TONS Of Yummy Recipes To Share

TONS Of Yummy Recipes To Share

I have been so insanely busy lately, that I'm forgetting lots of things. My kitchen is in constant chaos. I've written so many recipes, that my poor camera is asking for a timeout. In addition to all of my own recipe creations, I have been busy making other blogger's recipes that I just haven't been able to resist. While there are many, many more that I have printed out, there is only so much time in the day and these are the ones I've made lately.

I wanted to dedicate a post and share them all on here with you lovely readers, so you could enjoy them as well. Now, most of these are not 8 ingredient recipes because they are not my own. However, they are all gluten-free with my adaptations, where necessary. I also chose them all because they were very easy and a relatively short ingredient list, so go make them!

FYI, these are all my OWN images, but I will link to each recipe below each photo.

That first photo above is Cherry Mocha Almond Brownies from Cafedelights. Once I saw the word mocha, I was sold. I think espresso makes everything taste better. This is from Karina, whom I recently connected with through Instagram. She is an amazing, amazing recipe creator...did I say amazing?...and also a cancer survivor (I am too). She is so talented. Seriously, she created some Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast?! Whaaaaat!

We instantly connected through personal reasons and her food is really so beautiful and creative and she does a lot of desserts, so of course I love her! Hahaha! Her site is not vegan, but that doesn't scare me, as I can pretty much turn anything into a vegan recipe with enough fact, I love the challenge! This recipe was already gluten-free, which excited me. To make it vegan, I simply used 2 flax eggs and used almond butter in place of the oil. It worked perfect. See her original recipe here.

Cornbread Zucchini Pancakes from Athletic Avocado. These were so different than the usual pancakes I normally eat, but I loved them. They were already gluten-free and oil-free, so it was a very easy recipe for me. Also, there is only 1 tablespoon of sweetener, which was great, because the corn and zucchini add enough sweetness for a pancake. Of course, I also drizzled mine with lots of syrup, haha! I slightly adapted the recipe to meet my needs by adding some sea salt to bring out the other flavors and I also subbed some of the oat flour with potato starch, because in the past I haven't liked all oat flour pancakes because it makes them more dense than I prefer. The potato starch helped to lighten them and even my daughter loved them. You can find the recipe here.

Strawberry Muffins from one of my favorite bloggers and friends, Rika, at Vegan Miam. I've talked about Rika before on this blog, as I chose to feature her in the Writing Process Blog Tour. She is gorgeous, sweet and a well traveled, talented lady who makes some scrumptious, creative recipes. A lot of you already know about her, but if you don't, check her out!

These muffins were delicious. I was eager to test them out for a gluten-free/oil-free version. I made a batch with strawberries and then a separate batch with just chocolate chips, because to me, chocolate chips make everything taste better. Note: the ones with chocolate chips turned out perfect and the ones with the strawberries made the muffins a little on the wet side. I think I put wayyyy too many strawberries in my gluten-free version, because they didn't cook through real well. I use my gluten-free blends over and over and they always work amazing, even with blueberries, but I will use less strawberries next time, as it added extra moisture. See her original recipe here.

Raw Tahini Cups from Mandy at Be Sol-ful. I also met Mandy through Instagram and we connected, as we are both Mommy's to little girls and are both vegan, gluten-free and oil-free. Once I saw her post for these, I died. I love tahini, you guys know this, and I love chocolate. What more could I ask for? She's an amazing lady with one of the most beautiful hearts out there. I added ground espresso and some chopped pecans to mine because espresso always makes chocolate better to me. These were so delicious. Find her recipe here.

Gluten-free Chocolate Chunk Blondies from my friend Angela at Canned Time. Wouldn't you want to make them with a title like that? Angela is so talented with her recipes and I just love going to her blog and seeing what she is cooking up. I loved that these blondies were of course, vegan, but also already gluten-free, so it was an easy recipe for me to follow. I simply used oat flour in place of her ingredient "gluten-free flour" and I eliminated the oil and used almond butter. Worked out perfectly. Get her original recipe here.

Chili Quinoa-Bean Bites with Chipotle Sweet Mashed Potatoes. This one I recently made from one of my very favorite bloggers and a sweet friend, Emma at Coconut and Berries. Emma's recipes always catch my eye because they are creative, simple and she doesn't use a lot of ingredients. I have found they are very easy to customize too! I see a lot of bloggers recipes that look amazing, but the ingredient list is just soooo long, that I just pass it up. I, unfortunately, don't have the time to keep up with my blog and time consuming recipes, all while taking care of my toddler 24/7. So, Emma's recipes are great, check her out! The only changes I made to her recipe is that I used black beans instead of red and tripled the amount of chili powder for a stronger Mexican flair. I'm going to add cumin next time too. Mexican spices are my absolute favorite. See original recipe here.

Last, but certainly not least, these are Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Muffins from, yet again, Emma at Coconut and Berries. Seriously guys, excuse my French, but these are some of the best damn muffins I've ever had in my life. The 'best muffin ever' has to include chocolate chips in my book, so that is why I say that. I just couldn't get over them. We ate 6 almost immediately and I had to quickly make another batch. So, make sure to double it.

I was concerned at first with the relatively low amount of coconut sugar listed, if it would be sweet enough for my raging sweet tooth. However, my fears were slapped in the face with the most amazing, perfectly sweet, moistest muffin I think I've ever had. The hazelnut butter is not overpowering, in fact, it is subtle but gives wonderful depth of flavor to the muffins and the chocolate chips, well, they just make everything glorious! I made a few adaptations to the recipe since I bake gluten-free and wanted my hubby to share in the muffin glory and he doesn't do wheat. So, below are my changes that I made, but you will need to go her site for the original recipe and you can note my changes below if you want it gluten-free and oil-free. I'll explain my changes below. See her original full recipe here.

Her recipe calls for spelt flour. Since I used gluten-free flours, I knew I'd need a little extra than the amount her recipe called for since spelt absorbs more liquid than almond flour. Below are the measurements of ONLY the ingredients I changed. Everything else listed in her recipe I did the same.

  • For the flour I used 1/2 cup oat flour and 1/2 cup almond flour.
  • I used 2 total teaspoons baking powder to make up for using gluten-free flours.
  • I added 2 tablespoons tapioca starch to the recipe and blended it with the dry ingredients. This was needed for rise, structure and hold since there is no gluten in my version.
  • I also had to cook the muffins a couple of minutes longer due to the extra moisture content from the almond flour. Look for the toothpick to come out with a few dry crumbs and tops forming cracks, you don't want the toothpick completely clean in my gluten-free version. The result was an insanely, delicious, moist, heavenly muffin. Very important to let these cool at least 20 minutes before eating, as they will fall apart while still warm and they continue to cook as they cool.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed these amazing recipes, be sure to go check them all out at their original sources. Stay tuned for a really exciting post coming this weekend too!



  1. Wow, you are always busy Girlfriend but WOW. I think after William-Sonoma, you need a week or two to relax and just eat at restaurants for a day or so. Thanks so much for sharing the Blondies. They are much prettier here and I'm sure, just as tasty. Great shares. Thank you ♥ A
      Thank you Angela! Haha, I know right! Sorry, it took me so long to get this post up, but I figured it would be best to do a combined post of blogger love, instead of so many different blog posts...and a lot less work for me that way. Anywas, loved the blondies and need to make them again! And yes, a break would be nice, but somehow don't see that happening, haha! Good thing I run on adrenaline most of the time :)
  2. I can totally understand how you have been so busy my friend, but your life is so wonderful :D Your recipes here look so full of deliciousness, I am dying for a nice bit bite! Cheers Choc Chip Uru
  3. WOW - Even when you're busy your stuff looks awesome. Some great recipes here. Thanks for sharing. Think I need to try the Chili Quinoa-Bean Bites with Chipotle Sweet Mashed Potatoes.
      Aww you're so sweet Cindy, thank you!! The bites were so incredible...I added lots of extra chili powder and loved them so much! xo
  4. Such amazing treats! I think I have to start with those raw tahini cups!!
      They were soooooo good Annie!
  5. Such a generous post Brandi! I'm so flattered you enjoyed my recipes (thank you for sharing your adaptations- I'm going to try your GF version of my muffins!) and that you dedicated this post to highlighting them and other bloggers' recipes. Those blondies look incredible! P.S. Your pictures get better and better!
      Aww thanks Emma, I appreciate that!! I just really felt a post was in order since I've been making so many! I like to share the food love, haha! :) :) Your recipes rock my socks off!!
  6. Ohh man, I need to be your neighbor!! These all look phenomenal. I would love to just hangout with you all day and make treats!
      Come on girl, heck yeah! Let's bake!!
  7. You are amazing! Seriously, not only are you a fabulous recipe creator, but you're such a beautiful person with a BIG heart! Thank you for making my Raw Tahini Cups - I can't wait to try them using espresso powder :) These other recipes sound phenomenal! This blog post (and IG post) introduced me to some other great people, too! Lots of love! xoxo
      No, YOU are amazing Mandy! Seriously, I can't wait til the day we meet in person, and we WILL! You are one of the most genuine, kind hearted ladies I've met and I just love that we connected on Instagram and I love your yummy recipes! xoxo
  8. Awwww Brandi you are the best, this post really brightened my day and all of these beautiful dishes and desserts you’ve tried and made are incredible creations. Your photos are mind......blowing....... Thank you so much for your sweet and kind words and for featuring my recipe, I’m gonna miss these strawberry muffins and I can’t believe summer is nearly over…just few days away…hopefully it will stay longer!
      Awww Rika, you brightened MY day with complimenting my photography!! Thank you so much work put into them, so thank you!! Your muffins were the bomb and your hummus is next on my list! Hugs xo
  9. So sorry I am late in commenting, I have been sick and am so backlogged with the blogs I follow, Well, Brandi as always everything is total perfection those brownies look so good and moist and decadent, love the noodles and cabbage, the blondies, the cookies the taco's, oh my can I come live with you!!!!
  10. I don't know how I missed this post! Brandi, you are the sweetest, most wonderful person. I'm seriously tearing up at my desk reading your kind words. I consider you a dear, dear friend—the first I've made in the amazing world of food blogging. Keep being awesome. :)
  11. [...] her Pinterest boards for quite some time, but it wasn’t until we were featured together in a post published by The Vegan 8 that I actually connected with her. She’s kindhearted, genuine and [...]
  12. Eva
    Your link to the doesn't work. Could you please update it? I was looking for something to make with cabbage. Thanks!
      I'm so sorry Eva, it looks like that blogger deleted her website :( That is where I got the recipe from, so I'm afraid I don't have it. I will remove her pic and link now. I wasn't aware she deleted her blog until I just read your comment.
      • Eva
        too bad...I want a recipe using cabbage.
          I'm sorry Eva, can't help she removed the site, it's a bummer. But if you have something specific in mind, I'm sure you could find a ton googling cabbage recipes! I'm sure there are thousands out there, I just don't have any at this time.

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