Teriyaki Sweet Potato Avocado Rice Bowl

Teriyaki Sweet Potato Avocado Rice Bowl

This Teriyaki Sweet Potato Avocado Rice Bowl is full of hearty, healthy carbs like rice, sweet potatoes, creamy avocado and the most delicious Teriyaki sauce with a curry flare! It is dairy-free, oil-free, nut-free, soy-free and full of plant-based goodness!


Meet my new favorite bowl. I shared a pic of this bowl I whipped up a few days ago on Instagram and it exploded. You all were begging for this recipe, particularly this Teriyaki sauce that I said had a very interesting twist. That twist?? Infused with my DIY yellow curry powder and hot sauce! WHAT. Yes. I don't know how this idea popped into my head, but oh boy, talk about bold-flavored, spicy, sweet and incredibly delicious drizzled all over rice, creamy avocado and sweet potatoes. I mean, it's delicious straight out of the bowl, but the boldness of the sauce really makes the bowl come alive. Isn't that the point of sauces anyways?? To liven up bowls and dishes? Yup, thought so.

Because of the curry twist, I naturally named this CURRY TERIYAKI SAUCE. Bonus that unlike most Teriyaki sauces, this one is soy-free! And it only requires 4 ingredients! This is definitely not your traditional teriyaki sauce-I love to create my own twists and turns and versions of things. After all, there are a billion of basic teriyaki sauces on the internet already and this one is different and definitely my new fave.

It is sweet, spicy, salty and a bit acidic with the most delicious curry undertone!

To make this Teriyaki Sweet Potato Avocado Rice Bowl, you will need (+salt/pepper):

  • wild rice blend
  • sweet potatoes
  • avocado
  • yellow curry powder
  • hot sauce
  • coconut nectar
  • sesame seeds
  • green onions


Step 1: Make the sauce and place in the fridge to marry the flavors and thicken.

Step 2: Make the wild rice

Step 3: While the rice is cooking, chop up your sweet potatoes and get them ready to roast in the oven. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until browned.

Step 4: Assemble your bowls, add sliced green onion, sesame seeds, avocado and drizzle lots of Curry Teriyaki sauce all over. For an extra kick, add red pepper flakes.

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Yields 3 servings

Teriyaki Sweet Potato Avocado Rice Bowl

This Teriyaki Sweet Potato Avocado Rice Bowl is full of hearty, healthy carbs like rice, sweet potatoes, creamy avocado and the most delicious Teriyaki sauce with a curry flare! It is dairy-free, oil-free and full of plant-based goodness!

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  • 1 cup wild rice blend (or use any rice you like)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped into 1/2 inch pieces
  • 2 large avocados, pitted and cubed or cut in half and served in the bowls as pictured
  • 1/2 cup sliced green onion
  • Curry-Teriyaki Sauce
  • 1/2 cup (160g) coconut nectar (you can sub with agave if you like, but it will be slightly less thick and sweet. Coconut nectar really works best in terms of flavor and texture)
  • 2 tablespoons (30g) hot sauce (I use and love Frank's, this adds a much needed salty and acidic element to the sauce, so don't omit!)
  • 1 teaspoon yellow curry powder (I use my homemade blend here , but store-bought is fine)
  • 2 teaspoons toasted sesame seeds
  • Optional: toasted slivered almonds and red pepper flakes for garnish


  1. I recommend making the Curry Teriyaki Sauce a few hours before you want to eat or the day before, just so it has time to marry the flavors and gets thicker after sitting in the fridge. You can skip this step if you like, just keep in mind it will be more runny. Just add the coconut nectar, hot sauce, curry powder and sesame seeds to a small bowl. Whisk well until smooth. Add to the freezer for 1 hour or the fridge for a few hours.
  2. Preheat oven to 420°F and line a sheet pan with parchment paper. Set aside.
  3. Add the rice, the 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1 3/4 cup water to a medium pot over high heat. Bring to a boil and then cover with a tight-fitting lid and reduce the heat to simmer and cook 45 minutes until all the water is gone. Remove from the heat, keep the lid on and let it steam for 10 minutes. Then fluff with a fork.
  4. While the rice is cooking, add the chopped sweet potatoes to the lined pan, salt and pepper them and bake 25-30 minutes until the bottoms are golden brown and tender/cooked through.
  5. Assemble your bowls adding desired amount of rice, sweet potatoes and sliced avocado.
  6. Drizzle Curry Teriyaki sauce all over the bowls and garnish with fresh green onions and extra sesame seeds. SO so yummy! If using, add the toasted slivered almonds and red pepper flakes.
  7. This sauce is bold, sweet, spicy and incredibly delicious. It tastes amazing on the finished dish. I've even used it on my ramen noodle bowls because it is so delicious!


  1. Okay holy seed sprinkled bowl of YUM😍 Leave it to you to take sweet innocent little teriyaki kick it up a notch with spice haha! I'm actually kind of shocked that curry and teriyaki have never been combined before. I mean I know we are majorly mixing cuisines here, but both are such beloved and classic flavors it seems like a delicious condiment mashup. I don't use coconut nectar often, but the super viscous texture is just perfect for teriyaki. No splash of soy sauce that you can't even see two seconds after adding it😜 If there was ever a person/sauce that could convince me to try hot sauce it'd be this with all that sweetness to balance. Plus I just love how easy it is! Another one of your on a whim meal turned instagram in-demand recipes, I love it🤗 Definitely nothing basic about it!
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      haha, thanks girl, I've become soooo seed obsessed lately and they give such great nutritional benefits and healthy fats, I just love them! I know right?? I mean, somebody may have but who knows, this was my first time trying this and the idea popped into my head and I was blown away with the result. It's amazing too since all teriyaki sauces are made with soy and this one is soy-free! I love coconut nectar for sauces that require it to thicken up better or not be too sweet or leave a maple flavor and it was just perfect for this!
  2. This recipe is fantastic! Once I saw this recipe I knew I had to make it. It was soooo good! My husband thought it was delicious too. This recipe is going into my regular rotation. Thank you so much for creating and sharing!
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Thank you so much Peggy! I’m so happy to hear that!!
  3. Wow, thank you for this recipe. I loved it!! So delicious and the perfect dressing for my bowl. I didn't have any coconut nectar or Agave left so I substituted with Maple syrup which actually worked really well. Very tasty indeed. 😀👌🏻
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      So happy you loved it Lisa, thank you! I don't think you meant the 1 star though, haha, 1 means you didn't like it and 5 means you loved it so if you want to correct that, that would be awesome! Thank you again for making and sharing on IG, loved your pic!
  4. This is luscious! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe, such a great combination and very simple to throw together. I'll be adding to my faves for sure.
  5. Hi - sorry that was definitely supposed to be a 5 ***** rating from me! Also I'm not being greedy leaving more than 1 review ha ha ha! Just thought the first one hadn't uploaded. Thanks again I love your recipes...
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Thank you so much Lisa for rating it again, I really appreciate it! You aren't greedy at all, I love the reviews!! Thank you!
  6. Oh my goodness! I came on your site to make your smoky zucchini spinach pasta dish and found this treasure. This dish incorporates all my daughter’s favorite things and I can’t wait to share it with her! Thanks so much, Brandi. This dish is a 5 star idea and then some!
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Thank you so much Colleen, I can't wait to hear what y'all think!!
  7. Hi I've tried out several of your recipes which are very tasty but I just wanted to share some feedback on something I've noticed, a lot of the recipes are lacking in terms of protein. I find myself having to add chickpeas, black beans, or a meat substitute because they are very carb-heavy. This recipe is an example, with both sweet potatoes and rice. As a new vegan I rely on online recipes for ideas but I am losing muscle mass and may have to seek ideas elsewhere :(
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Hi Brenda! I’m not entirely sure what you mean-the last 2 savory recipes I posted contained beans and lentils and I have hundreds of recipes on my blog that contain some form of beans, chickpeas or lentils which can all be found on my Recipe Index or the search box, so there’s definitely no lack there :) With that said, while I do like beans, I don’t want them for EVERY recipe. I don’t even eat beans daily because they do bloat me up quite a bit. Since you are a new vegan, I hope this info can be helpful since protein is always the concern with new vegans. I see it often. To help ease your mind, this bowl above most certainly has a great amount of protein. Just because there isn’t beans or chickpeas doesn’t mean it’s low on protein. Rice and potatoes are actually a good source of protein and so are the almonds and even avocado has a decent amount. I’m no doctor or nutritionist, I just share my recipes for free here, but having been vegan for 6 years, my protein levels are perfect, in fact, they never even went down once I went vegan. I even put on muscle easier than ever, because the food is so much more nutritionally sound. And I work out 5 days a week and have zero issues. :) That’s even with before when I was eating so much chicken and meat. A lot of new vegans make the mistake of not eating enough calories at first. I’ve seen many state they lose weight at first. Since meat and dairy are naturally higher in fat, when replacing them with Whole Foods, they are less calorie, less fat and therefore, as long as you’re making homemade, you generally need more. So, if you’re losing muscle mass, that’s likely due to lack of eating enough calories, or a variety of food. It’s very unlikely due to protein, since there is protein in almost every single plant, including leafy greens and broccoli, etc. So, again, make sure you are eating hearty meals each day and getting variety and healthy fats. Hemp seeds are one of my favs. They are super high in protein and a healthy fat. I really hope this helps! I know it can be a bit scary adapting a new way of eating and I’m here to help!
  8. Wonderfully scrumptious! Thank you for another easy and tasty dinner night.
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Thank you so much Christy, I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for leaving the review, it really means a lot!
  9. Brandi, Loved this. Very flavorful and just the right amount of spice. I gave the recipe to my mother in law to try for us as she makes dinner once a week. She wasn’t sure as she had made something else in the past that was too bland. I texted her last night and told her she missed the boat with this one. So good. Now she wants the recipe! Super easy. I really liked the touch of almonds and had all the ingredients without a trip to the store. Used the agave and it was plenty thick.
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      That is so awesome to hear Chris, thank you so much for the review! So glad you loved it!
  10. i whipped up the sauce tonight and plan on having this tomorrow. question: should i take the sauce out of the fridge some time before i’m planning to eat this? should i heat it up or anything since it will be coming from the fridge? can’t wait to have this tomorrow!
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Hi Bridie! You can if you want, but it's not necessary. I like to heat it up for like 30 seconds in the microwave so it's hot but it's up to you, either way!
  11. This was so good!!! My picky husband even licked the bowl!!! (For real!!!) I had some tempeh and Yukon gold potatoes to use up so I threw them in the oven with the sweet potatoes. I used honey for the sauce as I don’t have coconut nectar. Also added a side of sautéed spinach. YUM!!! Can’t wait to make this again!!! Thanks so much!
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      I'm so happy y'all both loved it so much, thank you Lisa for leaving the review! Honey tastes similar to coconut nectar and is the same consistency so it would give a comparable result!
  12. SO GOOD!!!! I whipped this up for lunch today and you've now made me a curry fan Brandi!!! I toasted blanched slivered almonds and the texture and taste worked perfectly with everything. Can't wait to have the rest of this for lunch tomorrow too!
  13. Oh my goodness, I have just devoured the 'Teriyaki Sweet Potato Avocado Rice Bowl'. I'm a huge 'bowl-food' lover and this was amazing, so easy to make and the sauce was absolutely delicious! I used couscous instead of rice only because i had it on hand. This is definitely one recipe I'll make again...and again. Thank you Brandi for sharing yet another awesome recipe.
    • brandi.doming@yahoo.com
      Thank you so much Julie for taking the time to leave this amazing review! It really made me happy to read, so thrilled you loved it so much!
  14. This is soooo good. It's hard to find meals that make all 4 kids happy but this has become one of them. It's become a family favourite that we make pretty much weekly. We usually sauté sliced extra firm tofu sprinkled with garlic powder, chilli powder, paprika, black pepper and a bit of tamari to add some additional protein (17 year old thinks protein is the only 'food group' that matters). Thanks for the awesome recipe, Brandi!

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