Rejuvenating Strawberry Rice Flour Mask and My Cosmetics Routine

Rejuvenating Strawberry Rice Flour Mask and My Cosmetics Routine

Ok, so today is not a traditional food recipe. This is my first time ever doing a post like this, so I hope you will all forgive me for that, but I have been getting asked for quite sometime what vegan products I use on my skin and hair. Instead of repeatedly answering, I decided I would put together an entire post for all of you lovely people to refer to as a reference, so it's easier for everybody. This post is not sponsored whatsoever, this is all my own doing. This is a lengthy post, but I believe in explaining/sharing why I use certain products and why they have worked for me. Many of you have stated since you are new to the vegan lifestyle and are looking for good products, so I hope this post helps. So, here is my vegan cosmetics skincare and hair care routine.

I get asked the most often about skincare products and routine, especially from new vegans. I'm a big believer in taking care of your skin. I credit good skin to 4 main things for me personally:

  • I have been wearing sunscreen since I was in high school on my face and neck. Um, that's a long time, lol. It has been a huge part of keeping my skin youthful. Because of this, I have zero sun spots or sun damage and as smooth of a complexion as I did in my 20's. Do not underestimate the damage of the sun! I did not take a pic of it, but the sunscreen I use is 100% Pure Green Tea SPF. It really moisturizes and does not make my skin break out like every other sunscreen out there. It is very concentrated though, and quite white, so a little amount is only necessary. It is not waterproof either.
  • I exfoliate my skin several times a week. This continually increases new skin cell turnover.
  • I use Eminence products, along with a few homemade masks.
  • My plant-based diet has only further improved my skin and made my hair extremely thicker. My skin actually looks more young now than it did before I was vegan. 

As far as products go, let me say that this post is of my own accord. None of these companies have contacted me to do this or are sponsoring this post. Every product that I share in today's post are ones I truly love, use and all are my own photos. All of these are from my own experience and of my own opinion. We all have different skin and hair, so I can only vouch for what has worked for me personally. However, I can honestly say out of all of the dozens and dozens of cosmetics I have tried over the past 2 decades, I have never found a better skincare line than Eminence Organics. It's not just me either, you can read hundreds of reviews from other customers that feel the same way. Their products are top notch, organic and made from amazing REAL ingredients, not harsh chemicals. I read every label of any product that I consider using and if they have 15+ ingredients and a billion letters in each ingredient that I can't pronounce, I move on.

After becoming vegan, I was also relieved to learn they are a cruelty-free company. Not every single one of their products is vegan, some use honey (I do not use those), so just refer to their website to verify if you are that concerned. They have the products labeled vegan. All of the products I use are vegan. You cannot purchase Eminence in person anywhere except a spa, or of course, online. I order my Eminence through Natural Beauty Group , as it is an authorized retailer of Eminence products. They are sold on Amazon, but after a not so great experience of one of their products through ordering from Amazon, I contacted Eminence and discovered that Amazon is not an authorized retailer of their products, therefore who knows what is actually in the product. In other words, I wouldn't order Eminence off of Amazon!

Eminence has many lines within their company that they sell. My absolute favorite is their Stone Crop line. I use 3 products from this line, which are below. It is a line focused on evening skin tone, redness, inflammation, sun spots or blemishes. It has honestly brightened my skin overtime, given me a more youthful appearance and completely, I mean completely, erased a couple of red spots I had from old blemishes. It didn't happen overnight of course, but consistent use, my skin has never looked better. In my opinion, there is no better skincare line. I have a very even skin complexion and therefore, do not wear foundation, concealer or blush. I only wear translucent powder on my face, that is it. I use the face wash, hydrating oil-free gel and their stone crop whip moisturizer. Using all 3 of them for a few years now has actually made my skin more youthful, I have actually heard this from people.

So, now that I've gone in detail about why I use and love them, let's discuss the products I personally use. First up...facewash.

This entire "Stone Crop" line is vegan, which is what I use daily. This line is not cheap, but when it comes to my skin, that is the one area that I willingly splurge. After all, we only get one face. Also, their products last me a fairly long time since they are well concentrated.  I do not buy fancy shoes, makeup or handbags, etc. (especially nowadays) so when I want to spend money on myself, it is usually pampering types of cosmetics. I'm fairly cheap when it comes to other girly things. However, I understand everybody has a different budget, so scroll down further and I share more budget-friendly ones.

Stone Crop Gel Wash: The best facewash I've ever used.

I can't tell you how many face washes I have used over the years and none of them ever really seemed to make my face feel all that clean. Well, after reading the amazing reviews about this facewash and how it's a top seller, I gave it a try. 4 years later, it is the only one I use every single day. It foams up just enough to get my skin clean, but not like a crazy soapy mess. It even removes my mascara, as I do not use any type of makeup remover products. I love how smooth and clean my face feels after this.

Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer: My favorite moisturizer of all time.

I use this daily and have for 4 years. It moisturizes and absorbs into my skin without it feeling greasy, which I've never, ever found a true moisturizer that does both! Every one I've ever tried has left my face greasy and I would have to put powder on to de-grease my face, but with this one, I literally don't have to put anything on. It goes on smooth and fairly thick, but then magically absorbs beautifully and your skin just drinks it up. I wear it every night when I go to bed. I have the softest skin I've ever had thanks to this awesome stuff.

Stone Crop Hydrating Gel (Oil-free)

Sorry for the hard-to-read letters, but as you can tell I am almost out of this amazing product. I use this more in the summer months when my skin is more oily. It is very light and absorbs really quickly, but yet it is so effective. This is what helped to erase a couple of scars I had on my face from old blemishes and helps to even skin tone. It contains stone crop pulp and juice, bearberry extract and green tea which is what helps to even skin tone and diminish age spots, sun spots or blemishes. It has made my skin brighter over time. I am obsessed with this gel. You can wear it alone, or add another moisturizer over it. I typically wear it in the day when I'm just at home and not leaving the house. 

Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

I have been using this for a short time and wow, it is one powerful mask! When I was in Austin for my birthday in June, I scheduled a spa facial and the lady used this mask on my face and I loved how it stung a bit and was an exfoliator as well. It really smoothed my complexion. I immediately ordered some when I returned home. I use it about twice a week now. It stings because it contains glycolic and lactic acid and fruit enzymes, but it really does a wonderful job to smooth my complexion. I love going to the spa to discover new products, but it is definitely a treat because I only go maybe 1-2 times a year, at the most.

Rhassoul Clay

This is a more budget-friendly mask treatment. It's totally different than the above, but I love it. It's a spa quality clay mask from the Atlas mountains in Morocco and it is amazing! It will instantly give you smoother skin and make your skin feel amazing. You simply combine a little bit of water to it to form a thick paste and apply it for about 15 minutes until it starts to harden. I find rinsing it off in the shower best, because it gets a little hard to remove. Once you get your face wet again, just gently exfoliate it in circular motions and the small granules will remove dead skin cells.  I alternate between this one and the yam mask.

100% Pure Vitamin C Serum

This is a more budget-friendly face moisturizer. I love this serum, it's very lightweight and a good dose of aloe vera gel and vitamin C. I put it on before my moisturizer sometimes. 100% pure uses amazing quality, all natural ingredients like plant extracts and natural oils, not harsh chemicals. Most of their products are vegan, but some do contain honey. This Vitamin C serum is vegan. It's really the only one I like from that company, as others I've tried I wasn't that crazy about.

Eminence Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum

The best eye cream I've ever found. Most eye creams are overly greasy and never absorb, or they run into your eyes. This one is a cream that is thick, but dissolves well into the skin and I never have a problem with my eyes filling up with grease. I love how much it moisturizes around my eyes. I only use it at night.

Argan Oil for a more budget-friendly eye treatment

I love this stuff. While I will use this occasionally for eye cream, it doesn't absorb as well as the Eminence eye cream, so you really have to gently massage it in. I also like to use Apricot Oil for around the eyes as well and it's a more budget-friendly choice. I will also use this Argan oil to put some in my hair after I wash it and then blow-dry it and it gives an extra boost of shine and manageability, which really helps my insanely thick hair. I buy mine off Amazon.

So, those are my favorite skin care products. There are a couple of others that I alternate with, but I think that's enough for now. I can continue to do these posts from time to time if you all like. I know some people's skincare routine is to just simply use coconut oil and nothing else and you may be wondering why I use a few different products. Well, simply put, I hate coconut oil as a skin moisturizer. It's like pouring a bucket of grease on your face and it never absorbs. That makes me feel horrible, not to mention, the grease is so ridiculous it irritates my skin and causes breakouts. I'm just not into the whole coconut oil craze like some are, but hey, if it works for you, great! I'm just sharing what works for me and that I love. I love a moisturizer to dissolve into my skin, not just sit on top of it. Also, what I've been doing for so long has clearly worked for me as well, so I will stick with it 🙂

Now, for that hair.

Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner "Hydrate" Line (I purchase mine from a local spa)

I have never in my life found a better hair care system as these. I have VERY thick hair and I need moisturizing products. Not only are these vegan, but they make my hair smooth, shiny and so much easier to brush. I don't use any types of treatments or conditioning treatments, just this shampoo and conditioner, blow-dry and that's it. Amazon sells it, but you never know if it's truly the "real thing", so I'd recommend finding a salon in your area using their search tool on the Pureology website at the link above. It is plant-based and vegan. These are on the pricey side, but I need it because of how thick my mane is.

Nature's Gate Biotin Conditioner and The Honest Company for more budget-friendly conditioners

This is a more budget-friendly hair care option. I love, love the Sweet Orange Vanilla Conditioner. I have tried dozens and dozens of conditioners on my hair over the years and it has been horrific trying to find something that actually WORKS on my hair. Nothing is ever moisturizing enough so that it will detangle my hair. Finding a product that is vegan and works is very hard, this one is both and even if the ingredients arent' perfect, I don't care, it works, period. I will use these interchangeably with the Pureology to make the Pureology last longer. They don't work 100% as well on my hair, but do a decent job. My hair is extremely thick, so I need very concentrated conditioners. The Honest conditioner is amazing and makes it VERY easy to comb through my hair afterwards. I also use it on my daughter since it is so light and not made with harsh chemicals. The Nature's Gate works is a decent budget-friendly sub.

That's it for hair, nothing over the top or fancy, just good ole shampoo and conditioner.

Lavender, Lemon Tea Tree Deodorant Spray

For a natural deodorant, I have been using my good friend Mandy's deodorant spray. Mandy runs the blog, BeSolFulLiving. Mandy has an amazing Etsy shop where everything is made from 100% plant-based ingredients, all pure, all homemade. I've bought everything from deodorant, to lip balms, to natural perfumes. She even has whipped body butters. Everything is organic and amazing and so affordable. This deodorant spray is not an antiperspirant, so it will not prevent you from sweating, but it does give a fresh smell and she is coming out with an actual deodorant stick this month, I can't wait!!

Disclaimer: I was not asked to endorse or promote any product from any of these companies. This was my own idea and all of these products I genuinely use, trust and love and only share products I believe in myself and have used many since 2011. There is only an affiliate link for the Amazon links above, which if you purchase, I would make a small commission, at no additional cost to you. 

Now, the face mask recipe I'm sharing with you today is my Rejuvenating Strawberry Rice Flour Mask and Exfoliator. I love making homemade masks, I've been doing it for years. I love to use fresh fruits. Using fresh strawberries has amazing benefits when applied topically to the skin. They are super high in Vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids, which slough off dead skin cells, help to lighten sun spots with repeated use and reveal a smoother, fresher complexion and encourage new skin cell growth. The acids in the strawberries can also help with blemishes. I combine mashed strawberries with lemon juice and brown rice flour and apply it as a paste, then exfoliate it in circular motions before rinsing off. The rice flour removes dead skin cells and will give you ridiculously soft skin!

Rejuvenating Strawberry Rice Flour Mask and Exfoliator

Using fresh strawberries has amazing benefits when applied topically to the skin. They are super high in Vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids, which slough off dead skin cells, help to lighten sun spots with repeated use and reveal a smoother, fresher complexion and encourage new skin cell growth. The acids in the strawberries can also help with blemishes. When combined with the brown rice flour, it becomes both a mask and an exfoliator.

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  • 2 large fresh organic strawberries
  • 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice (omit if you have really sensitive skin)
  • 1 tablespoon brown rice flour
  • Note: The acids in fresh strawberries will give a minor sting when first applied to your skin, I find this goes away within a couple of minutes. I have been doing these masks for quite awhile and my skin tolerates them well. Your skin may be different though. The acids are what help to give a newer, brighter complexion.


  1. Mash up the strawberries with a fork and add the lemon juice and brown rice flour and mix together. Then puree it some into a paste with a hand immersion blender. This helps to bind it well and for it to easily apply to your skin, otherwise it's a bit too chunky if left unblended.
  2. Wash your face so that it is clean before using the mask. Apply a very warm cloth on face to open up the pores. Add the strawberry paste all over your face and neck. It will be gloppy and a bit messy, so just do your best. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes, or until you feel it tightened and drying.
  3. Before rinsing off, gently pat some warm water on your face to moisten the strawberry mask, then exfoliate your face in a circular motion, very gently. The brown rice flour will remove dead skin cells, while the strawberries help to brighten the skin and help with blemishes. Rinse off with lukewarm water and then do a final rinse of cool water. Apply your moisturizer. Enjoy your baby soft skin!
  4. Do this 2-3 times a week, or less if your skin is super sensitive. I have been doing these masks for quite a long time, so my skin tolerates them well. It may take you some time to tolerate them. Everybody's skin is different, so your results may vary.
  5. Let me know after you try it please!

Ok, so that was a totally different post. Long overdue. Thank you for everybody who's been messaging and asking for this type of post and if you try this mask, or any of the products, let me know! I'd love to hear below! Also, if you like these types of posts once in a while, let me know below, otherwise I have no idea if you care or hate them, lol!



  1. I bet this mask smells amazing! I would be tempted to lick it off :-)
      Lol! You know what, and you totally could! All organic too, haha!
  2. Love love that clay mask! But don't leave it on too long like I did the first time. Bahaha! I use it once a week and rotate with this amazing scrub I found (forget the name now but it's one that was sent to me to trial and I ended up loving it). It's so great when we've found a routine that works well for us. Having trouble with your skin is the worst. It's what everyone sees first and you just can't hide it! I don't use any foundations or powders either. Unless I'm going out at night on a hot date or girls night, then I sometimes use a translucent powder but lately I haven't even been doing that. Just some fun eye makeup and gloss! Thanks for sharing your routine!
  3. Awesome. Thank you for sharing. Now we need a post on homemade detergent and fabric softener..that works!
      So glad you liked it Estee, thank you!
  4. Thank you for this!
      I'm so glad you found it helpful!
  5. Thank you for sharing, these sorts of posts are so helpful! I have yet to find vegan products I truly love for my hair, I've been jumping around trying all different things, so these are great recommendations. And both the enzyme peel and the clay sound wonderful too, I love doing some sort of mask weekly for my skin. I really can't wait to try your homemade mask, I have those ingredients on hand almost all the time!
      Thank you so much Natalie! Let me know if you try the soft skin afterwards! I love, love it!
  6. This is a cool post. Thanks for sharing products you use and enjoy. I like seeing what sort of cruelty free beauty products people use because it gives me ideas for what I might want to try. And I always welcome home made beauty product recipes so that's pretty cool :)
      You are so welcome Christina! I know it is long, but it is one that I have been working on for months and I like to explain why I use each product. It will be a good reference now for when people ask!
  7. It's scary the type of chemicals and hormone disrupters they put in persona care products, let alone testing practices (and allergens like soy and gluten!) Ah, Mandy!! She is so great and makes such beautiful products!
      I agree, Mandy is the best!! LOVE her stuff!
  8. I'm interested in those hair care products! I have thick hair too (not quite as thick as yours I don't think, but still) and have yet to find something I truly love. And I don't use other products either...except maybe a spritz of hair spray if I'm going out on the town (which is like never, so...). Great post!
      Seriously, 90% of conditioners don't work on my hair because it's honestly as thick as 5 peoples heads combined into one, lol! I'm grateful to have thick hair, but it's challenging at times. When I went vegan, it got about 20% or more thicker, it has become just like a horse mane and basically NOTHING works, these are the only 2 that work that I've found! They work well too!
  9. First thank you for sharing your beauty and hair routine, Brandi! I find this inspiring, there are some products I've never heard of before. Haha, guys wants take care of themselves, too. It can be tough as a vegan to find the right products. I only use natural and organic products, so I believe you have to watch what's inside. Many products contain parabenes, silicones, and other stuff that you don't want to put on your face or hair. To the face mask: genius idea to use strawberries and regarding the ingredient list it's only contains 3, double-win, win! :)
      Thank you so much for reading Florian! I agree, so many products are absolutely horrible out there!
  10. I love reading about other people's skincare routines. I am always looking for new products that are free of chemicals and junk!
      Thank you so much for reading Shannon, I really appreciate it!
  11. Wow!! What a great post, Brandi! I have no doubt this will help so many transition to cruelty-free options! Eminence!! There's a spa by my house that uses their products and I've tried that first moisturizer you mentioned and the yam mask! Sure makes your face feel soft and fresh. I adore Mountain Rose Herbs!! I actually get a handful of my supplies through them for my shop :) speaking of that...THANK YOU SO MUCH for the mention - I'm happy to hear that you enjoy those two products. I greatly appreciate the support, you're such a wonderful friend! Love you!! ❤️ And that homemade mask sounds lovely!
  12. I also enjoying seeing what Vegan products others love. Gives me something to check out and thanks for sharing your recipe. Looks like a fun one to try.
  13. my skin is horrible..and i could definitely use some help.
      I'm so sorry to hear you exfoliate at all? Exfoliation can turn your skin around.
  14. Thanks so much for this post Brandi! I'm always looking for natural, vegan beauty inspiration :) I need to look into the Eminence brand, I've never heard of it before. And that mask sounds amazing (and actually quite delicious :D) I've been using Dr. Hauschka products (I pick out the vegan ones) for some time now and I'm quite happy with them but a little looking around never hurts :)
      Thank you so much Lucie! I'm glad to have this on my blog now to hopefully help some people with questions about good vegan products :)
  15. It's amazing what a healthy vegan diet can do for skin and hair. The receptionist at my dentist's office came into the room while I was getting my teeth cleaned to ask me what I used on my skin because, "it just glows!" I told her that it was my whole foods plant-based diet. I get comments like that all of the time now, I never did before I went vegan. Plant power! That mask looks good enough to eat-haha! I'm going to try it tonight. Thanks, Brandi. :)
      I agree Linda! I had good skin before, but the plant-based diet, as I mentioned above has only further enhanced that "glow" and it's amazing how much more bright my skin is. Plants for the win! Let me know if you try the mask :)
  16. I always hesitate to try any mask. I use only turmeric for my face. After reading your post I want to try this one :)
      I love fresh fruit masks, they are amazing!
  17. Gin
    Mmm, I love the idea of the strawberry mask. Topical vitamin C can work wonders! It would smell awesome too!
      You are so correct, Vitamin C is very powerful for evening out skin tone and pigmentation, I love it!
  18. Thanks so much for posting about your skincare regimen. I always thought I was buying good products, but in reality I wasn't buying what my skin really needed. So after reading your blog on Tuesday, I looked up Eminence and found a salon in Kansas City that carries it. I had my first facial ever (!!!) last night and told the esthetician that I wanted to start using the Eminence line. I have dry skin and redness on my nose and along my nose, plus hormonal acne. The facial was W O N D E R F U L! and I bought all that she recommended. Stone Crop facial gel, Strawberry Rhubarb Exfoliant, Calm Arnica Booster Serum, and Eight Greens Whip Moisturizer. I am so pleased! My skin this morning looked great! I go back to the salon in May for a follow-up. Again, thanks so much for your blog post! It came at the perfect time for me, and my skin is definitely happier because of your recommendations!
      Oh YAY Liz! I’m so so happy to hear that! I’m so glad I shared it and that this post was so helpful to you! Now you will be hooked on Eminence like I am, haha! Isn’t their facials and products just amazing? Ever since I had one facial with their products years back while pregnant, I’ve been hooked ever since. No skincare line has ever compared and I’ve tried a TON. Oh, I have the Strawberry Exfoliant too!! I use it on my arms and chest and neck too, to keep them soft. So happy to hear this, thank you so much for letting me know!
  19. […] //A look at an all-natural vegan skin care routine.  […]
  20. So glad I found this post and your website in general!! Quick question, I noticed the Pureology products are geared towards color treated hair; I have "virgin hair", which is also very thick, and was wondering if you had any insight on whether it may suitable for my hair even though I don't color it?
      Oh yes, it's not just for color-treated hair. It's just also safe for color-treated hair. It just provides wonderful moisture and comb-ability which I find is sooo hard with nearly every product out there. This one is magical!
  21. I didn't see a product for body wash. Do you use the Eminence Stone Crop Gel Wash for the body as well or a different product? Also, how do you incorporate the green tea sunscreen with Eminence products? Do you put the sunscreen on after the moisturizer and hydrating gel? Thanks
    • Also, do you use a loofah? If so, on both the face and body?
        Hi! No, I don't use a loofah. For my face, I use the exfoliating products mentioned above and they do a wonderful job. For my body, I dry brush and also use an apple sugar scrub a couple of times a week from Eminence. Pricey, but the ingredients are perfect, all wholesome natural ingredients, the smell is amazing and it truly softens my skin and unlike most sugar scrubs that are heavily oil-based and leave your skin greasy, this one has a small amount of oil, so it just leaves my skin soft and moisturized after the shower, not greasy. Hope that helps!
      HI Michael! I don't use a body wash, I use Dr. Bronners soaps. They are a very short ingredient list and have essential oils in them. They are the only soap I've used in my life that doesn't dry out my skin or irritate it. I will probably never switch! When I was using that green tea moisturizer, I would just put it on my clean face, definitely not after a moisturizer or gel, that would be too much product for my skin, personally. I actually do not use that sunscreen anymore because, while it worked, it just flat out is too white and is really hard to blend in. I have now been using MyChelle sunscreen and I absolutely LOVE IT. It moisturizes, totally absorbs into the skin, no greasy feeling like most sunscreens and absolutely zero breakouts, which is notorious for sunscreens. It is a vegan company as well. I have fallen in love with many of their products. I will probably do another post like this in the near future because I'm using several new products in the past several months that have only further enhanced my complexion. Here is the link to the sunscreen I now use. I will update my post as well! Here is another sunscreen I have as well from Eminence. I bought it before I discovered MyChelle. It also absorbs beautifully and doesn't make me break out and the smell is out of this world, but it is much pricier, 3 times as much, so I'll probably won't be ordering it again, but will stick with MyChelle. I hope these are helpful! I know we all have different skin, but hopefully these help you as well :)

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