Pecan Pie Crostinis

Pecan Pie Crostinis

Pecan pie for breakfast? Don't mind if I do. I wrote this recipe back in July and was waiting for the perfect time to post it. Seeing how summer is ending, I figured a pecan pie recipe would be a great way to get us in the mood for all the seasonal recipes headed our way.

This recipe is ridiculous in it's simplicity and unbelievably delicious. I was kind of moaning while eating it. For real. Y'all know I'm all about easy recipes, but I'm BIG on flavor. This recipe fits the bill. This has that same sweet, sticky texture of a pecan pie and the crisp from the toast as crostini, instead of a pie crust.

I came up with this idea based on my love for pecan pie and my love for toast each morning. I have always loved pecan pie, but not the mess of making a whole pie and certainly not in love with the awful corn syrup and buckets of sugar in it.

I decided a way to make it prettier and a little know, perfect for your guests that stay the weekend, was to cut the bread out into rounds before toasting them, so they are crostini style. I just simply used a large round cookie cutter that fit perfectly on the bread within the crusts.

Roasted pecan butter and more pecans on top ensure an insanely, amazing pecan pie flavor! The pecan butter is the best nut butter in the world, it becomes so buttery and sweet when roasting the pecans and then processes very easily into nut butter.

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Top with some coconut cream, a cherry on top and your family or your weekend guests will be floored if you serve them these for breakfast! They not only look elegant, but they are so fast and easy to whip up.

If you make these, I would love to hear from you. I love getting feedback from you all who take a moment to leave it on my blog here below in the comments. I work hard in the kitchen, so when I hear from you, it keeps me excited to come up with recipes. You can also tag me on Instagram @thevegan8 and please use hashtag #thevegan8 as well, that is how I'm keeping track of everybody making my recipes...otherwise I'm missing some of them if you only use @thevegan8. Thanks!

2 tablespoons

Pecan Pie Crostinis
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    Pecan Pie Spread (makes 1/2 cup)
  • 1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon roasted creamy pecan butter (My recipe here pecan butter )
  • 2 tablespoons pure maple syrup
  • 1/2-1 tablespoon water (if needed for consistency)
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • pinch salt
  • Other ingredients
  • Bread
  • Pecans
  • Optional: coconut cream and cherries
  • Note
  • Alternatively, you could use almond butter in place of pecan butter. It will be less pecan pie-ish, but still delicious. Just make sure it is a creamy/roasted version for the best flavor.


  1. 1. Add the pecan butter (or almond butter), syrup, water and vanilla extract to a small bowl and stir really well. Add any more water to reach desired consistency. I added about a tablespoon. Next, add the cinnamon and salt and stir again.
  2. 2. Cut the bread into rounds with a cookie cutter and place on a baking sheet or small pan, if using a toaster oven. I used my mini toaster oven and just toasted them until they were golden. If you use the oven, just toaste them at 400 degrees until golden.
  3. 3. Spread desired amount of pecan pie spread on each toast while warm. Top with chopped pecans, coconut cream and a cherry on top, for presentation and ultimate heaven, if desired! Keep pecan pie spread stored in the fridge and allow to come to room temperature at the next use.


*Vegan, gluten-free, oil-free


Let me know what you think of this below!



  1. Absolutely heaven. I'm such a pecan lover and the touch of sweet and the sour from the cherry just makes this my new favorite way to eat pecans. Fabulous. ♡
      Thank you so much Angela, you are so kind! These are really unbelievably delish!
  2. OMG! I want these now! What a great idea - crunchy..... sweet.... fresh.....have I left anything out? Just that I have to make these ;-)
      Thanks so much Cindy!! It's easy, fast and soooo good, no excuse NOT to make them!
  3. AAaahhhhh! Total cuteness and deliciousness!
      Thanks Annie!
  4. These mini crostinis are a perfect idea :D So delicious! Cheers Choc Chip Uru
      Thanks Uru! They are delish!
  5. Pecan butter is the most divine thing ever! I love how easily pecans butterize, especially after a short roast/toast. Love your presentation here.
      Thanks so much Emma! Yes, pecan butter is definitely the most amazing nut butter to me because it becomes sweeter after heaven!
  6. Brandi these are amazing! Yours are MUCH prettier than mine though! But the taste was divine and I thank you so much!
      Thank you so much Diana for making them already and sharing your photo on Instagram! I really appreciate it and I'm so glad you loved them so much! I don't know what you're talking about it either, yours turned out just fine!
  7. Hell yes, Brandi, I want these mini pecan pies for breakfast! I haven’t had a vegan pecan pie for ages but I love the sweet, sticky texture and the pie crust! Gosh, this looks so good and mouthwatering… I haven’t tried or made pecan butter before, but I bet that tastes so creamy good!
      Thank you so much Rika! Yeah-my eyes were rolling in the back of my head with this one! I made some with almond butter too and they were still insanely delicious! Topped with chopped pecans made it total pecan pie heaven
  8. This is such an amazingly brilliant idea, Brandi! I love how simple, easy and flavourful this is and waaaaaaaaay healthier than a real pecan pie. Your photography is beautiful here too.
    • Oh, and I forgot to mention how excited I am for fall and winter. I'm already planning how to decorate and bake for Halloween and Christmas!
        Meeeee too!! I've already written 2 Halloween recipes! ;)
      Thanks so much Nancy, you are so sweet! It is the perfect Pecan Pie fix, it was sweet, crunch, creamy but a lot less calories, lol!
  9. Beautiful Brandi, would love for breakfast or even dessert. Pecan pie is one of my favorites.
  10. These are such cute little snacks, love the presentation!
  11. Ooooo, these look heavenly and oh so beautiful! I'm a huge pecan lover!!!! YUM!
      Thank you so much Melanie! You are the sweetest...go love on that new baby boy of yours! xo
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