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Oil-free Vegan Barbecue Pesto

Say whattttttt?! Barbeque pesto?? YES. Forget traditional basil pesto, I have created a new kind of pesto.Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love classic pesto, but I love barbeque sauce and the idea of creating a pesto/sauce out of...

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Muffins with Sweet Potato Caramel

Oh my goodness, I am SO excited to share this entire 8 ingredient recipe with you today! Seriously, I contemplated dedicating an entire post just to this caramel sauce. It is certainly worthy of it. You haven't lived until you have had this caramel, this tastes...

Vegan Thin Mint Freezer Fudge On YouTube

Vegan Thin Mint Freezer Fudge inspired by the popular Girl Scout Cookies! So rich, chocolatey, dense and fudgy and made without any added oil or dairy. Made with just whole foods.I am so excited about this post! First, this amazing Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie inspired vegan fudge....

Roasted Poblano Peppers & Sweet Potato Tostadas

One of my favorite meals before we chose a vegan diet were some chicken nachos at a Mexican restaurant by one of my old jobs that my co-workers and I would frequent. It was corn tortilla chips with chicken, cheese and the most AMAZING ingredient, roasted poblano peppers....

Cocoa-Nut Cherry Protein Dessert Shake

Who says dessert has to be a cookie or a slice of cake? This dessert shake is incredibly delicious and actually full of amazing, wholesome ingredients. It is not low calorie, but then again, it's more of a dessert, than an actual smoothie. However, each ingredient is...

Vegan Dark Chocolate Almond Ice Cream

This Vegan Dairy-Free Dark Chocolate Almond Crunch Ice Cream has a dark chocolate taste with additional dark chocolate covered almonds throughout the ice cream, making it so delicious and rich. Made with coconut milk and dark chocolate. Exciting post today guys! One of the best things about...

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