Total comfort food, classics and scrumptious satisfying dishes to make your tummies happy. We all love comfort food, but I make them easier, healthier, whole-food based and yet still every bit as delicious!


You can click any of the icons below for US orders (I would think Amazon is easiest though for tracking) and the links below for International orders.




The UK



Watch the video to get some peeks at some of my favorite recipes from the book! Obviously this video just shows a few of the recipes, some of my very favorites, but it should get you salivating at least. Who am I kidding, I love ALL the recipes in the book but these were all big hits with taste testers! That pasta salad may look simple but the flavor is phenomenal. BIG hit with taste testers. My secret OIL-FREE vinaigrette is unbelievably delicious.

Couple of other sneak peeks!

FYI: None of the pics below are the ones being revealed in the book. I will save those beauties as a surprise. These are all ones I shot just to have on record.

Cajun Corn and Potato Chowder. So dang creamy, full of flavor and ultimate comfort food. We eat this all the time and it's one of my hubby's favorites.

Ultimate BBQ Bean Ball Sub. Talk about pleasing meat-eaters. This one was devoured by my non-vegan family and my brother, a big meat-eater absolutely loved these! So hearty and full of the most delicious flavor!

Time-Saver Red Beans & Rice. Big hit with taste testers and so full of flavor and quick to make. Also, that very special amazinggggg cornbread is also in the book and has a very special ingredient. 😉 The best cornbread I've had to date. FYI: this is not the pic from the book, just an iphone pic.

Crowd-Pleasing Brownies. These truly are the most magical brownies I've ever made or eaten. Just look at 'em. Rich, fudgy-but not wet, not cakey, super chocolatey and the perfect taste and texture you'd ever desire in a brownie. They will remind you of the classic boxed kind of brownies, thick, chewy, hearty and certainly nowhere near do they look or taste vegan. I offer both a gluten-free and regular all-purpose flour version.

Bakery-Style Blueberry Muffins. (Breakfast chapter) Everything you'd want and expect in a bakery muffin. These are legit guys. So soft, so tender, so fluffy, not dense, tall, light, perfectly sweetened and with a golden crunchy topping. I offer both a gluten-free and regular all-purpose flour version.

Ultimate Comfort Chocolate Chip Cookies. Throw away all other recipes, this is the only one you'll need ever again. Ok, kidding, but when I say these are the best dang cookies I've ever eaten, I'm not lying one bit. Thanks to a couple of my secrets, these are perfection. These were made at the cookbook shoot and everybody absolutely loved them, (none of them were vegan)! I offer both a gluten-free and regular all-purpose flour version.

Ok, enough peeks for now. I'll be sharing some more on social media, so be on the look out!

Drooling yet? Go order now!

Also, if you are interested, these are a few of some of the shots from my cookbook photo shoot I did a couple of weeks back that many of you saw on social media. One of the most fun times I've ever had!

These were taken at the Time Food Studios where they literally shoot all their books. We are talking Southern Living Cookbooks, Cooking light books and magazines, Real Simple...all of those amazing brands and now mine is added to their mix. Such fun it all was to see how much passion, care and detail they put into getting that perfect shot for each recipe!

I got to be a hand model for my food, hahaha.

My little girl is in the book too, she's so excited! She is in a couple of shots!

Their prop rooms for all their cookbook shoots, unbelievable right?? I was in heaven.

Thank you again for all of your support! Please let me know of any questions you have!




  1. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book! Pre-ordering now!
      Thank you so very much Wendy!!
    • Hi Brandi, All the best on your new cookbook which I am getting ready to order today. I have been especially encouraged to do so due to the fact not one of your recipes have failed to check all the boxes: tasty, easy, minimum of ingredients, exposure to new ideas and flavors, and I do appreciate the fact that you make suggestions many times of substitutions that can be used. My main reason for the vegan lifestyle change was being diagnosed with diabetes. After reading the books by the big guys out there like Barnard, Powell, Esselstyn, Fuhrman, Gregor and McDougall, along with their diet books/recipes, I have enjoyed yours the most due to the simplicity of your recipes. So getting your new book was a no-brained. One question: Are there plans for an ebook format in the future? Thanks again for your consistent, arduous efforts on our behalf in bringing some of the best flavors to our tables! Deb
        Hi Deborah! Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment, I'm so glad to hear how much you are loving my recipes, makes me happy to know that! There isn't going to be an ebook since I have a contract with the publisher and the terms are for a published paperback, however, I do believe (think) there will be a kindle version that would be released once the book is out in October. That is my guess! And don't forget to email me the copy of your recipe to so I can forward you the bonus recipes!!
    • I ordered the Kindle version of your new cookbook yesterday and I can’t wait for it to be released. I’m so glad that you allowed it to go to a Kindle production. I know that it will become my TO GO recipe source.
  2. I can't believe it's finally here to pre-order. I guarantee you everyone will love these recipes vegan or not and most are gluten free and give nut free options. I was lucky enough to test many of the recipes and they are unbelievably flavorful and just awesome normal good food! Here is the best part: ZERO smoothies, NO fake meats, NO fake cheeses, NO tofu, NO oils as an ingredient. AND you get a free ebook if you preorder - see details
      Thank you so much for all you have done to help out with taste testing and being such a wonderful part in making this book happen! You are one in a million!!
  3. I ordered it!!!! I am so excited. Your description has me so happy. It comes out exactly one week before our wedding anniversary, and this one is a BIG one. I will have to make a Vegan 8 anniversary dinner to celebrate both. Congratulations, it all looks so wonderful and is a dream come true for you, and now for us, too! ;-)
      Aww, thank you so much Marlene, as always, for being here and your support and making my recipes! That is too sweet about your wedding anniversary being at the same time! I can't thank you enough for ordering!!
  4. Awesome!!!!! The book looks beautiful. Finally we can pre-order, I am so excited, but having to wait till October till it is released is going to be excruciating. I am so happy for you and your success. I am placing my pre-order now. Congrats on this very exciting reveal. I wish you amazing success with the sales on this cookbook. I appreciate all your hard work in creating gluten free recipes and gluten free versions in the recipes that do have gluten. You are the best and I always share your recipes with anyone asking for good vegan recipes. I can't wait to see all the amazing recipes in this book.
      Thank you so much Christina as always for your amazing kindness and support! You are seriously such a wonderful person and I can't put into words how much I appreciate you always making my recipes and sharing them with everybody! Thank you so much for ordering!!
  5. So happy for you, Brandi; I'm so looking forward to buying a copy. I prefer to get my books at independent, locally owned bookstores, however (what few of them are left), instead of Amazon or large, corporate, chains, so guess I cannot pre-order, but I definitely will buy one locally when it's released. (If there was a way to buy it from you directly so you would get more of the money, that would be even better.) I hope you come to Baltimore to promote your book so I can get you to sign it! Again, congratulations! After all your hard work over the years, it's about time you got the attention you deserve. As much as I love the recipes you publish online, discovering almost 100 new, never-before-seen ones already has me drooling!
      Hi Steve! Thank you so very much for your kind words and support! I really hope it will be at a local independent bookstore but I really am not sure at all on that one. But hopefully it will be so just be on the lookout when the time comes! :) I'll know more about the marketing aspect of the book as well and will make an announcement here at that time! Sorry for the delay in my response here, it's been crazy busy and I'm just to get caught up :) Thank you so much again, such hard work to get to this point, but nothing good comes that feels worthy without the hard work! Not about luck, just good hard work and I'm so very grateful!
  6. Woo Hoo I am going to try and not rush wishing October was here!!!! It looks wonderful!
      And thank you so much for ordering!!
  7. By the way your Lemon Cake recipe is out of this world wonderful! I served it with big fresh Blackberries.
      Awww yay, so happy you are excited and thank you for making the lemon cake! So thrilled you loved it! Thank you Jeanne!
  8. So excited and congratulations to you!!!
      Thank you so much Shoshey for your support!!
  9. Your cookbook looks beautiful and sounds great! I just preordered it and look forward to more amazing, oil-free recipes!
      Thank you so much Joan, I really appreciate the support so much! Thank you for ordering!
  10. Can't believe it's finally here!! Wow, the time has flown. It feels like yesterday that it all just started!! So happy for you, I know it's going to be amazing and I cannot wait to review it!!!
      I know, I can't believe how fast it has flown! Thank you so much girl!!
  11. Hi, I'm planning to get the book either way but I'm just curious. Why no tofu? It's a delicious whole food based item.
      Hi Charlene! I'm not against tofu in any way. I just personally have never cooked with it ever on my blog (have had it at restaurants though this past year and really like it!) and my husband actually is very sensitive to soy, so it's just not an item that I've begun using. I also wanted this book to be appealing to anybody, not just vegans, if that makes sense. That's why I didn't do the typical foods people think of when they hear vegan, which is smoothies, etc. I just wanted to show you can use regular everyday normal ingredients so people aren't intimidated. Basically the same as the style on my blog. Hope that makes sense! :)
  12. Thank you Brandi for creating this cookbook. I've just placed my order and cannot wait to get it!! I love your recipes and so many of them have become staples in my home. I have to cook for family members who do not follow a whole food plant based diet, like I do and your recipes make it simple. They all really like your recipes! Thank you!!!
      Oh, that warms my heart to hear how much your family enjoys the recipes! Thank you so much Shelly for ordering the book!!
  13. Bob
    Hi Brandi! Is the cookbook going to be available in a digital format? I find that ebooks are so much easier to work with. Thanks!
      Hi Bob, this is specifically created as a full size paperback. There will not be an ebook but I assume there will be a kindle version later on at the release date!
  14. Congratulations, Brandi! The photos look so good! I can't wait to see the book in person!
      Thank you so much Dianne!!
  15. Yeaaaaaah! Pre Ordered right away! Congrats! Every recipe I make from your blog is just perfect and so tasty! Even recipes with flavors I am not sure are my personal preference or ingredients I have not used before - Each one blows me away with how flavorful and delicious they are. A good recipe is just a good recipe and I never feel like I am missing out on gluten or oil or fats with yours. I've been slowly working my way through your blog and many of your recipes have become part of my regular meal rotation. I use the sweet Chili Mustard sauce for everything! Haha, I've had a lot of fun using different chili powders in it too. Very excited!
  16. Just ordered! Can't wait for it to come and decide how many more I'll order for Christmas presents.
  17. Ty
    Congratulations Brandi! Thank you for presenting us each day with incredibly delicious, beautiful, healthy, soul satisfying food. I'll gladly support all your work by purchasing your cookbook! I've pre-ordered several copies for gifts, and one for myself. Thank you!!
  18. Awesome! I can finally ditch all my dog eared prints of recipes .... ordered!
      Hahaha, thank you so much Paula!
  19. I just placed my pre-order for your cookbook. I appreciate you share your ideas and recipes so graciously, the purchase of this book is only a small token of my appreciation!
      So very kind of you to say that, thank you so much Sheri!
  20. Congratulations Brandi! I just pre-ordered my copy on Amazon after reading your upcoming cookbook description (and drooling over those photos). It sounds fabulous! I've been intending to order it all along since hearing about it a year ago. I want to support you and the wonderful work that you do as well as have a house full of happy tastebuds and tummies! Autumn is my favorite season. It's lovely to have an extra reason to look forward to it this year. :)
  21. I can't imagine how excited you must be---even more than us, and that's saying a lot! What a treat this will be for the fall since a lot of your stuff just has that autumn type feel of warmth and comfort. The cover photo is gorgeous----but you know your own photos aren't exactly shabby. Your daughter is adorable---bet she is excited to have a mom who is a published (by a prestigious company, no less) cookbook author! Pre-ordered and e-mailed you the receipt.
  22. Yes!! I’m so excited and so happy for you! I know you worked so hard on this and spent so much time on it. I was honored and happy to be a taste-tester, and loved everything I tried. Ordering! Yay for you and all of us!! ❤️
  23. Have been anxiously waiting and have just pre-ordered and now more waiting AAAGGGHH but I am soo excited for you! Your recipes are the BEST and yo know I mean it. Love ya Brandi
  24. I just want to spam you with all the OMGs and exclamation points and GAH THIS IS SO SO SO SO SO EXCITING!!!! But I will try to control myself. I can't believe it's been a year since this whole project started and all the sneak peeks on insta along the way. And I really can't believe that it will be in the world and in my hands in 6 months time! I'm gonna try really hard not to flip straight to the 2x amazing dessert section...but I'm not sure I'll be able to stop myself especially after seeing those blueberry muffins lol. And whoa major photo prop envy with those last pics. Congrats my friend, can't wait <3 P.S. Loving the turquoise accents around here and that cover is everything and so perfectly you!
  25. I pre-ordered, can't wait to get it! I love your recipes. I cannot figure out how to send you the receipt though. I used the link on your page and pre-ordered from amazon.
  26. Pre-ordered! Hooray!
  27. I mentioned to my husband that this would make a great mother’s day gift and guess who pre-ordered it today! I am so excited to read it and get started making some of these recipes. There are so many of yours that are go-to staples in my house. Thank you for sharing all your hard work and creations! I have a plant-based no oil diet with severe soy and (most nuts except cashews and almonds) nut allergies so this is a dream all wrapped up in one book for me. :)
  28. Hi Brandi, congratulations on your beautiful book! Are we able to pre-order from Australia? There was no international link for us. I'm happy to wait otherwise :)
  29. This book looks great! Wonderful job! I am excited to get it and try the recipes. I am so glad there is a photo for each recipe; I don't like when cookbooks are picture deficient. :) We plan on pre-ordering; how long do we have to order and have it still be a pre-order?
    • I realized what I asked may not be very clear. What I meant is: How long a time do we have to pre-order and still get the bonus 5 recipes? Thank you!
      Hi Hannah! Thank you so much! You have until right before the release date to place your order and it still be considered a pre-order. I like to encourage people to pre-order not too late because it does secure their copy. The publishers have a certain number that they have set for what is called the first printing and if they sell out, you possibly could have to wait until a second printing way after the release date. Also, of course you get the bonus recipes early but you definitely still have time. Thank you very much Hannah!
  30. OMG Brandi, I had no idea you have done your own book! That's so amazing and the pictures look incredible. So happy for you, I am sure this will be a complete sell out. Hedi x x x
      Thank you so much Hedi!! I appreciate that!
  31. I have been waiting for you to publish a cookbook as I am introducing my Mother to Vegan recipes that do not contain a lot of unfamiliar ingredients. Your recipes look so good that I can hardly wait to receive my cookbook. I am sure that we will enjoy food & fellowship as we sit down to these delicious meals.
      Hi Dianna! That is so sweet, so happy to hear that! Thank you so much for ordering!
  32. I'm so excited to have your cookbook! I've followed your blog for years and love your recipes. Thank you!!! And gorgeous preview pictures!
      Thank you so much Crystal, that is so kind of you to say!
  33. Congratulations Brandi It’s not yet available to preorder in Australia but as soon as it is I’ll definately order. I love your recipes & your approach to cooking.
      Hi Janette, thank you! Yes, correct, I'm asking my publisher about that since I have several readers in Australia asking as well. Will let you know!
  34. OMG I think my heart just popped out of my chest with the biggest burst of love love love! I can't think of a more beautiful and amazing vegan recipe developer out there. The world needs this right now. How divine - I am beyond thrilled for you and wish you every success in the world.
  35. Thank you for all your hard work and congratulations on your cookbook. Everything I have ever made from your recipes has always been scrumptious and easy(especially the thin mints ;)). I am looking forward to your cookbook as I know it will be a great success.
      Thank you so much Sheran! So happy you love all the recipes and especially those thin mints!!
  36. OMG!!!!!!!! Would you look at that stunning cover?!?! It’s SO bright and beautiful and screams “buy me now!” Which I obviously just did :) Sorry for being a little late to read this exciting post...but as soon as I did, I rushed over to Amazon to pre-order!! Yes, October seems so far away, but it’s my favorite month (autumn and all things comfort food) so I say it’s perfect timing! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already - it must feel so surreal. All of your hard work coming to life!! There are so many reasons why I’m excited for this book and one of them is a photo to go along with EVERY recipe?!! I don’t own a single cookbook that does that and I’m very much a visual person, so thank you! Speaking of photos, I love this one of you and Olivia!! So beautiful and red is certainly your color. Congratulations, Brandi!!! Can’t wait to flip through the pages and dive in. It will definitely be worth the wait! Sending so much love your way!!
      Thank you so much Mandy!! Thank you for ordering the book, you are too kind! I love the cover too so much, so very happy with all of it! Yes, there are some great fall themed recipes in there too, especially the soup/stews chapter, haha! Thank you so much for your sweet words! Love you!!
  37. Ordered the book! Can't wait to get it! I love your recipes!
      Yay! Thank you so much for ordering Dee!
  38. Seriously everything looks sooooo AMAZING!! Congratulations to you!!! And I am extra excited that you kept it whole and NO OIL! I am really trying to stick with that rule for my future vegan cookbooks so I am happy that yours will be an option!! =) Thank you for all your hard work!
      Aww thank you so much Jennifer for the lovely compliment! I'm so glad the cookbook appeals to you and I really hope you love the cookbook as much as I do!
  39. I'm so happy for you, Brandi! I know how exciting it is to launch the pre-order of a cookbook, it's a surreal feeling. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to getting my copy.
      Thank you so much Linda, I really appreciate that! And I can't wait to share my post about yours!! xx
  40. I just ordered your book...have always been a big fan of you and your recipes...can't wait to get it!
      Thank you so much Janet for the support! I really am happy to hear you love my recipes!
  41. oh Brandi, I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU. congrats, I know you worked hard on this one. I cannot wait to see more of this gorgeous book!
      Thank you so much sweet Kristina! I appreciate that so much!! xx
  42. Hi Brandi, I am ordering your cookbook now. I have been a BIG fan of your recipes for two very big reasons: They do not have unending ingredients to have to get out and measure AND they do not have oil in them. It seems there are vegans that allow themselves oil whereas, being diabetic, oil is the main ingredient I am eliminating since discovering fat (especially animal fat but also other fats) is the big culprit in causing your body to become insulin resistant. Since following a vegan diet I have been able to reduce my insulin injections from 70 ml to 15 ml and hopefully next doctor’s visit I will be insulin free. I have also lost 85 pounds and going. Thing is, making your recipes does not feel like punishment as most diets. In fact, I don’t refer to this a a diet, but a lifestyle correction. I even shared one of my favorite recipes with my non vegan grown sons and their wives and they all liked it and asked for the leftovers. How about that one! It really pleased me. I want so much for them to adopt a vegan lifestyle, but I know the best way to do that is by example. Thank you so much for your diligence in bringing some of the most flavorful foods to our attention. I am a lifelong proponent and enthusiast!
      What a sweet and wonderful comment Deborah!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story and I'm so very happy to hear how much my recipes you love and have helped you! It was a joy to read this!
  43. Pre-ordered and I can not wait! Your recipes keep me cooking. I don't like to spend a lot of time cooking but I can always make the rime to cook something with only 8 ingredients! And every creation of yours has been a hit. Every single one. So October can't come fast enough.
      Hi Rafaella! Thank you so much for your kind words and ordering the book! Just got your email and sent you the ebook! So happy to hear how much you are enjoying my recipes!
  44. The Vegan 8: 100 Simple, Delicious Recipes Made with 8 Ingredients or... $21.76 Qty: 1 Sold By: Services, Inc. Track shipment Payment information Payment Method Here is the copy of my receipt, I cannot find a private email to send my detailed receipt to. Looking forward to the book.
      Hi Apri! The email is above in the post under "5 FREE BONUS RECIPES" but it's no problem, I'm emailing you the ebook now! Thank you so much for ordering!
  45. Will it be available on Amazon for my kindle?
      Hi Yvonne! Yes, it should be but of course that won't be available until the book is actually released since kindle is downloadable immediately, so it would be October I assume.
  46. Hi Brandi! Looking forward to the new cookbook, I preordered it. Hoping a kindle version comes out too!
  47. Sneek peek video was awesome! I want that pasta salad NOW! And the chocolate cake 🙀 Will pre-order this week.
  48. Brandi, is your book going to be available as an ebook? I really hope so. It's so much easier for me to meal plan, shop and cook. Thanks! Bob
      Hi Bob! No, this is not an ebook, however, I'm assuming it will be available as a kindle later on after it's released. I don't know all the details on that yet since it is the publisher's decision, not mine, but I would imagine it would be!
  49. SOO excited for you Brandi! Your cookbook sounds out of this world! I just pre-ordered and cannot wait to be able to make those meatballs! Counting the days... Dee xx
      Thank you so much Dee, I really appreciate the support! I will email you your free ebook, just send me the receipt to my email!
  50. Ela
    Wow, I am so excited for you! I am sure your cookbook is one of the best vegan cookbooks out there. No smoothies? YAY!!! Love the video. :)
  51. Hi, I just pre ordered your book and looking forward to receiving it. I have a question. Do the recipes that come with the email stay or do they disappear. Thanks, ellen
      Hi Ellen! They do not disappear :) Did you already email me?
  52. Is it October yet? So happy I found you!💞
  53. Hi there. I just ordered your cookbook and am excited to try some new recipes! My question is where to get the recipes to the photos you posted saying they are not part of your book? The chowder looks amazing as do the others.
      Hi Theresa! Thank you so much! I got your email and forwarded you the ebook :)
  54. ALWAYS look forward to your postings...I know if you recommend something it is going to be a winner! :) Going to try making this in the Instant Pot. Happy Summer :)
  55. Can I pre order for delivery to Australia
      Hi Elizabeth! No, unfortunately the book is not currently being distributed in Australia, but there is a kindle version now available!

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