Vegan at Disneyworld

Vegan at Disneyworld

Why is it that you always need a vacation after a vacation? Well, I can assure you that after spending 5 days in Disneyworld, I was ready to come to "home sweet home". Not only is Disneyworld insanely expensive, but tiring. But regardless of that, we had a blast! It was my very first time ever going there. I did not go there as a child, so it was exciting for me just as it was for my daughter, who is 5. It truly was magical watching the joy she experienced meeting her favorite characters like Mickey, Minnie, Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel.

If you're going to eat at Disneyworld, accept ahead of time that vegan options are challenging to find and limited, but there is options. Also, accept that nearly everything is cooked in oil. Since a large amount of you all are oil-free, it's important that I mention that. Unless you want to just eat fruit and Mickey pretzels, most of the food will have oil. I accepted that we wouldn't eat as perfectly as at home and "let it gooooo", as Elsa sings, LOL. We just enjoyed our vacation!

I believe in keeping it real, so I'm sharing my honest opinions about everything we tried. Again, these are just our opinions. Some were great, some not so much. Many of you all may have a totally different opinion, as we all have different tastebuds!

So, we only went to 2 of the parks...Magic Kingdom and Epcot. We were not interested in going to Animal Kingdom or the water park. Especially being our first time, there was plenty to see in the other parks. So, today I'm just sharing our vegan finds at those 2 parks. There is this wonderful website, VeganDisneyWorld, though for other vegan references that may help you out on your trip! Also, be sure to check out and join the Facebook group, Veg Disney, as they have amazing suggestions. I'm sure the next time we go, there will be even more to check out that we missed.

Forgive my imperfect photos...these were all taken quickly throughout the trip with my phone because I wanted to eat the food quickly and enjoy myself.

NOTE: Make sure to always ask and confirm that the options are vegan, as their recipes can always change.

Our first evening for dinner we ate at Captain's Grille at the Yacht Club Resort. Since we stayed at the Boardwalk Villas and it was close by, we just walked there to eat. There was basically NO other option of vegan choices. We asked several places and was recommended this place.

The chef came out to talk to us to tell us our options. We ordered the falafel fritters, with apple chutney, asparagus, cauliflower with a sundried tomato vinaigrette.There wasn't a whole lot of options to choose from. I forgot to take a pic, but we also ordered a side of some fat fries and they were yummy. The meal was ok. I wouldn't get it again, but it was edible. The falafel was ok and pretty good, but the rest of the plate was just weird. The asparagus tasted good and the tomato vinaigrette was pretty tasty, but there was this weird cinnamon flavor to the carrots that just did not work for me. The sweetness just didn't taste good to me. As much as I love apples and I'm a HUGE cinnamon-freak, I felt neither belonged on that plate. To be honest, I would have rather just eaten the falafel, a baked potato or fries. My husband ordered a baked potato as well, since he's not really a falafel fan. I find that since I create my own vegan recipes, that I'm terribly picky with others. So, others may love it more than we did. Neither my hubby or daughter liked any of it, lol. Plus, my husband couldn't eat the asparagus or the cauliflower because of gout (they cause flareups) so he just barely ate some falafel and filled up on a baked potato and fries.

The next day for lunch we ate at Columbia Harbor House, Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom.

I completely forgot to take any pics because we were so hungry, but here is the link to some pics from the Disney website. We had the Vegetarian Chili, minus the crackers, ordered fries and also the Lighthouse Sandwich, which was hummus and tomatoes. Make sure to not order the broccoli slaw that the sandwich comes with because it has dairy. The chili was pretty good and hearty, but was way too spicy for my daughter. She wouldn't eat it.  So, she just ate fries and a few bites of the chili with lots of water, hahaha. The chili was hearty with lots of beans in it and also had mushrooms. We had to pick those out though, since my hubby can't have them. He didn't say much, but ate the whole sandwich. I hate tomatoes on sandwiches, so I didn't eat any of it.

Also, we got the famous Pineapple Dole Whip a couple of times during our trip.

Correction, my hubby and daughter got it. I was very saddened to hear that it was only that one flavor, pineapple. I absolutely hate pineapple, so I couldn't even stand the one bite I had. I know, I'm weird, but God did not give me tastebuds that care for most fruit. I really, really was looking forward to some good ice cream on this trip and it was not meant to be. My daughter and hubby sure loved it though. Which brings me to my next find. I was so determined to get ME some vegan ice cream that I researched and found that Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, Mainstreet USA, in Magic Kingdom, sold vegan ice cream by Rice Dream and Tofutti brands. I ordered the Rice Dream vanilla and it was the absolute, most disgusting thing I think I've ever tasted. I took one bite of that overpriced mess and threw it out. My husband couldn't even eat one bite. It was grainy, wasn't creamy and tasted like a really nasty protein powder that was turned icy. It was SO GROSS. Such a shame. Out of all the amazing vegan ice creams on the market, and the nastiest stuff ever is sold at Disney. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I don't believe in sugar coating anything and I don't want YOU to waste your money either! Come on Disney, give us vegans some real ice cream! I didn't even bother forking out another ridiculous amount of money to try the tofutti kind next. I was so irritated because it was so expensive. Save your money and don't buy it.

So, my ice cream wasn't meant to be, but one thing that was absolutely delicious and refreshing and easy to find is the frozen lemonades. We had a Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade in Magic Kingdom, located next to the Ariel ride, that was so yummy. Forgot a pic again, was too eager to slurp it down. Plus, it was really sunny and hot at that moment, so a pic wasn't on my mind. But, get it, it's DELICIOUS.

One day for lunch we ate pizza at Pinocchio Village Haus, in Fantasyland, at Magic Kingdom.

Finally, something  yummy! Ask for the allergy menu, as it's not listed on the main menu board when you walk in. They specially made us 3 vegan pizzas. They were very simple but really delicious and fresh tasting. Tomato sauce, tomato slices, fresh basil, vegan cheese and balsamic vinegar. They were so good. They were on the small side, so I easily could have eaten 2 myself. We also ordered fries.

There are Mickey pretzels everywhere in Disneyworld and they are vegan. I confirmed they have no animal products by asking. They were of course yummy and we ate several on our trip.

Another great snack option is the Roasted Almonds. So simple and so delicious. Sweet, smoky and crunchy.

Another delicious find in Epcot international flower and garden festival at Pineapple Promenade, was Frozen Dessert Violet Lemonade. Again, forgot a pic, but it was so delicious! I got this pic directly from the Disney site!

Another delicious find, which happened to be our favorite the entire trip, was at the Epcot international flower and garden festival, at Urban Farm Eats. We got the Crabless Cake with Vegetable Slaw, Lemon Vinaigrette and Old Bay Remoulade.

The entire meal is vegan and it was incredible. It was fried, so definitely not oil-free, but finally something with real flavor and tasted NOT vegan. So yummy. I'd suggest getting at least 2 per person. 1 was not enough. As I mentioned on social media, I'm definitely remaking this for the blog! The sauce was to die for. So creamy, tangy, great lemon flavor and a nice spicy kick without being too spicy. ALL 3 of us loved it, even my 5 year old! So so yummy.

Another day for lunch, in Epcot, In Morocco, we ate at the "Tangierine Cafe" and had the Vegetarian platter, minus the falafel and tzatziki.

Back to another gross meal, hahaha. Sorry, I'm totally laughing because it was such a hit or miss with us. This came with hummus, couscous, lentil salad and olives. If it doesn't bother you, the falafel is vegan except for the part it is fried in same oil as chicken. Totally honest, this plate was a waste of money. The ONLY thing we liked was the hummus, which tastes exactly like the garlic hummus from Trader Joes, lol. Everything else on that plate was so gross and had too many weird flavors for our tastebuds. Salt and pepper would have been just fine, but there was SO much going on in the couscous, green salad and lentils....just not my style at all. Y'all know I love well-flavored food but it was just not my type of flavors. I'm not the norm though maybe, because there are apparently a lot of people I've read that really like it.

We ended up going back and getting a ton of yellow rice and eating that with wraps. I wish we had known ahead of time and saved our money because so much of it didn't get eaten. The rice was good and my daughter really liked it. We went here based on a review I found on another website and clearly we have different ideas of what tastes good, because it was just so gross to me. FYI: They won't sell just parts of the platter, you have to order the whole plate, so I wouldn't get it next time. They were very nice though. I would double check what is vegan when you go, because menus can always change, he told me.

Now, for the long awaited place I had been dreaming about, Erin McKenna's 100% vegan and gluten-free bakery. It is not at one of the parks, but is at Disney Springs, which is a place for shopping and eating about a mile from Disneyworld. The whole area is just beautiful. Big mistake to go when we were hungry. Since I'm a baker and have never stepped foot into a vegan bakery I was a wee bit too excited and bought WAY too many treats. Sadly, I was disappointed again. I think I'm not the norm though when it comes to desserts. I'm admittedly picky when it comes to others baked goods. I like baked goods moist, not DRY, with good texture and there has to be great deep flavor. Some were hits and some we didn't like. Here are pics of everything we bought.

The top 2 cookies were large Thin Mint cookies and they were pretty yummy. I would order them again. The top 2 cupcakes were chocolate with mint frosting. Pretty good, but the frosting was way too oily. I couldn't eat much of the frosting. The bottom 2 cupcakes were my favorite thing of everything we bought. They were Mocha Brownie Cupcakes. Chocolate and coffee/espresso is my all-time favorite combo, so I loved this coffee flavor of the cupcakes. The brownie part was dense and chocolatey and rich like a brownie. Yummy.

These top 2 were vanilla cupcakes with frosting, the bottom left is a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and the bottom right was a French Toastie Cupcake. The frostings were pretty much pure oil so I just couldn't handle it. I scraped most of it off. The French Toastie tasted artificial and weird.

Top left is a chocolate donut, top right is a vanilla cupcake topper and the bottom two were sugar donuts. I know they look so delicious in the photos, but they were sadly very dry. My daughter didn't like the donuts because they were so dry.

She took just one bite and said it was yucky and too dry. I tasted it to be sure. She was right. It tasted too lemony or acidic. The chocolate iced donut was better, only because it had chocolate, but the donut part was exactly the same....dry. My guess was they had been sitting there a couple of days?? Who knows, but I wouldn't order the donuts again.

So, I totally admit, my opinions on baking, and desserts in general, are picky. It's a curse because I don't like a lot of what I try. To make matters worse, my hubby is even more of a critic. It probably makes sense now why I test my dessert recipes so much, because even to myself, I'm hard to please, lol! But, at least I now know what I would get. I will go back there, but next time I will stick with the Thin Mint cookies and not order so dang much!

Another place we ate for lunch that day in Disney Springs, was at Blaze pizza! You can totally get vegan pizza there. It was good and similar to Mod pizza, if you've ever had theirs. I would say Mod is better, but it was still a tasty option! I'm so sorry I forgot to take so many pics...what can I say...when vegans are hungry, they don't think clearly, LOL!

Another night for dinner in Epcot, we ate in Mexico and had a bunch of just rice, refried black beans and corn tortillas. Very simple, but really delicious! That was an easy, but simple meal to get, too, that was vegan! We confirmed no dairy in any of it. Forgot pics again there!

Our last night in Disneyworld we ate dinner in Epcot, in Italy at Tutto Italia Restaurant. The restaurant was beautiful and the waiters were truly Italian. I loved how at each place we went, the employees truly had the accents of the country it was representing. Made the experience so much more special.

Our waiter was Alessio and he was so sweet and accommodating. I joked with my husband that I loved his accent so much that I just wanted him to keep talking to us so I could listen to him all night, lol! The chef also came out and spoke to us about our options and what they could do for us. They were very nice. Based on what they told us, we ordered the Arugula and Basil Pesto with penne pasta.

I liked the flavor this dish had but it was WAY too oily. I was honestly afraid I would get sick from all of the oil. I've never been a big fan of very oily food because it used to make me very sick, so I could not eat all of this. When every bite you take is full of oil, that's not a good thing. It was like slipping and sliding with every bite, lol!

For my daughter, we ordered the Spaghetti and tomato sauce. Honestly, this was so simple but so delicious. Yet again, we had to learn a lesson that the most simple of food was the best. My husband and I both loved it so much more than the basil pasta, so we ordered another huge bowl of the spaghetti. Not to mention, not nearly as oily. See, our first trip and we learned so much. We wasted so much money on this trip on food alone that we didn't like. FYI: Not all of the pastas are vegan, so they let us choose which type of pasta to go with each sauce, as they have some different options that don't have egg in them. They also offer a vegan pizza for kid size with all veggies. No cheese. No adult size available. Also, they offer many veggies as well. We ordered a side of the Roasted Rosemary Potatoes. So delicious, but of course had oil.

So, there you have it! Some food we liked and some we didn't. I know there is a TON more options I'm sure, so be sure to click the links I provided at the beginning of the post and I hope this post is somewhat helpful to those visiting Disneyworld soon!

Aside from the food, we had a blast and created some wonderful memories. My daughter loved it all and we did too. Oh, and we stayed at the Boardwalk Villas, which had a kitchen, so I made breakfast each day, so that saved us THAT headache of finding breakfast everyday. I loved the Boardwalk and would totally stay there again! The bed was soooo comfortable, I wanted to bring it home.

Here are some of our special magic moments.

The #1 favorite thing my daughter got to do was dress up as a Princess. That was a whole ordeal, but the one thing she wanted to do. It was so cute seeing all the little girls in the big Princess room getting all dressed up. She hasn't stopped wearing the dress ever since we came back home either, haha.



  1. I absolutely love this blog and really appreciate your honesty. People need to hear that it's ok to do the best you can at the time and not to beat yourself up. I can really tell how painful it was to eat that food YOU could make a million times better and healthier. Bless your heart. I know your daughter had a blast by how big her smile was in each picture. LOVE IT!!
      Thank you so much for reading Estee and your sweet comment! Haha, yes, it totally was a bit cringy to eat so much food with oil, BUT, I didn't get sick at all during the trip, so it was a blessing. And yes, it's pointless to stress over is too short for that. I'm back at home enjoying my own food again, lol. At least I know next time a few more things to avoid so it will be a bit more easy and enjoyable, food wise, that is!
  2. Hi Brandi, We have been to Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. lots of times but never to Disneyworld. I would imagine the food choices are about the same. Pretty much nil if a family wants to eat healthy and WFPB. I like your attitude and it helps to see someone like you who cooks healthy everyday, just do the best you can and not get all excited about it. I bet this made you appreciate your food even more when you got back home and into your routine. It is amazing to me that even healthy food get ruined with the oil that restaurants think they NEED to add when there are many dishes that that they could serve that taste even better without the oil. We visit a restaurant regularly for breakfast, where I live, and each time I tell the wait staff that I want the breakfast potatoes or that hash browns cooked DRY, without oil or butter or any fat. About 80% of the time, the cooks or chefs get it right or at least it tastes like they do, so I know that they could do it 100% of the time but that doesn't seem to happen. Somehow some of the cooks, chefs, seem to think that oil is necessary to grill potatoes. We know differently....Thanks again for the information re eating through Disneyworld. Your daughter is adorable. Diane in Ca....
      Oh my gosh, yes! I'm so very thankful to be home eating my own food again. A week of eating out is a lot! You know, it's crazy since I always ate my potatoes cooked in oil before and they were yummy to me back then, but now, all I taste is oil. It's so strange how much our tastes change! I like tasting flavor and not grease. I'm ok with a little bit of oil at restaurants but when the whole dish just tastes like PURE OIL, like with the basil pasta...that is just wayyy too much. I've always felt that way, too, not just since going oil-free. Thank you for reading Diane!
  3. I like your honesty as well. Not likely that I will go to Disney, but that just because it's vegan doesn't mean it's tasty or healthy. I'm becoming more 'picky' with my food also. I know what I like and what works in my body, and if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit...I don't eat it to please anyone, I don't eat it because we spent money on it (my husband can eat it if he likes, and often he will) but good for you for the honesty and caring about your own health and that of your family. And weird flavors don't cut it with me either, so glad to know that I'm not alone in that. :) Blessings!!
      Thank you Chrissie! Haha, yeah, from what I've read online....a lot of people seem to like the Vegetarian platter at Tangeirine I'm apparently the oddball weirdo, but I just wanted to be honest. I thought it was gross and would never order it again. All 3 of us felt that way, too! I love flavor, but they were just too different from what I like. At least now I know! Thank you for reading Chrissie :)
  4. Thank you so much for sharing! I really enjoyed it!! I also did not get the opportunity to go to Disneyland as a child, but hopefully as an adult I will . I always find myself doing research days ahead to search out the places that are Vegan friendly or with vegan options! Loved the pics that you provided! Nice family. Looking forward to trying many of your creations that you post on instagram.
  5. I live close to Orlando so I know how hard it is to eat vegan in Disney world! That bakery in Disney springs is awful, I ordered too many sweets as well one time and even a milk shake and it tasted like pure water and the cupcakes were the most dry desserts I've ever had. It's a shame but how can they not know how awful their sweets are??? There's place in Orlando that are great for vegans but in the parks I usually stick to fruit and maybe a soft pretzel, I tend to eat before and after the parks the most.
      Oh, I'm SO thankful to hear it wasn't just me!!! Glad to hear you felt the same. I didn't want to sound rude and felt bad saying that about the treats, but I truly didn't want to lie about it to all of you lovely people. Especially when they are SO expensive. I was shocked and didn't expect anything but delicious, which is why I ordered so dang much, haha. So, I was super sad when the baked parts tasted DRY but then the frostings were TOO oily. It was crazy. Maybe the baked goods sit there for several days...maybe that's why they are so dry?? Seriously, dry cakes and desserts = NOT GOOD. Because I wondered the same thing...they must taste them, right? The cookies I definitely found to be good though and worth the purchase.
  6. I'm glad you and your family had a fun time! The memories must have definitely been the best part. I loved reading this to get a great insight as to what to expect. This was super helpful for anyone planning to go there. I can't do food much with oil at all either, so I'm glad I know now what is available there. The most important thing is that you have memories of a wonderful time to cherish forever, especially the fact that your daughter loved dressing up and meeting her favorites. Thanks for sharing! I'm sure it's a relief to be back home eating your amazing recipes again!
  7. Brandi, the tips and advice here are great for those planning a trip to DW (I haven't been since I was in high school and between you and me have never been a big fan) - - love the honesty. BUT, the pictures of you and your family are the best. Really enjoyed seeing those. Glad you had a good time - now get some rest :-)!!
  8. The Dole Whip is delicious girl, I'm SO SAD you don't like pineapple!! Didn't they have orange? I customize food all the time there, they have never told me they couldn't sell me a bowl of anything and I'm actually REALLY surprised they wouldn't give you just rice. It's the happiest place on earth and they typically just call someone over to help them key in my weird vegan orders. :P If you find yourself back in Disney Springs, there is a BLAZE pizza that is awesome and offers daiya, and every veggie. I agree, Erin McKenna bakery is AMAZING but the doughnut was dry. I loved that lemonade pound cake!! I just ate my way around Disney Springs on Thursday! :) In Epcot, the chef will always come out to discuss options. Once I had a private tour of the buffet in Germany, then he brought out a bowl of Earth Balance for our vegan pretzel rolls, enjoy life chocolate bars & cookies, and fruit compote for dessert !! (was it delicious? Not to me, but it made my son happy) I never plan ahead (we live here) and they are typically VERY gracious and helpful. If the food is stressful, it's never fun. I understand there is a place called OHana that offers a bunch of V options but I have not been yet.
      I didn't see orange anywhere, but maybe it was at different stands than we went to! I would have liked orange much better! Oh, it definitely depends on the place for sure. As mentioned above, we did get some great finds and chefs came out to talk to us at a couple of the restaurants we mentioned. The pizza that was made for us was so delicious! But several of the places we were simply told what was available and some places there just simply is very limited options. That is fine, but since this was our first ever trip, we did the best we could. Next time we go, I'm sure we will find even more better options. Omg, YES, totally forgot about Blaze...geez I'm getting old, we DID eat lunch there and I totally forgot because once again, forgot pics, lol! I'm editing the post to add that. It was pretty good, not as delicious as Mod pizza, but still good! Glad to know I'm not the only one who felt that way about the baked goods dry at the bakery! Didn't try any poundcake! Germany sounds like a great option for next trip! Since time is so crazy, we ate at what we could find and when we could find it. Like I mentioned, I'm sure there is plenty more. We found difficulty at most places because the stuff that was available is not on every corner like traditional food. It's just much harder as a vegan, lol!
  9. Your photos are just beautiful! Looks y'all had a great time, despite the food situation. I'm sorry your dining experiences weren't the greatest. We absolutely love that plate from Tangierine Cafe, but if you aren't a huge fan of the various Mediterranean/Middle East spices then I can see how it wouldn't appeal to ya'll. I've been to WDW many times and it's been my experience that they will cheerfully refund your money if you don't care for something. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Boardwalk Villas though - that's one of our favorite places to stay. As a side note, WDW does allow you to bring your own food into the park, so there is always that option!
      Thank you so much Gabriellyn, very sweet of you to say that! Yes, it was wonderful and not all was bad at all. As I mentioned in my post, some of the food was so delicious! I'm sure our next trip, we can find more delicious stuff. I will definitely need to try Animal Kingdom Tusker House since so many talk highly of Chef AJ. Yes, we found some sandwich things from Trader Joes and brought those with us one day but they were bland and soggy, so that didn't work out too well, lol. Yeah, that vegetarian platter was definitely NOT our thing, lol. I love, love hummus and the yellow rice they had though was good!
      • Chef AJ is at Fort Wilderness campground! I really think you should join the Facebook Disney eating group. It doesn't seem like you visited any of the places people have talked about enjoying.
          Thanks for sharing! I will look into that if we ever go back!
  10. Great review!! Thanks for your honesty. I have loved every single one of your recipes I've tried, so I trust your taste buds and thing they must be similar to mine. I've not been to Disney World, but have been to Disneyland/California Adventure and Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea. Both are chalking as well, but Disney in California is less so. I love pineapple and treat myself to Dole Whip every day. In addition to that, my best options are sourdough bread from Boudin bakery (a beloved luxury) and rice/steamed veggies from an Asian counter service place at CA. And pretzels and pickles. The veggie gumbo is vegan, but bland and greasy to me. At Tokyo Disney there was only pretty much an overpriced fruit cup. I also took a chance on the unverified vegan status of the salt and pepper popcorn. After the first hungry miserable day (it was also freezing cold and raining) I started buying stuff at our hotel convenience store (fruit/green salad/rice balls) to bring with me. There are maybe one or two sit down restaurants at each park with vegan options but the reservation system was confusing and draconian even for my sister in law, a native speaker of Japanese (the online system is in Japanese). We tried to reserve in person one day and at 10 am we're only given the option of 5:30 pm or later - not really a lunch option.
  11. I seriously applaud you for actually eating out and staying vegan at Disney (and recording/photographing everything along the way, wow!). It's fun to read this having been enough times that I am pretty familiar with the place, but honestly every time I've gone since being vegan I have pretty much gone the snacks and bring your own food route and skipped the restaurants because it is just so tricky. Except hibachi, I always go to the hibachi place in Epcot because it's delicious and veg accommodating. Also going with non-vegan family doesn't help. But despite some fails, you had a few really delicious looking successes that I never knew existed!! Epcot seems to be much better on the vegan options, that Urban Farm Eats meal looked delicious. And I didn't know about the purple lemonade either, I could probably go back now and be perfectly happy with just lemonade, dole whip, and pretzels lol :) And the bakery!! Omg I would never be able to pick, but at least now I know a few things to skip. I love how Olivia has such high standards for baked goods now too :) The mocha brownie cupcakes sound amazing, that has my recipe wheels turning even. Amazing guide Brandi, this will be super helpful for anyone going as vegan. And adorable pics too, I'm glad Olivia had a good time--that's the most important part!
  12. Glad you all had a great time! We do Disney over here once year and that is more than enough for me. LOL. But I go purely for the kids, As much fun as I have seeing their faces I wouldn't go on my own. Looks like despite some fails, you found some great food too! But vegan or not, I feel like food at amusing parks and big places like this is always a hit and miss. I could probably live on the dole whip!!
      Yes, it was a lot of money so I can't even justify going every year in Disneyworld anyways! It's far and certainly has to be a multiple day trip for us. Very expensive and honestly, I wouldn't want to go every year! Yes, definitely found some yummy food, thankful for that! Totally, it is an amusement park, so I wasn't expecting health food, lol!
  13. I love this post. You are giving lots of useful information here and I love seeing little parts of your trip. Thank you for sharing. You have a wonderful family and it is amazing how much your daughter looks like you. She definitely has her mothers beauty. She makes a fabulous princess too :) Even though it was tough you did a good job navigating the vegan options. The place you stayed having a kitchen sounds very convenient if I ever get a chance to go I am going to look into that hotel. I probably would more have to bring my own food if I went because being gluten free and vegan probably would be even more difficult. But the gluten free vegan bakery is cool. There is actually an Erin McKenna's bakery here in Los Angeles. I have eaten their treats once and once purchased them for coworkers. I thought a few things were good but yes some were like wow heavy on the oil. You totally need to open a bakery. Your deserts would be divine. I hope you are fully recovered from your vacation now hahaha I think we always need a vacation from our vacation because we tend to wear ourselves out trying to everything while we are on our short vacation. I am glad you had a blast but I am sure it is nice to be home and eating your own delicious food. :D
  14. Haha I'm laughing because I love your honesty! I have made several of your yummy recipes and I know what you mean about being disappointed! I am honestly getting to the point where I only want to eat my own cooking and at a few friends houses because otherwise the food is too oily or tasteless. Your daughter is beautiful and I look forward to more great recipes. Again, thanks for your honesty!!
      Aww, thank you Sarah! SO happy you are enjoying my recipes! I agree, homecooking is always best! Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Lol, I know I was pretty blunt, but that is me and I never want to tell you all that something was amazing and delicious just to be nice and then y'all go buy it and think it sucks and that I was crazy, haha! I gotta keep it real.
  15. I am dying over how beautiful these photos are of you and your family!!!! Olivia looks so grown up and SO happy! Such a magical place for kids - I'm so glad you all went and had a blast!! I so appreciate your honest reviews here - always such a breath of fresh air. It's disappointing how heavily restaurants rely on oil so I can imagine how happy you are to be back in the comfort of your own kitchen. That pizza looked pretty damn good though - I'm such a sucker for pizza. And the big soft pretzels...yum! I had to laugh a little about the bakery you went to because for a while I owned her cookbook and finally donated it a year ago because everything is overloaded with oil and sugar. Definitely not how we eat, but as a treat every now and again is OK. All the goodies you got from there looked delicious though and that Olivia sure knows what's good, huh?? You've taught her well ;) Thanks for sharing your experience with us!! XO
      Aww, thank you so much my friend! We sure did have an amazing time!! Yes, you are so right. Everything, everything is cooked in SO much oil. I'm ok with a little bit, but dang, I don't like to just taste oil and grease in every is SO hard to eat that way. Yes, that pizza was excellent and didn't taste greasy at all! It was SO fresh tasting...even the crust. It was tender, fresh and delicious! Ha, no way?! Nissrine from IG told me about having her cookbook too and mentioned the same exact thing about how much oil she uses, lol! So funny you mentioned the same thing. I don't mind recipes with a small bit of oil, it's very easy to navigate around them, but the ones that call for 1/2 cup to 1 cup is just excessive to me. Thank you for reading, I know it was long! Love you!
  16. Sounds like quite a trip! BTW, enjoyed your interview in the seminar recently! Your trip story actually got me pretty anxious about my upcoming 3 month trip to France because there are virtually few vegetarian, let alone vegan options eating out. Everything they cook is with meat, cream, butter and oil!!! I've decided to try and haul my Instapot with me and at least try to cook beans and rice and veggies part of the time. I get so tired of eating salad! Wish me luck. I am so spoiled at home doing my own cooking, all organic too. After your experience at Disneyworld, I think I'll pass. Too stressful for me finding food. What you could eat there was loaded with sugar (likely processed at that) and I don't like that any better. I think every amusement part should be mandated to offer at least one or two plant-based alternatives to their menus!! Thanks for your info.
      Hi Louann, thank you so much for watching the interview! So glad you enjoyed it. Oh lord, Paris, hahaha! We went there way back when, in 2008, and don't even get me started on the food there. We weren't even vegan back then and it was just awful! Very very different than here in America. Lots of weird dishes and even the pizzas had fried eggs on them. Gross. But now that we are vegan, it frightens me to think how hard it would be. I think we would starve, lol. I've heard Italy is much easier, but I know that doesn't help you. If I were you, I would definitely do a TON of research and googling of how to eat vegan in Paris so you can hopefully have some luck. I think your Instant Pot is a great idea! Everytime we travel, we find a place with a kitchen because we know the challenges we face. I agree, amusements parks are not health places, but since the trip is about all the magic experiences, I focused on that and it was still worth it. And like I mentioned, there was some yummy stuff too. Plus, check out the links I provided. The Facebook group has many people who post about their finds. It's definitely do able, I just think it's important to know that MOST places are very limited with options...other than just boring fruit and salads. That was our experience. I really wish every park had even just ONE entirely vegan place, that would be awesome!
  17. After reading your review I hesitant about going -not a good turnout. We are all picky about food items but damn all you ate was bread, carbs, fries and oil. Did you return these items in exchange for something else or grin and bare through eating what you Had? I would have demanded a refund for the bakery items. I guess I'll be bringing snacks, getting grocery service and cooking in the hotel.
      No, don't think of it that way at all! Definitely go! As I stated in my post in the beginning and the end, this was a family vacation and we had a BLAST. Like I mentioned, I accepted that food was not going to be as healthy as at home and did not let that deter me from having a good time. As with any vacation, food is never going to be as healthy and will always be more of a challenge as a vegan traveling. Also, this was our very first time going so it was a learning experience. We didn't know what to expect and had to do our best to navigate what to find. Knowing what we know now, I'm sure our next experience we will be even more prepared and yes, you can even bring your own food into the park. We did bring some sandwiches from Trader Joes and some date bars but the sandwiches we bought were soggy so those were a waste, but the thing is, you CAN bring your own food. So, you can definitely plan for that. We had SO much fun and regardless of our crummy food experiences, as I shared above, we also had some yummy ones! All was not a waste, haha! Being vegan, oil-free and traveling is always a challenging combo, lol! We did not return any of the food because I didn't want to cause trouble with anybody, we know we are oil-free and vegan and certainly didn't want to make a fuss with people. Mostly everybody was super nice too so I wasn't there to make complaints. We took it as a lesson to learn of what NOT to get on the next trip. Know what I mean? The bakery on the other hand, I know what I wouldn't get next time. Also, I do consider that we are picky with treats and many people do like them, so it could just be us. I didn't sweat the imperfect eating. It was a vacation and only for a few days. We don't go on vacation often so it's not worth stressing over. Focus on having fun, which we did, and you will be fine. I just shared our finds to hopefully help others of what to know was yummy and not so yummy and hopefully save somebody else the trouble of buying something not so great, lol! Yes, some of the food was gross, but everything else we experienced far surpassed that in a wonderful way. This was just a post focusing on the food :)
  18. Aw, look at how happy Olivia is! It's so sweet you and your husband vacationed in Disneyland with her despite this probably not being your top choice. Your honest review was refreshing to read. It's very obvious pretty much everything you ate was so far from your regular choices. Great you gave it a chance but aren't afraid to disagree with popular opinions. Chances of me ever visiting Disneyland are very low but if I did I'd likely try to sneak in some healthy snacks or subsist on fruit and pretzels ;). By the way: I'm not a big fan of pineapple, either. Plus, fresh one hurts my tongue so I hardly ever eat it.
      Thank you so much! Yes, I know most reviews on sites tend to favor places but I had to be honest...I don't sugar coat things, haha. Thank you so much for noticing and reading!
  19. Dee
    Another great post - thanks for your honesty Brandi. Have you heard of the website TripAdvisor? It's our "go to" website to look up reviews for restaurants/hotels/places of interest all over the world. I think your above reviews would be awesome to include on TripAdvisor, and would definitely help a lot of people :)
      I will check out that site Dee, thank you so much!
  20. Amy
    thanks for the reviews of disney! as a FL resident and new all year pass holder I am now looking forward to trying some of the options you mentioned.
  21. Brandi, love your honesty, helpful for many people! Glad you and and your family had an amazing time over there! I went to Disney a couple of years ago, so I know it can be a bit tricky to get some healthier options. But I mean that's ok, you know what you get. This is not a Disney thing that is generally a thing in every amusement park.
  22. We took our twins there when they were only 3 in July about 5 years ago, and OMG, it was so exhausting. I'm not sure I'll ever get my husband to go back there! 🙂 I remember the food being pretty disappointing for a vegan, and we ate mostly at restaurants outside the park where we knew we could find vegan options. It is pretty disgusting how much oil restaurants use that is so unnecessary! When your not used to it, it's really all you can taste sometimes. Your family is adorable by the way! Glad you had a great time! 🙂
  23. Hi Brandi, Long time reader, first time commenter. :) My family and I were also at the Flower and Garden Festival last month. Loved, loved, loved the crabless cake as well. No idea how they made it. I ordered the vegetarian "meatloaf" at Garden Grill and it was yummy as well, but it contained Gardein Chik'n in the ingredients. Our server was kind enough to bring out the ingredient list. I wonder if they use that in the crabless cake recipe. I hope not. Have you been able to duplicate it yet? I will be waiting with bated breath for your rendition.
  24. Thanks for the descriptions and recommendations :) last summer we had lunch at the "Liberty tree tavern" we ordered the "Vegetarian proclamation" a sandwich which could be veganized. It was great! Healthy and good tasting. We were so happy with this find since it truly is difficult to find good vegan food in most amusement parks.
      Thank you so much for reading Jeanne, that sounds delicious!
  25. It's great that you critique; that's what a review is supposed to do! I will say that I agree that Rice Dream ice cream is icey and the '90s version of vegan options. However, Tofutti (despite being perhaps the oldest nice cream on the block) is my all time favorite of anything available in 2017! It has a great whipped texture similar to gelato.
      Oh, that's good to know! Will have to try that brand!
  26. Thanks for the honest review! I hope next time you go you’re able to visit animal kingdom it’s truly a gorgeous park. Themes are amazing and so many wonderful interactions with animals and natural habitats it’s really beautiful looks like you guys had a great time and let go of perfection so that you could enjoy yourself thanks again.
      Thanks for reading Missy! I'm not sure what you mean by the last sentence but we had a fabulous time, as stated above! This was just a post to share our honest experience of the food we ate, but we had a wonderful time, this was strictly just a vegan food post, not regarding our whole trip of sites and tours. I'm always going to be honest with readers and as noted above, some of the food was quite amazing and some wasn't, but that is to be expected when vegan food options are limited, haha!

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